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Seiko Men’s SNE331 Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch with Beige Nylon Band

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Black solar-powered watch featuring stencil-like numerals and day/date window
43-mm stainless steel case with hardlex dial window
10-month power reserve once fully charged
Nylon band with buckle closure
Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft): In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

Brand Seiko





From Humble beginnings, Kintaro Hattori’s Vision for Seiko has become reality. A consuming passion for excellence – imprinted in our Corporate DNA passed from generation to generation. Seiko, for 125 years committed to the art and science of time.

A culture of innovation connects a 19th century Tokyo clock shop with 20th century advances in timekeeping to an extraordinary 21st century “quiet revolution.” Continually driven by dedication and passion, established a multitude of world’s first technologies… transforming the principles of timekeeping.

The first quartz wristwatch – changed the history of time.

The first Kinetic – marked a new era in quartz watch technology.

In 1969, Seiko Astron, the first quartz wristwatch – was introduced.

In an instant, Seiko exponentially improved the accuracy of wristwatches -And Seiko technology firmly established today’s standard in Olympic and sports timing.

1984, another celebrated first – Kinetic Technology – powered by body movement.

Kinetic – a quartz mechanism with unparalleled accuracy -the driving force behind more world’s firsts.

Kinetic Chronograph – the next generation of high performance timekeeping.

Kinetic Auto Relay – automatically resets to the correct time.

Kinetic Perpetual – combining the date perfect technology of perpetual calendar with the genius of Kinetic Auto Relay.

And now Kinetic Direct Drive – move, and the watch is powered automatically. Or hand wind it and see the power you are generating in real time.

In the realm of fine watches, time is measured by Seiko innovation – A heritage of dedication to the art and science of time.

Seiko Solar. No battery change required and powered by all types of light. Solar cell with high performance electricity generation. Energy-efficient movement with a 10-month power reserve. This sporty watch is designed with a black ion finished case and tan nylon/calf bracelet. The timepiece is constructed with a durable crystal that protects the black dial, featuring luminous hands and markers and day/date calendar. Push button release clasp. 100 meters water resistant.

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10 reviews for Seiko Men’s SNE331 Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch with Beige Nylon Band

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    C. Merrill

    It is really a great looking watch. Very comfortable. I love the weight and the simplicity. Everything I was hoping for. I don’t have tiny wrists but they’re on the skinny side of average and this watch is a perfect fit for me.Update: I measured my wrist and it is just about 7″ around. See photos for how the watch looks on a 7″ wrist.

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    I have the watch for three days and so far and I’m in love with it. I was looking for field watch that doesn’t look too engineer-like and I found the perfect watch case to switch out 22mm NATO straps at will. The original strap that it came with has a leather lining on the inside. The watch is solar powered so it does not have the heavy weight of a mechanical watch but I do wish they have a mechanical version of this. The dial is very sensitive and I often find it very annoying to reset my process but this not a big deal. The crown is not a screw-in style so despite the watch being water resistance at 100m, I would still not take a dip in the pool.As mentioned, this watch is solar powered which eliminated the need to change the battery and practically maintenance free. It is also a quartz movement so you know the time is going to be accurate compared to mechanical watches. the Luminescence is also very bright and long lasting. Regardless of the specs, this watch is made by Seiko and you know what you get is a quality watch.PROS:-Lightweight-Neutral color to fit with most straps fashionably-Solar-Best of all, this watch is a Seiko!CONS:-Crown is not a screw-in-Need delicate hand to use the dial-Luminescence is only on (12, 3, 6, 9, minute hand, and hour hand) hour marker.

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    F W Hough

    ANOTHER UPDATE: I’ve now been wearing this watch daily for 3 1/2 years. It’s been dropped on concrete, whacked hard, covered with dirt, buried in sand, soaked in sweat, splattered with paint, and immersed in salt water. It still keeps perfect time…I only reset the time when Daylight Time begins and ends. The original strap is looking a little worn but it is intact. The crystal has a few minor scratches but they are only visible when sunlight hits it a certain way. For around $100, this is a fantastic workhorse watch.UPDATE: I’ve had this watch for 9 months now; worn it every day and almost never take it off except when sleeping or in water. I’m outdoors a lot, at the beach or doing yard work, and do a lot of projects around the house so the watch is subjected to plenty of abuse, dirt, sand, sweat, moisture, etc. It has taken some pretty good whacks and been dropped. It is still keeping perfect time. There is but one tiny scratch in the crystal, which is amazing considering what it’s been through. The original band is showing some wear but looks like it will last quite awhile longer. This is the least expensive watch I’ve ever owned but in terms of reliability and accuracy it is the best. Exceptional value for the money.—————————-Very happy with this watch at this price. I will echo a couple of comments others have made. The luminosity is excellent right after going from a light to dark room but it fades drastically after some time away from light. I would not recommend this watch for anyone who frequently needs to be able to read the time in the dark. The arrow on the bezel is superfluous and it is also very slightly misaligned with the 12 o’clock arrow on the watch face; just as it is in the Amazon picture. If this was a $1000 watch I would have sent it back for that but I can live with it on this one. I stopped noticing it after the first day.So much for the nitpicking. So far it is keeping perfect time. It looks great. My wrist is 7 1/4″. I had been wearing a 38 mm watch and I thought the 43 mm case might be a little big but the size is perfect. It is sufficiently rugged looking to be a sports watch but it wouldn’t be out of place in a conference room. The gunmetal bezel and the pale yellow numbers look beautiful against the black face. I wasn’t sure about the strap in the picture but am very pleased with both its looks and comfort. I’m concerned about how well the mineral crystal will resist scratches. So far it has survived a couple of whacks unscathed. My prior watch had a sapphire crystal that never scratched despite plenty of abuse so I got spoiled. Overall, this watch is a tremendous value for the money.

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    I threw this thing on a black military Zulu/NATO strap and it looks awesome. The strap it comes with is actually decent, I just wanted it blacked out. One thing that really bothers me about this watch is the glossy black finish on the case. It is a fingerprint magnet. I wish it was matte black. Also, the bezel is non-rotating so I have no idea why they put a yellow triangle on it that doesn’t even match any other colors of the watch. Other than those two gripes, this thing is awesome. I love the hands, I love that it’s solar, and I love that it’s slim and lightweight. The lume is decent. Overall a high value watch, especially if the style suits your tastes.

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    Excellent watch for the price. I bought two of them; one from Amazon and one from a jeweler. I have worn one one of them every day for three years. I keep the other one, unused, in my backpack. It keeps accurate time, is waterproof and durable, and I never have to worry about a battery. The large phosphorescent numbers make it easy to read the time. A very practical, and good watch for the money.

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    Carl A Morgan

    I’ve had this watch since the first of the year 2017. In August it quit working and then started after a few hours. I never fogured out what caused it to fail as I don’t remember dropping or shocking it. It quit two more times so I sent it to Seiko with the warranty card as instructed. They kept me informed about the process and returned it in working order. I have no complaints about their service. .I like the watch very much as it is easy to read. The background on the date window is black so it isn’t confused for a hand. I have a Citizen wathc that has a white back ground on the date window and it is confusing at night or in low light conditions. After repair I hope thiscontinues to give good service.

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    I love this watch, I have many watches as I collect watches. This one is solar quartz and most of my collection are automatics or mechanical. I was kinda hesitant to purchase this due to some of the reviews but I have to say it is a very sharp looking watch and wears very comfortably on the wrist and the perfect size. my experience with seiko’s have been nothing short of amazing as I have some of their high end watches with incredible movements and some vintage 65 and 68 automatics that are keeping better time than some of my more modern watches. I wouldn’t expect any less from seiko in their quartz watches either. Mine seems to be keeping excellent time and like most seikos they are very robust. I hope the others who had issues got it worked out or got new replacement. I highly recommend this watch.

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    Frank Costello

    I like the size and the solar feature. The battery lasts 10 months on 1 solar charge – wow. It’s a great field watch that’s easy to read and but it can’t take much of a beating.A couple of issues:1. The dial illumination is almost zero. You can’t read the dial after dark.2. The face of the watch scratches easily. I’ve only worn it for a couple of weeks and it’s got a good size scratch on the crystal. I’ve been babying this watch and take it off when I plan to do yard work or anything mildly rugged.The longer I own this watch the more I like it. It is simple and tells perfect time even when I don’t wear it for a couple of weeks.The band is very sturdy and functional for a field watch. I’ve washed it a couple of times with no problems.It tells good time, is attractive and cheap.

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    Cody G.

    I never been one to wear watches but I often pull my phone out of my pocket multiple times a day to check the time or date so I figured a watch would keep me off my phone more. I like that the watch is solar. Automatics are cool but the ones in my price range aren’t know for accuracy. Very clean, casual design.

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    Computer Sage

    I have had this watch for over 2 years. I have only adjusted the date (30 vs 1) and the time (twice, not due to DST). This watch has been to the ocean floor in the Caribbean and pool depths of 12ft., even a shower (rain or bath). This has been the best watch I have ever owned. No battery to worry about is the best part. Just give it enough light and you are set! Dont forget DST & the months that end on 30!

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