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Seiko Men’s SNE329 Sport Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Nylon Band

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Round watch with gleaming sunray dial featuring coin-edge bezel and day/date window at 3 o’clock
43 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window
Solar-powered Japanese quartz movement with analog display
Nylon band with buckle closure. Operational temperature range is -5 ºC to 50 ºC
Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft): In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

Brand Seiko





From Humble beginnings, Kintaro Hattori’s Vision for Seiko has become reality. A consuming passion for excellence – imprinted in our Corporate DNA passed from generation to generation. Seiko, for 125 years committed to the art and science of time.

A culture of innovation connects a 19th century Tokyo clock shop with 20th century advances in timekeeping to an extraordinary 21st century “quiet revolution.” Continually driven by dedication and passion, established a multitude of world’s first technologies… transforming the principles of timekeeping.

The first quartz wristwatch – changed the history of time.

The first Kinetic – marked a new era in quartz watch technology.

In 1969, Seiko Astron, the first quartz wristwatch – was introduced.

In an instant, Seiko exponentially improved the accuracy of wristwatches -And Seiko technology firmly established today’s standard in Olympic and sports timing.

1984, another celebrated first – Kinetic Technology – powered by body movement.

Kinetic – a quartz mechanism with unparalleled accuracy -the driving force behind more world’s firsts.

Kinetic Chronograph – the next generation of high performance timekeeping.

Kinetic Auto Relay – automatically resets to the correct time.

Kinetic Perpetual – combining the date perfect technology of perpetual calendar with the genius of Kinetic Auto Relay.

And now Kinetic Direct Drive – move, and the watch is powered automatically. Or hand wind it and see the power you are generating in real time.

In the realm of fine watches, time is measured by Seiko innovation – A heritage of dedication to the art and science of time.

Seiko Solar. No battery change required and powered by all types of light. Solar cell with high performance electricity generation. Energy-efficient movement with a 10-month power reserve. This sporty watch is designed with a stainless steel case and blue nylon/calf bracelet. The timepiece is constructed with a durable crystal that protects the blue dial, featuring luminous hands and markers and day/date calendar. Push button release clasp. 100 meters water resistant.

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10 reviews for Seiko Men’s SNE329 Sport Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Nylon Band

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    Jersey guy

    Impressive watch. Some comments:a. Luminosity: Contrary to some comments here, the watch will deliver 7ish hours of illumination after being exposed to a bright light. Not as good as some but good enough. I wear my watch to bed, have no alarm or other clock, so only luminous, Indiglo, or gas-type (Luminox) lighting are acceptable. Yes, you have to expose the dial to light before bed (or whatever), but this is the case for almost every luminous watch.b. Color: While the dial is stated as blue, in almost all lighting situations it appears as “nearly full black”.c. The bezel does not rotate, so why Seiko chose to a marker at the 12 position is a mystery, so if you can accept the fact it’s just “there”, no worries.d. This watch is much nicer looking than the photo suggests. Some of the reviews have photos – use those instead.e. The band, as many have noted, doesn’t do the watch justice. Might want to experiment with another type because the watch is worth the time and money to eliminate this “flaw”.Overall, an excellent watch, with clean and crisp appearance and, of course, no battery to replace for a very long time.

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    Stan Foxworthy

    What a great (and comfortable) timepiece! I purchased this to wear while my Omega was being shipped off for a cleaning service, and I must say that I am enjoying it tremendously. It is a lot lighter than what I am used to in a wrist watch, which I am finding is not a bad thing at all! Even though it has a nice large dial, it fits well under sleeve cuff and almost feels like I am not wearing a watch at all. I’ve also received a number of nice complements on it, including from a pilot at the FBO. Maybe I should purchase another, just in case…

  3. blank


    I purchased this watch for a son of a friend who’s just entered his high school ROTC this school year. I wanted something, if possible, that would look good with his blue uniform. This watch fit the bill. I own a Seiko solar myself which is a regular wear and a couple of Citizen Eco-Drives which work just as well. Detailing on this watch is beautiful. I know this young man will like the dark blue strap. I never buy watches that don’t have standard lugs because often I’ll switch bands out. Unlike so many analogs around now, the hands are easily visible even in poor light. The day and date are small and in contrasting background, which makes them easier to read. Overall, I’m delighted with my purchase and I know the recipient will be equally impressed.

  4. blank

    Purchase Person

    This is a very nice watch and (so far) a very good value. The numerals are very readable, although the day/date window is a bit small. The watch face is blue, but so dark as to appear black in low light. The night illumination on the hands actually works well. The watch itself is fairly large, but fits my small wrist just fine and does not feel heavy. The band is wide but comfortable. Mine arrived working/running and set to the proper time and date! Unlike some other solar watch vendors, the amount of time that this watch will run without a charge is not disclosed in the product description; however, mine has run for a week steady on and off my wrist with no special attempts to expose it to light. I’m looking forward to testing it’s fairly robust water resistance specifications soon.After a week’s use the watch has kept excellent time, exact to the minute.

  5. blank

    Wilson Mark Jr.

    just received it and it seems to be working as it should. didn’t have any issues setting up the time/date, after looking at the user guide. the band is blue, but not like the picture. it’s much lighter, not navy blue. other than, no other issues. will update later. hopefully, no issues will occur.2 months later, still no problems. had it on a shelf a few days and picked it up. still running, no problems. haven’t had to reset the time either. it’s working fine. don’t know why some people are having problems with it. works like a regular watch, except you don’t need to replace the battery every couple years.

  6. blank

    Lesleigh Reynolds

    I’ve admittedly been a little skeptical of solar watches and their serviceable life but after doing my homework I’m convinced it will outlast me. Fully charged the battery should last a year at a time and Citizen & Seiko have found their batteries have ~80% life after twenty years.

  7. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Time went very much. It has a better image in the picture. The interior of the leather belt has a feeling of quality.

  8. blank

    Rob P.

    I want to preface my review by saying that I was not looking to buy a dress watch,but not a “beater” watch either ( I have Casio AMW Diver series watches and G-Shocks for that). I was looking to fill in a casual, dress down “weekender” watch need. I was a little reluctant to buy it because I have a 7.5 inch wrist and a 43mm case may wear too small on me, depending on the case style. With that said,I found the watch attractive enough to take the chance. I’m glad I did. The watch wears bigger than expected but not gaudy “big”. The watch has a very beautiful, yet pleasantly understated,utilitarian look to it. The dial is so blue that it looks black when looking directly at it. It’s not until you catch it in certain angles or light that you see the rich blue of the dial. I actually found this as a positive because the first thing I did was change out the band for a NATO strap. The fact the the dial can pass for blue or black lends for fantastic diversity for changing the look of the watch ( I have many NATO straps in varying colors). The watch goes well with almost all color combinations of straps I own. I know that other reviewers have dressed up the watch by putting a bracelet or a leather strap on this watch,but I just don’t see it as a dress watch. Hey….different strokes for different folks. I fits my want of having a clean looking,handsome, utilitarian watch with TONS of style diversity. The fact that is a Seiko AND solar powered separated it for me from the pack of watches I was also taking into consideration. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

  9. blank


    This is a gorgeous watch with an absolutely beautiful blue face. The strap that came with it is very well made with nice big buckle and I would wear that strap for casual events and swapped in the brown leather strap for for more formal occasion. A very classic and elegant look! I also have had the watch for a good 6 months now and and it is solidly made, I wear the watch to everything and not a scratch in sight!

  10. blank

    Olga G. & Navin M.

    I’m writing this after owning it for about ten months. The strap which at first seemed stiff has softened up a little bit and is quite comfortable without becoming deformed or frayed. It’s not obvious from the pictures, but it’s leather lined. It’s very accurate, maybe only losing a few seconds a month. I live in Wyoming, so it’s hard to get lots of daylight to leave it to charge fully, but I place it under a lamp, and it keeps charge just fine. The only issue I’ve had is that when going from an indoor environment of about 72 degrees to an external one below freezing, the glass can fog up a bit, but there’s been no functional problems because of that. (I assume that’s just a limitation of the water resistance, since my 200m dive watches don’t do that). I don’t wear it every day, and I take care of it, and it shows almost no sign of wear. The lume isn’t particularly great. So, it’s a great summer watch, very accurate, attractive, nicely sized, and affordable, and ages well. Mine has no alignment issues – something I’ve learned with Seiko’s is to check and see if everything lines up as soon as you open the box.

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