Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Comfort Boost- Black, Compatible with Alexa

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Price: $239.00

Simplicity – wiser air is easy to install and has a sleek, intuitive design with familiar touch screen display to keep you informed
Comfort – enjoy features like comfort boost that quickly delivers comfort at the touch of a button and helps you use energy more efficiently
Insight – see how your system is running from a distance with wiser pulse that glows a different color depending different modes
Control – control and manage your home energy use from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or laptop
Integrates with IFTTT so you can connect with hundreds of products and services to enhance your connected home experience.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa – Now with Alexa, simply say “Alexa, ask Wiser to make it 3 degrees cooler

Brand Schneider Electric



Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Comfort Boost- Black, Compatible with Alexa

blankWiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

The Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Wiser Air isn’t just a cutting-edge thermostat. It’s a home energy management solution built with state-of-the-art technology that gives you control of comfort and savings for peace of mind.

You’re in control. It’s that simple. Wiser works with any device, any OS, so you can control your home from anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to quickly program or modify settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, the power of comfort and efficiency is yours with just a touch.

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Features

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Sleek, Intuitive Design

A familiar smartphone-style touchscreen display keeps you informed.

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Wiser Pulse gives off a soft glow that tells you how your system is running.

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Wiser Air automatically kicks into interaction mode when you’re near.


Comfort Boost

Enjoy maximum comfort in no time flat with the touch of a button.

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Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Forecast

Enjoy Schneider Electric’s weather service seamlessly integrated into the Wiser Air thermostat and software suite to keep your home efficiently comfortable.


Ready Modes

Tweak your energy schedule to your exact, personal settings with just one touch. Easily set your temperature for home, sleep and away modes.



Scheduling your thermostat lets you ‘set it and forget it’ for easy energy savings.


Humidity Balance

Wiser Air thermostat and app displays the current relative humidity level inside your home and helps you control it by using your air conditioner to dehumidify the space.


Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Automatic Updates

Self-improving for your peace of mind. No need to purchase a new device every time new technology comes out. Wiser updates so you can enjoy additional features and upgrades. The following features are coming soon to your device. No action or additional cost required.


Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat EcoIQ

Wiser Air doesn’t just learn, it syncs with your life, can run on autopilot and maximizes efficiency and comfort. A smarter thermostat doesn’t just learn. It understands your habits, can run itself and helps you save.


Energy Insights

Energy Insights provides straightforward energy usage information that you can actually use. Know your home’s usage and how it compares to your neighbors’.

(Feature coming soon to your device. No action or additional cost required.)


Utility Connection

Wiser Air is compatible with most utility programs so you can receive incentives for managing your energy use.

Note: Participating utilities only.

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Up and Running in No Time Flat

Right out of the box, Wiser Air is ready for simple installation and quick setup that brings you a new level of control over your home’s energy in a flash.

With intuitive installation Wiser Air connects with your home in just a few easy steps; the average person installs Wiser Air in about 30 minutes. All you need is a Philips screwdriver, a wire cutter and a desire for increased efficiency.

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10 reviews for Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Comfort Boost- Black, Compatible with Alexa

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    Works flawlessly. Simple and easy to understand installation instructions. Intuitive set up and configuration. Does what a thermostat is supposed to do, yet provides the convenience of modifying set points on the fly from anywhere in the world via the web interface. I love that i can set a temps for Away, at home and asleep. Has a motion sensor that shows the interface when ever someone is present. Saves energy by allowing the occupant to set multiple schedules throughout the week with varying temperature set-points depending on occupancy. Its not a turn on and forget device that does all the work and guessing for you to save energy. The web app makes it easier for you to carry out this chore rather than using the complicated push button set ups that older thermostats employ. that because of their complexity never ever get used. Guilty as charged.Love not having to get out of bed to alter the temp setting when my wife is cold either.

  2. blank

    Celina H.

    My first impression of the Wiser Air thermostat was very good as even the packaging was high quality. The device looks very nice, almost as if Apple designed it. The display is bright and the glow of the backlight really adds a nice ambience about it. It’s a soft glow unless you walk in front of it, then it lights up brighter to acknowledge your presence. The installation was pretty easy. I’d say no different than installing any other thermostat. The instructions recommend taking a picture of the existing wiring (if you’re replacing an existing thermostat) and I highly recommend you do that.Once installed, the setup was pretty intuitive. It steps you through the process, asking you questions as you go along. I did spend a little time trying to figure out how to program the temperatures for when I’m home, away and sleep, before I realized I had to do it through the app. (The device did not come with an instruction manual, only an installation guide, but more on that shortly.) So I downloaded the app and then it was pretty easy to set the time schedule and temps for away, sleep and home.I mentioned that the backlight was very nice, but I didn’t know what the colors meant, or if I could even change them. My wife said she wanted me to set it to blue because she liked that color. I went to their website and searched for about 5 minutes, could not find anything on the pulse backlight other than a 12 second video that has no sound. Could be my browser (I’m using Chrome) but a video with no sound was useless. And ALL the videos on their support page had no sound. I eventually called Tech Support and learned that you can’t change the back light color. The blue is automatic when the device is cooling and a yellowish when it is heating. I expressed my frustration with the guy that they would send out a device without an instruction manual and then have a website with videos that have no sound. He said they were working on the manual and understood my frustration and would email me one as soon as it was ready. (And I’m still in the dark on how to use the Comfort Boost feature so I hope they hurry it up!)Ok, now that I got my big complaint out of the way, let me say I am actually very happy with the product, despite not having a manual. The display senses when you walk by and turns on to show you the temperature outside, the temperature inside and what mode it is on. You can then touch the display and get the forecast for the weather that day, which is very handy.The app is pretty intuitive and enables you to control your temperature via remotely. So if you normally get home at 5pm but one day you get off early, you no longer have to walk into a hot (or cold) house and wait for the temperature to get comfortable. You can tell the system while you’re leaving work to cool off or warm up the house so when you show up early, it’s already comfy.Believe it or not, we show off our thermostat to our guests and I pull out my phone and show what I can do remotely. I never thought I’d be impressed enough with a thermostat to actually talk about it with my guests, but now I do, and they all seem quite impressed with it as well.So in summary, LOTS of good stuff with this device, from functionality to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. But Wiser Air, next time make sure you plan for a manual to be available at the same time you’re ready to sell something. I’d say that’s the big area where you dropped the ball on this otherwise fantastic product

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    The LCD on my previous thermostat died so I went hunting for a new unit, this time towards the top end.Pros:Easy installation. The instructions were clear and everything was basically plug and play.A wallplate to cover the unsightly screw holes of the old thermostat are included.Presence sensor works well, enabling the display when you enter the thermostat’s sensor range.I love the form factor – it’s a good looking unit.Adjustable cycles per hour (CPH) means less cycling and less wear and tear on the equipment when set low (I set to 1).Easy to read weather forecasts and alerts.Cons:I just wish the display was slightly larger.Bottom Line:I love this unit. It functions well, the mobile app is very reliable – allowing control from anywhere. Setup was very easy and you’re able to customize just about anything (from display brightless to cycles per hour). It looks great, works great, and has as much sex appeal as a thermostat could have I suppose.

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    Peter D

    Purchased a Wiser Air stat to replace a standard battery operated White Rogers Heat/Cool thermostat. My home had one zone cooling/heating using a Heat Pump for Cooling and Radiant Floor Hot Water for Heating. The installation was strait forward and I found it to take no more than 15 minutes to identify and tag wires(Free wire tags that come with the Wiser was a nice touch) and install backplate.Upon first start up, the soft back light for Heating/Cooling modes is very cool and modern and the back plate they provide covers up any issues with size of your old stat. As for control itself, the stat has a built in trend monitor so you can see hour by hour how accurate the Wiser Air is tracking Setpoint vs Actual. The response time is phenomenal on the iOS app, and I have had no issues accessing it from anywhere with phone service.I’ve recommended this to all my friends and family over some of the other competitors. Schneider Electric first wave of the Wiser Air is a great start to the residential automation game and I think this device will be a lasting piece of a larger scale automation movement from them.

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    I bought the Schneider Electric Wiser Air to replace my programmable dumb thermostat. I couldn’t be happier with the decision. Installation was fairly straight forward, once I diagrammed out my HVAC system’s wiring (I have a 4 wire, with no C running to the old thermostat). I also called the Wiser support line and was connected immediately to a support engineer. I wanted them to walk through my connection scheme to make sure I had everything correct. I had a few questions specific to my system wiring, and he knew exactly what I was talking about (even though I didn’t).I have had a lot of fun (don’t judge me) looking at the temperature graphs. I have installed the Wiser Air app on my computer running Windows 10. It works perfectly with no issues. I also installed the app on my Lumia 640, and it works perfectly as well. THIS IS THE ONLY SMART THERMOSTAT I FOUND THAT WORKS WITH WINDOWS PHONE OS.This is a great thermostat that is definitely worth a look.

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    I had serious concerns about paying over 200 for a home thermostat. My last Honeywell battery-operated unit worked, after all, for about 10 years just fine. It was about 30 bucks, but it got to the point that you had to mash the buttons extra hard multiple times to get them to work, and the backlight stopped working.So, when I decided to upgrade I went top-end. This smart thermostat is first-class. The changeover was nothing…. all I had to do was hook up the extra wire for common from my existing gas-pack, already there but not used with the battery powered Honeywell.All the other wires, Y,R,G,W hooked up the same. It was plug-and-play.When the unit powered up, it found my wireless without problem. It applied firmware updates automatically, and began working, guiding me throught my initial setups.I then downloaded the Schneider app on my phone, created a free user account, and synchronized the phone with the thermostat. Now, I can run my entire HVAC system from wherever I am. Too Cool.My wife loves that she can walk by the T’Stat and observe the outside weather as well as the inside temp. To me, this alone is worth the upgrade.

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    D. Coffman

    I bought a Wiser Air Wi-Fi thermostat (black) last month. Had a few issues installing it. The existing common wire was 23.1V which was within spec reads of 24V +/- 15%. However, the thermostat would never light up. After getting a replacement unit, same issue. This time, the installer then used the wire extender kit that came with the unit and it then worked. The weather feature is excellent (accurately indicating a flood warning in this area right now). The black unit background glows yellow when the heat is on. The white unit I just installed upstairs tonight glows green. Odd that there are different colors for heat. Both glow blue when the A/C is on.The Wiser Air app is mostly intuitive, though it took me a good while to figure out how to set the Ready modes (Home, Away, Sleep) on the App and on the Thermostat itself. There is little-to-no information on how to use the app on the Wiser Air web site…and no app instructions at all in the user manual that came with the thermostat. This seems typical of the app industry, so I cannot know this point too much.After using the first version for several weeks, and seeing how easy it was to add a second thermostat for the upstairs unit tonight, I must say I am impressed with the system.My family does travel a lot so it is good to have a system to adjust the thermostat from anywhere there is a wi-fi or cellular network.My only gripes…odd that the white unit glows green when in heat mode and the black unit glows yellow when in heat mode. Not a big issue since the thermostats are located on the second floor. The YouTube videos I saw from a trade show showed that the units glow red when in heat mode.

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    I ordered this to replace my Iris by Lowe’s Honeywell programmable thermostat which, after the new platform upgrade ceased working and their customer assistance refused to get back to me on.To be sure, this is an expensive upgrade but well worth it. It’s intuitive and easy to set up and, unlike Iris, has insanely good customer service.One thing to note is that if you have a four wire system you’ll need to use the wire extender device that’s included but, if you’re lucky as I was, you’ll have more wires in the run coming to your thermostat and will be able to use one of those on the “C” terminal.Here’s where I want to discuss Schneider’s customer service. Like I said, I had a four wire thermostat yet had two wires in the run that were not used so I figured that I could simply hook up one (in my case the brown wire) to the “C” terminal on the Wiser Air and, on the HVAC control side, hook up to the “C” block there, made sense to me but, just to make sure I called customer service to pick someone’s head there.I spoke with a stellar example of what a customer service rep should be named Alonso (from Costa Rico) and he confirmed that my thoughts were correct. Wiping my brow I said thanks and prepared to hang up but Alonso said “just to make sure things are good” he’d give me a shout back in 15-20 min. I’m thinking, yeah right, Lowe’s said they’d call me back within 48 hours and that was 10 days ago so I wasn’t holding much hope out for this. I hook up the “C” wire and fire it up and boom there’s the welcome screen on the thermostat. Success in under five minutes.I did have an issue with syncing my IPhone with the thermostat and was about to give a call to customer service again when, like clockwork, Alonso calls back (18 minutes had transpired from hang up to pick up) I tell him about the success with the “C” wire issue and told him about the current issue and he tells me that they had just uploaded and significant firmware update the day before and that the system was taking a bit longer than usual to update and sync. I said ok and prepare, again, to hang up after thanking him for his assistance but, once again, he tells me he’d like to give me a call back just to make sure things are doing what they’re supposed to.20 min later, he’s back on the phone and I let him know that all’s well, the thermostat is updated and synced and that I’m now a very happy camper with the new device. We talked a bit more about the system and how to do a few other things with it as well as what’s coming down the pike regarding the system and then said our goodbyes.This is what the hell is meant by customer service! If other companies followed this model the world would be a far better place, even hold times wouldn’t be so bad if, in the end, you knew you were connecting with someone like Alonso.Back to the thermostat. It’s feature rich, with on screen local weather, a nice touchscreen and intuitive menu. It is a snap to program either from the device itself, your smartphone or your computer. It gives you weather alerts, I just received a high wind warning and, yup, it started blowing hard 15 min later.I recommend this product highly. Like I said, it’s a bit pricey but if it’s high quality you want…throw down the money. Also, if your spouse is one of technophobes, like mine, this is the one for you as she loves it, the big screen, easily view-able readout, and, most of all, she loves that the back-lit LEDs give her a visual indication of what’s happening with the system.You won’t be sorry you bought this.

  9. blank


    I wanted a wifi enabled T-stat and researched all the reviews on Amazon. This Schneider Wiser Air unit was the best reviewed. The price drop provided me the green light to make the purchase. Customer service was extremely helpful and very patient in setting up my unit. My home previous T stat was not wired with a common wire connection, which this model has to have to function. The tech directed me to how to wire the system from a point at the heater wiring connection in order to make it work with very precise information and direction. The tech also advised me there is a lifetime warranty after set up… so this purchase is a no brainer. I can control my home heating and cooling from my phone using the Wiser Air App. Everything to mount it is included and has Halo Lighting effects which changes color depending on the operation (heating or cooling) and the display comes on when you are near the unit and stays off when no one is around. It also provides automatic updates and has a 7 day weather forcast along with providing emergency weather info notifications. It is very much like like having a mini computer on your wall..simply awesome ! The system will provide software updates so you are always up to date automatically.

  10. blank

    John E

    Of course the wiring in my old thermostat differed by one wire from those covered in the WiserAir’s documentation. A quick call to their support line and I was transferred to Alonzo, a support specialist, I guess. He had me send pictures of my old thermostat wiring as well as the wiring on my exchange unit then after he studied/researched my unit for 30 minutes, he called me back with a simple solution to my problem. He offered to call me back in an hour to check on my progress, but I told him I’d let him know via email how I did. His solution worked perfectly! Then, the next day, I got a follow-up call from “the front office” at Schneider Electric to check if I had any problems with the unit. This company really understands the need for customer support and has put in a process for outstanding service! Oh, and the unit works great!

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