Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck, For Ages 10 and Up, Equipped with Four-wheel Drive Mechanical Construction, 1.5V Fuel Cell Voltage Output

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Price: $24.95

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck kit powered by saltwater
Just add saltwater and watch it roar away
Four-wheel drive mechanical construction
Easily handles different types of terrain
All kit materials are environmentally safe, and non-toxic

Brand OWI



Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck

One Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit. Features: Powered by salt water and fueled by creativity. Salt Water Fuel Cell kit gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering their very own toy. After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture the magnesium metal sheet (3 sheets included) can operate Th car for about 5-7 hours continuously. No batteries required, just add salt water. Easy to take out the Fuel Cell module when not in use.

Detailed assembly and operation guide.; From the Manufacturer; The Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit is equipped with four-wheel drive mechanical construction. It easily handles different types of terrain by its twisted car body design. The transparent case design allows children to see the rhythm of the piston in vertical or horizontal position.

Each monster wheel can change its angle individually and the truck can change its height and shape. Forward and reverse, no problem, simply switch the “positive and negative” connectors. Oh, by the way, did we mention that it is fueled by salt water? The Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering their very own kit: just add saltwater and roar.

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10 reviews for Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck, For Ages 10 and Up, Equipped with Four-wheel Drive Mechanical Construction, 1.5V Fuel Cell Voltage Output

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    Alter Ego

    For my early teen-aged step son, a whole new world of possibilities (not to mention a new set of vocabulary) in non-fossil fuel energy has expanded his horizons and his peripheral view of life and human responsibility. Thanks for bringing a beam of light to a young spectator.

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    Rosemary T. Danaher

    My son said that if the directions hadn’t been carefully reviewed before starting that there were several potentialfatal flaws but works great if done properly. Love that my granddaughter is so into science.

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    Bill G

    As an engineer, i anm often dissapointed with poorly designed or manufactured items. The kit is well designed and fairly easy to assemble. It performed just as expected and advertised. It was also very resonalbly priced.I fully recommend this for a father and son (~10 yrs old) project.

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    Happy Reader

    The truck works well, runs on salt water as indicated and was able to be put together by three of my grandsons–two 10 year olds and an 8 year old. They have all been putting together Lego creations for years and did not seem to have any trouble with this kit.

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    Father of 4

    Great for my 9 year old put it all together by himself – but he’s an expert with technical lego already.Awsome how it runs when you just add salty water to the cell. So cool for a science project. We’ve only run it twice for a few minutes to save the magnesium for when he needs to show it off at school or whatever.

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    S. Black

    My 7 year old and I put this together. He did very well with orienting himself with the drawings and actual pieces. We installed the visual affect(engine) backwards which caused it to bind up. Once we turned the engine the proper way the truck took off cruising from linoleum to the carped and over area rug with no problems. Amazed at how long the thing ran for. 25 minutes!!!! cool project and well worth the 20 bucks. it was easily 3 hours of fun.

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    J. Knowles

    Purchased this for my 11 years old sons birthday. He was really excited and wanted to put it together right a way. After a couple of hours we had it put together and ready to test. You definitely want to follow the directions. We added the salt/water mix that the directions recommended and away the truck went. It works really well. He took it to school the next day to show it to his teacher and class. Great product and my son and I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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    Gonzalo Vega Herrera

    awesome item, I bought this to help my son on a science project of alternative energies and We were surprised how the salt water chemical reaction can provide long lasting energy. This car was moving about 4 hours with just 5 drops of salt water !CONSYou need to buy extra magnesium plates

  9. blank


    Our 8 year old needed some help assembling, but now that it’s together he can operate it by his self. I had read the reviews so I knew it was going to be slow when it was going. But I feel it’s a great way to introduce the concept. And it’s pretty cheap!

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    N Minshew

    I bought this for my ten-year-old nephew’s birthday. The first one we got didn’t work after a couple of hours putting it together (with a ten-year-old). However, we exchanged it for another one and it works great! It was really neat for my nephew to see all the pistons and how they move when the engine is running. 🙂 I enjoyed putting the second one together by myself and seeing it run. I was surprised that it would crawl over objects and how fast it was. Too bad the first one didn’t work, but the replacement was super neat.

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