ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station, 280Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack UPS Power Supply 110V AC Outlet, QC3.0 USB, 12V/24V DC, LED Flashlight for Camping, Home, Emergency

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Price: $259.99

LATEST ROCKPALS 300-WATT PORTABLE POWER STATION: Comparing to most similar power stations, Rockpals RP300W has upgraded the AC output to 300W continuous (600W surge max);5* DC port (16A / 96W max); built-in 2* USB 2.1A and 2*Quick Charge 3.0 usb. Perfect emergency backup power for home/ travel/ camping, charging up your tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans, TV, lights and CPAP machine (*Use Rockpals DC converter from your CPAP would get longer hours)
HIGHEST CAPACITY LIGHTWEIGHT LITHIUM POWER PACK: 280WH(3.7V 75Ah/12V 18.7Ah) lithium batteries and weights 7.3lb. powerful enough to charge smartphones (2000mah) 25 times, laptops (56wh) 4-5 times, mini car refrigerator (75W) about 3-5 hours or other small appliances, lights, and more. This solar generator is also very handy to be put on your RV, camper and perfect for emergencies, camping or wherever you need power (Support Pass Through Charging)
EASILY THREE WAY RECHARGEABLE: 1)This solar generator can be recharged from the sun with any compatible 60W or 100W solar panel (SOLD SEPARATELY). 2) This battery pack can be fully charged in 6-7 hours by being plugged into the wall outlet. 3) This camping battery power supply can be fully charged in 6-7 hours by car charger
PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER: Better than modified sine wave and clean power like utility supplied electricity. Inductive loads like microwaves and motors run faster, quieter and cooler. Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, fax and answering machines. And it is a gas-free source of portable power supply, it runs quiet (The cooling fan on the side of generator will make a slight sound when working), no exhaust fumes.
WHAT YOU GET: Rockpals portable generator (280Wh Portable Generator), AC adapter, car charger cable, MC4 adapter, user guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.




ROCKPALS Portable Power Station

camping power

ROCKPALS Off-Grid Portable Power Station


1.RP 300 will be turned off automatically in 10 hours when being drawn under 1W for AC port, under 1.68w for 12V DC port, under 0.25W for USB port to save power

2. If do the UPS, the input is 78W, the output only be 78W or less than 78W can be power constantly

3. Once exceeding, the RP 300W will be in protection mode. We need to charge it by wall charger to reset it

4. The working time for your device=280wh*0.85/the watt of your device

5. Avoid to use it in humid place and fire sourse

Perfect Power Supply for CPAP

300w battery

Three Ways of Recharging


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10 reviews for ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station, 280Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack UPS Power Supply 110V AC Outlet, QC3.0 USB, 12V/24V DC, LED Flashlight for Camping, Home, Emergency

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    Moshe Haven

    Update after 4 months: I left it stowed away with a full charge. After 4 months it still ha about 90% power. This is important to me since I want to have it available for a power outage, but I don’t want to have to bother with frequent recharging. Original review: I tested this repeatedly after seeing some of the other reviews so that I could make sure it was reliable. It is excellent, and I had no probems at all. I charged it and it ran several nights with a DC convertor. Then i charged it up and did the same running on AC. Again it lasted more than 3 nights on a single full charge. I like that it has an alarm to let you know before it runs out of power. It also has two very bright built in spot lights that are convenient. I didn’t try to charge it with solar, but it comes with adapters to charge it from that, or from a regular AC outlet, and with a plug to attach to a car or boat. Note: if you are using it for a CPAP (as I did) you do need to turn off the humidifier since that uses a lot of current. I was concerned that turning the humidifier off would have me waking with a dry throat. But I filled the tank as usual and found that the air blowing across it, even with the humidifier turned off, still humidified the air so that I could sleep and wake up comfortably.

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    This review is specific to the rockpals 300W which is rated for 280WH. I bought this for camping without electrical hookups. Read numerous reviews from various portable generators. All reviews seemed to point out that unless I get a 500wh generator my machine would not last through one night without a 12v dc to dc plug for my machine. Took a chance with this and was pleasantly surprised.The item ordered arrived almost fully charged. Topped of the power prior to first use. Machine used was a Resmed S9 BiPaP (pressure increases when inhaling). No humidifier connected. The machine lasted around 24-25 hours on one full charge with direct plug of BiPaP power cord to generator. No 12v connection used.The wattage consumption of the machine is displayed on this generator and i noticed it would range anywhere from 4-17w usage depending on breath taken or pressure exerted by machine. When my BiPaP had to blow harder it was using anywhere from 30-40w (when I took a quick deep breath).Based on my experience, im making the assumption that reviews provided may have been from people with CPaPs (continuous pressure machines) and did not include people with BiPaPs. Since BiPaPs don’t exert continuous pressure like a CPaP, I would think it used less power. Buyers should determine what type of respiratory setting they have prior to purchase to have a better idea.All in all, I’m extremelu satisfied with this purchase.

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    Update 6/28This thing is still going strong. Whether it be a fan for the bedroom when the power goes out when a storm comes through or simple things when going to a park and powering up many of our electronics. I started keeping this in the back of my car and it’s continued to pay off. You can imagine how handy this will come in for your family. It’s saved our family many hours of our baby crying.Winter 2019With the snowstorm that came through this past weekend, I was glad I had this. The power went out and we had no power for a good 8 hours. The time we were home, we were able to plug our phones in to keep our phone charged! We were able to then plug the Xfinity router into our box and continue to have internet. This worked awesome! I like the fact there are so many ports to charge different devices.With the car jack, I was able to then recharge my mini generator. It was fantastic. This definitely something to have around.

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    My house was going without power due to hurricane Michael. I had no way to power up my cpap so someone loaned me a small device made specifically for battery backups for cpaps, which was great…. but it just didn’t last long enough through the night Great for someone that only needs maybe 6 hours of sleep. I had to find something a little better, and something I could use for other things.Let me just say I wish I had ordered this thing sooner. It came, nearly with a full charge, so I got to use it right away that night. Even though it used maybe 60% of the battery from one night powering my cpap (with heated tube turned on, humidifier turned off), it was worth it. It had to convert the power since I did not have an AC adapter – so it naturally would use a little more power. That was ok. The next morning I still was able to carry it over to my room light and plug that in and have actual light that was not from a flashlight or camping lantern.Having a good night’s sleep and just a regular bedroom light brought a little “normalcy” to my situation. I take it to work with me and charge it back up while hoping my house gets power back on next. I’m still waiting (at the time of writing – 2 weeks now) – and that’s ok because I know others got it so much worse. I still have a roof over my head. It just doesn’t have power. So, “camping out at home” just got a little easier with this device!Once power gets restored and I don’t need this on a daily basis, I do plan to use this for other purposes as a regular portable power device. I know it’s one of those things you have to use it rather regularly so the battery keeps its strength. You can’t just put it in a closet and forget it. Since it is lightweight and rather small, it won’t be a huge deal for that. Besides, I actually do lose power here from time to time so I have no doubt it will come in handy even at home lol.

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     See my video for an in-depth explanation of why this unit is great for CPAP users. But the short story is that this unit works great and will last you all night long (and probably for several nights, even with your Humidifier and Heater active) for the vast majority of CPAP users, contrary to what others have said and I explain why in my video.This unit has it all – Solar charging on the back, built-in AC/DC transformation (no bricks to lug around!), 24v output, 12v Cigarette Lighter output, 2.5mm 12v outputs, USB outputs, and most importantly, a 120v AC output!The unit is lightweight, small, compact, and easy to manage. Pair it with a Rockpals foldable solar panel and you have unlimited power. This unit can provide up to 70w of power while it’s charging – something a lot of the other units are unable to do. This is important in that it will let you continue to use the unit as it’s charging, either via solar power, or via a wall outlet. That means you can use this as a battery backup for your CPAP unit without having to pay the high price of a dedicated BBU that your CPAP manufacturer wants to charge. Many other battery units sold here on Amazon won’t let you use power while also charging, it’s either one or the other. Not this unit! Do both at the same time!The 24v output is fantastic, and also something that many of the other battery generators don’t have – they usually only have 12v and 120v output.The only con of this unit is the display – it’s impossible to see outside during the day. They really need to address this – it’s fine when it’s dusk or dawn, or if you are inside, but outside with the sun up… forget about it. There’s no way to see the display. This is a big oversight in my opinion… but once you get the hang of using it, the display gets a bit less important, so it’s not a huge deal, nor does it make the unit unsuitable. Since this unit has so many wins in the pro column, I can overlook the display issue to a degree, since I can’t get all the features this unit has on any other unit.I would definitely buy this unit again, if I needed another one. But it has so much power, I don’t see why I need another one!

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    I bought the Rockpals 300W Portable Generator to provide power when I had meetings at local coffee shops that do provide a lot of power. However, I found that this little unit is much more versatile that just providing power at my local coffee shop.When I first received the unit it came with 4 bars of charge (6 is the max). I ran it down and let it completely discharge.1) 1/31/19: Initial state = 4 bars: Run-time ~3hrs 45min Load: ~0.5hrs: 40watt led lamp 3hrs 12min 3 laptops, 1 set of head phones & 1 cell phone charging2) 1/31/19: Recharge Time house current: ~4.0hrs3) 2/1/19 Run-time: 1hr 49min. Load: 65” smart tv, Xbox. & TiVo.4) 2/1/19 Recharge time: ~4hrs 17min5) 2/2/19 Observing session Run-time 4hrs 14min. Load lx200 classic telescope with an ST80 piggy back, an ASI ZWO MC178 cooled camera and an hp laptop. Unit still had 50% 11.2v at the end of the session. I ended my session ended A little after 1AM it could have easily gone another 4hrsSo, I am quite pleased with the way this unit operates. I didn’t expect it to run a Computer, Telescope with tracking motors, slewing operations, and a Cooled camera. The Observing session lasted over 4 hours and with 3 bars left. The entire unit would have easily run (converting DC to AC and then Back to DC) for another 4 hours. until morning. Using straight DC plugs, I’m sure will improve efficiency. I typically use a 60lb Marine battery with an inverter. nut this little unit performed quite well and I will be using it for future sessions. The lights were very bright and useful They even illuminated a truck that was in the observing field over 100 ft away.I like the power buttons for each service and when depressed, the display changes to show which set of plugs are receiving power. The display also shows the number of watts being consumed. So over all this is a very nice designed unit that willNeedless to say, I’m quite impressed with the the amount of power this little unit packs into only three pounds and I definitely recommend this product

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    James Ballard

    I used this with my cpap machine, an AirCurve 10 VAuto.I have a prescription pressure of 13, which in my research matters due to the higher pressure using more power. My cpap says 24v 3.5 amp. But the machine varies in power use due to the constant change in pressure. Also the power usage can be lowered by turning off the heated tubing and the humidifier.That being said I did get a good amount of use out of this “ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator/Battery”.I bought the “Rockpals DC Converter Compatible with S10 CPAP” to use with this Rockpals battery. It is cheaper than the resmed one and is basically the same thing.I had turned off the heated tubing and the humidifier on the cpap (I don’t use them anyway) for these tests.On DC power, using the rockpals converter, I got 23 hours of use before it cut off.Then I tested it with the AC power plug, I got 15.5 hours use before it cut off. This was only using the rockpals battery for the cpap, nothing else plugged in and as soon as I was done using the cpap I turned off the battery to conserve power for the next days sleep.Overall I am very happy with this purchase. I was looking for something that would last at least 1 nights sleep and found this device that will last me 3 nights.

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    Andrea K.

    Why the Rockpals 300 instead of the more popular (here on Amazon) 250? The 300 really doesn’t have that much more capacity, but it has a few features I find worth the extra cost. First, the charger is built in – no power brick to keep up with – just plug in a three prong AC power cord. Second, it has a built in 12 volt cigarette lighter jack @ 8 amps. Again, no additional dongle to keep up with. Third, any output can be switched off or on. This means that the inverter is off when not in use along with the power wasting idle current it uses. The USB ports are off when desired, eliminating the small current waste of the 5 volt regulator circuit.Realistically, the power available from any of these small banks doesn’t lend itself to any significant AC usage. Many folks plug in their AC adapters to power low voltage devices like CPAP machines. I understand some offer direct 12 volt DC operation. This would offer the best efficiency since the inverter and its associated power loss would be eliminated. In general, setting yourself practical expectations for such a small bank will avoid a bad experience. Heaters, refrigeration, lighting other than that using LED bulbs – don’t count on any real continuous runtime.I use the bank to power 12 volt lighting. Repurposed lamps and the 12 volt A19-type bulbs available here on Amazon make an efficient combination. Yes, you can charge most of your USB devices, but there are cheaper alternatives. Recently, Rockpals was having a sale and I bought 2 of the 300 models for $270 each.Runtimes during testing have been good. I’ve been getting 244 Wh out of both banks. This is close to a 85% discharge efficiency and is a little better than I expected. It seems discharge efficiency is a moving number depending on the specific chemistry, temperature, discharge rate, design and operation of the BMS, etc. The values I’ve seen in some white papers range from 82% to 92%, so anything in the middle looks good.Overall, the 300 is excellent for my purposes and expectations. The sale price didn’t hurt either. Evaluate your specific needs before investing in one of these power banks and you won’t be disappointed.

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    I had basically given up on camping since I became a user of my Philips System One CPAP / BiPAP machine. If the camping area didn’t have a power source, I was basically out of luck. After some digging on Amazon, I came across this product and wanted to give it a try. It arrived quickly and already had a charge. I charged it up to 100% and set off to give it a shot. The first night, I turned off my humidifier and my heated tubing and to my surprise, this battery lasted ALL NIGHT. I went to bed about 10p and woke up at 8a and not only did it last all night, I was only at about 76% when I woke up the next morning. I was verrrry impressed! I decided to charge it back up and use it again but this time, with my humidifier and my heated tubing turned back on. Given the power consumption of those two options, I didn’t expect the battery to last more than a few hours. I went to bed around 10:30p and was awakened by the machine turning off around 4:30a. I couldn’t believe the battery lasted that long! Very impressive.If you are a CPAP or BiPAP user and want to get back to the great outdoors, this is absolutely the product for you! I am so glad I have this now.

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    J. Ray

    This RockPals Solar Generator truly rocks! It’s an immediate source of stored, clean solar generated energy. Purchasing the RockPals 100w folding panel to power your system makes this set-up a highly portable and seamlessly, simplistic even, way to power-up on just about any day. In minutes, you’ll marvel at your newly acquired technological capabilities.My Limited Background for Consumer Solar:I’ve dabbled in solar for renters with the purchase of an 18w/2USB and 24w/no USB solar panel over the past twelve years. The 24w model purchased about 12 years ago was nearly $300 way back then! (show some respect to the pioneers who shelled out the big bucks that paved the way!). LOL!!So, the fact that I can purchase a rugged folding 100W RockPals smart solar panel paired with this RockPals Solar Generator with many thoughtful accessories and the versatility / portability to access quick and clean power in both AC / DC formats for about $500 is a fantastic leap forward. BTW, I’m using ‘smart’ to indicate that this system has a power controller built in that limits power to sensitive electronic devices.I assembled my new system in all of 10 minutes (a very basic / intuitive hook-up, really) with just a few pieces of wood (a more permanent solution to come) to prop and secure the panel in the direction of the sun. I had the components collecting and charging away in my backyard in two shakes of a lamb’s tail; so proud am I!After just three hours of charge time on a mostly cloudy day, I added approximately 1/3 to the Generator’s out of box charge status before the rain finally moved in. No worries for the water resistant panel, but for the unprotected Generator (see photo), I decided to break my system down and stow it away for a better day. While it was still up and running though, I couldn’t help myself, I had to pull out my laptop and then my two-way Handi-talk charge cradle (Ham Radio users know what this is). I was so thrilled to discover that I had all the equipment necessary, out of box to charge these two key devices. I’ve gone ahead and ordered (35qty) DC 5.5×2.5mm female to (many) male charging tips that will complement the 10 DC tips that already came with this RockDog…I mean RockPals set-up (the 10 tips came with the solar panel to be more specific). The Generator comes with the extra adapter cables that an owner needs to deploy any one of the various DC charging tips.Wow, wow wow!! I sat mesmerized by the blinking / circulating dashes and numbers on the detailed user interface. Because this system conserves on the energy to run itself, they are not easy to see outside in the daylight, I get it. You’ll be blown away later when you bring it back indoors and can see every detail clearly. Coolness! I’ve definitely been bitten by the Solar Bug.I’m so thankful that we have this incredible opportunity for low-cost, off-grid energy. Inside of the house again, I had two USB LED Light bulbs waiting to be powered up by my Anker power banks (purchased here, previously). I celebrated my greatly expanded solar capabilities by declaring an immediate ‘solar day’ lighting my entire little apartment (OK, just two rooms…one of these USB light bulbs can light an entire room). I listened to my rechargable smart speakers (one in bedroom; one in bathroom) driven by my rechargeable smart phone and surfed the web on my rechargeable laptop and everything…well almost, was powered by beautiful solar. I still have to convert my router to DC rechargeable. :)The Rockpals components are very high quality and easy to use. The owner will be proud of his/her purchase, no worries. The materials used are surprisingly sturdy for a really tiny (but mighty) system. The engineers who designed the RockPals 100w Solar Panel appear to have cut no corners. This is a serious and highly portable generator and folding solar panel that will provide many, many years of service if protected and treated well. It’s made with rugged materials and well thought out.If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger and adding this equipment to your solar arsenal, I don’t think you can find much better in terms of price and quality (value).Happy Solar!

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