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Rinnai V75iN Tankless Hot Water Heater, Large, V75iN-Natural Gas/7.5 GPM

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V75iN HE High Efficiency Tankless Hot Water Heater – Natural Gas: Indoor Installation Only
Up to 7.5 GPM hot water flow rate (varies by groundwater temp)
Control-R 2.0 mobile app features timers and schedules throughout the day and allows you to remotely put the system into vacation mode.
Endless hot water for your entire home
Residential Factory Warranty – 120 months (heat exchanger), 12 months (labor), 60 months (parts)

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Brand Rinnai



Rinnai V75iN Tankless Hot Water Heater, Large, V75iN-Natural Gas/7.5 GPM

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Endless Hot Water

endless hot waterPut an end to scheduling your hot water need.

Never again choose between taking a piping hot shower, doing a load of laundry or running the dishwasher. A Rinnai Tankless Water Heater will never run out of hot water and leave you in the cold.








Hot water on demandHot Water On-Demand

Don’t waste while you wait.

Rinnai tankless water heaters with ThermaCirc 360 technology recirculates hot water through your pipes to get you hot water fast.
While you wait for hot water to travel from your old tank to your shower, you can waste the equivalent of twenty-four 16-ounce bottles of water every time. ─ that means an average of 8,700 bottles of water per person, per year.





Save valuable spaceSave Valuable Space

Your hot water heater doesn’t have to be a behemoth!

Compact design allows for installation in non-traditional spaces such as the attic, crawl space or even a closet.

Save 16 sq. foot of space ─ the Rinnai tankless water heater is only the size of a small suitcase.







Affordable, efficient savingsAffordable, Efficient Savings

Efficiency packaged in a compact design means cut CO2 emissions (as compared to tanks), use less energy and conserve water.

Use 40% less energy than traditional tanks* because you heat water only when you need it.
100 years of Confidence







Total confidenceGet peace of mind with the unsurpassed quality and innovation of a Rinnai tankless water heater.

Trust the #1 selling gas tankless water heating brand in North America for all of your water heating needs.

Smart technological advancements such as WiFi monitoring, your trusted Rinnai service provider can monitor the efficiency of your tankless water heater and address issues before you ever experience a break in service.





ReliabilitySustainable Reliability

It’s a smart investment for now and the future when you intertwine sustainability and reliability.

Every part of a Rinnai Tankless water heater is replicable so components can be easily swapped vs. buying a whole new system.
Average life expectancy is 20 years vs. 8-10 for a traditional tank**
With this premium product, you’ll save–both money and worry–in the long run.

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V65iN – Natural Gas/6.5 GPM, V65iP – Propane/6.5 GPM, V75iN – Natural Gas/7.5 GPM, V75iP – Propane/7.5 GPM, V94XiN – Natural Gas/9.4 GPM, V94iN – Natural Gas/9.4 GPM, V94iP – Propane/9.4 GPM


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10 reviews for Rinnai V75iN Tankless Hot Water Heater, Large, V75iN-Natural Gas/7.5 GPM

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    Angela Rose

    Love this upgrade. We went from a 14 year old Bosch that was improperly installed with no flush valves to this. It was easy to install, we had our plumber do it as he installed the same one in his home. We have 2 full baths and have no interruptions while in use. Don’t forget the condensing tube, the clear tube you see in my pic. You NEED that tube.

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    Amazon Customer

    Did a lot of Internet research to find a tankless water heater going from a 50 gallon tank heater doing a total house remodel with galvanized pipe throughout the house. Decided to go with copper plumbing up to the unit. Was installed by professional plumber and the results were very good. I now have endless hot water and very good water pressure. I had to go pass the 120 degree default and set it to 140 degrees it’s Max output. Although it says that you can use either 3/4 gas or 1/2 gas line I only had a half inch gas line to use. There was no problems hooking it up but the book instructions for setting the default dip switch was incorrect my plumber was able to figure it out. One thing both my plumber and I noticed was just how quiet this unit is it’s very quiet. It takes a couple of minutes for the water to get hot in the shower at the far end of my house. I would definitely recommend this unit to anybody that’s interested in going tankless water heaters.

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    LOVE my water heater. I had mine installed 3 years ago and have absolutely loved it. I bought an old fixer-upper and had this installed right away. While I didn’t have a comparison of what it cost to run the old water heater, I can only imagine this unit has saved me a lot of money, especially during the winter of 2013 when propane was high. I love the energy savings and knowing that I’m not wasting natural gas (a finite resource) just to keep water hot when I’m not using it. I have a small house (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower) so the demand is light and this unit serves me well. When you run the hot water it does make a whirring sound. I have mine installed in a utility room near my kitchen and bathroom, so when I turn on the faucet I can hear it kick in. The sound is not unpleasant, but something to keep in mind if you’d rather not hear it. I find it a helpful reminder to only use hot water when I need it, so it doesn’t bother me.Maintenance – if you live in a place with hard water, like me, then there is some regular maintenance. The manufacturer recommends flushing the unit with vinegar. I’ve done this twice in the last 3 years and it is relatively painless. The recommended valves that should be installed with this unit have hose hookups for cycling the vinegar through. The only other supplies you need are a 5-gallon bucket, submersible pump, short hoses (similar to washer hookup hoses), and vinegar. I’m sure you could hire a plumber to do this as well, but I’m a DIY-gal and don’t mind this simple chore…just follow the directions and you won’t end up with water everywhere.Recommended item for people with hard water — Aqua Pure Scale Inhibitor. I had this installed with my water heater. They are replaceable cartridges that are supposed to reduce the scale build-up inside the heater. I’ve had this unit for 3 years and have replaced the scale inhibitor several times without hassle. It’s another small cost, but I’m sure it will be worth it to keep this unit running well for many years to come.Overall, highly recommend the tankless units!

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    Bought this as a replacement for a failing 40 gallon. I like that this have moved into the smart home space. I like that I can change the temparature delivered on demand. I can add remotes by the sink and get hotter water for dishes or in the bathroom and get a perfect shower. The smaller foot print has lef me room for a water softner in the same space the water heater filled up before.If you want to go tankless do your homework about water temperature in your area, size of the gas feed line required, number of outlets you are providing hot water too at one time.

    Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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    John N Indrutz

    I have had this Rinnai V65IN tankless water heater installed for 2 years now. I absolutely love it. We have it installed in a 1400sq ft. home with a single shower. In addition to the shower there are four other faucet locations that can utilize hot water. If we have the shower, and the washing machine running hot water, then this heater is pretty much running at capacity for 125 degree F water. If I had another full bath in the house I would consider going up a step. This unit could probably handle another bath, but if you were running 2 baths and a washing machine I think the unit would not be able to keep up, or you would have to set the temperature of the water higher than 125 F to compensate.If you are going to install this yourself, then do your research. You need to size your gas pipe appropriately for the length of the run you have for the gas flow this expects. You will also need to plan your exhaust exit. The roof is ideal, but don’t use the same flue for a tank heater. If your exhaust exits out of the house via a wall make sure the exhaust is far enough away from your soffit vents, windows, and doors. You also will need to deal with the condensate. We ran 35ft of gas line, a few feet of copper water line, a GFCI electrical outlet, condensate trap, and the flue exit over a weekend.Make sure you install a valve kit with this. Every year you need to circulate 4 gallons of distilled white vinegar through the unit for an hour, purge it, and clean the screen filter. There is also a window inside the unit that lets you view the flame during usage. It is a good idea to view this flame yearly to make sure you have an even blue flame.I had only used tank heaters in the past, so I was a bit nervous with regards to performance of this unit in my house, but there are 7 of us and on Sunday mornings it was a pain to constantly run out of hot water when everyone was getting ready for church. I haven’t really noticed a lot of savings with regards to gas usage. Water usage has increased a bit as a result of this heater, but it is a trade I was willing to make in order to never run out of hot water. I have to wait for a few minutes for the water to get hot at the point of usage, but again it is a trade off I was comfortable with. It also freed up floor space in my utility room. As I shop for new homes, I always look to see what it would take to install a tankless water heater. I would buy this unit again. I may not have realized a return on investment by way of utility bills, but convenience outweighed the ROI in my case.EDIT 3/11/2018: It has been installed for 4 years now with no troubles. I run 4 gallons of vinegar through it for 1 hour every year per the maintenance recommendations. I also clean the small screen filter, and check to make sure the flame is burning blue and even. We have very hard water, and I should probably clean and inspect it every 9 months. I am still extremely happy with the purchase 4 years later.EDIT 3/19/2020: I have finally encountered an issue. I was getting an intermittent Error Code 11 (no ignition/no gas supply error). After a bit of YouTube searches I found some things to try to fix the issue. The gas manifold should be removed and the burner should be vacuumed of debris. There were several dead moths and a very large very dead spider blocking some of the gas tubes. Other than that the burners looked fairly clean. I also had a loose igniter, and the igniter should NOT be loose. I purchased part RIWH104000240 also recognized as part 104000240. This part is a kit that replaces the igniter, flame rods, and includes necessary gaskets. I paid around $40 for the kit and had it all fixed in a little under 1 hour. I am still very happy with this purchase and the repair was pretty easy. Just take pictures before and during disassembly so you can reference things later when you get confused.

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    Dwayne Nickell

    This a very good product. I installed it not to hard of a job. I had the state pumping inspector over to look at it had no problem. It lower my electric bill by about $38.00 a month and gas bill did not change. I had it about two years now. Very pleased with it. Update 4/30/19 I am still very pleased with my tankless water heater. I cleaned it about about a year ago as recommended. I have had no problem at all. I have two full bathrooms and do our own laundry an a dishwasher Three bedrooms Two in household all the time. When we have guests overnight as many as four I haven’t had any hot water problems. Just a little slow getting hot water in kitchen it is the longest water line from the heater. Update 6/18/19 still very pleased two more neighbors and my son in law have installed the same unit. They are as pleased as I am.

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    Larry Turner

    Worth every penny! Sorry for the short review, but I can’t say enough to give this thing justice. I installed this in a day, granted it took a week to get everything together for installation, but well worth it! I ripped out that antique technology that was only costing me money a few months ago, found bacteria living in the plumbing that was being spread by the water storage tank that had ruptured on my second story. Needless to say, I have spent some money and time on sheet rock, mud, and paint. Not to mention the frustration of being hundreds of miles away from home when the thing popped… Fortunately my wife was home to catch it.Don’t waste your time with another storage tank that has to be heated constantly and eventually will leak everywhere, install a tankless, you wont regret it. Follow the suggestions with filtration and scale inhibitors so you can get 20 plus years from a brilliant engineering innovation.I have been using a far smaller version of this at my deer lease for 10 years in a portable unit, it lights up every time and gets the water hotter than needed!

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    Dianna K. Handy

    I have installed 4 different brands of tankless heaters for different properties over last several years.This is by far the best built and most reliable over time.If you want a dependable unit that produces constant hot water for 3-4 person household this will meet your needs.

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    David Hines – TB12

    Works great, quiet, gas bill is $20 a month…and I have 4 women and 3 showers in my house

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    Thomas Giorgio

    I had an older LP continuum 2050 that lasted 13 years, it still works but we now have NG service so I had to buy this newer one.This was the by far the best price. It’s even more quiet than my older one. Only down side is it takes 40 seconds to start warming upbut that has to do with my long pluming run and being plastic plumbing. It’s not the tank. Rinnai is by far the most advanced and reliable out there in my opinion. Do your self a favor and by the webstone recommended isolator kit like i did. Worked like a charm, easy to install your self.We have 5 people living in the house and it’s not a problem to do dishes and shower. One should note however, that the 6.6 GPM rating isbordering on false advertising. You have to look at the chart specs from rinnai. The 6.6 GPM rating based on a small temperature rise. If you have cold well water, you will not get more than 3.3 GPM. I have a well and it’s still Ok but you should know this so you don’t select to small a unit.

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