Rico’s Bio Energy Band

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Mineral-Infused Waterproof Silicone Wristband will not Break or Tarnish
Pain Relief from Arthritis, Headaches, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Back Pain
Improves Balance Instantly. Detoxifies the body. Helps with Blood-clotting issues.
Increased Serotonin Levels promote Decreased Depression
Better Overall Health Including Menopause and Menstual Relief

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Brand Rico's Bio Energy



Rico’s Bio Energy Band

RICO’S BIO-ENERGY BANDS are MINERAL-INFUSED, silicone wristbands designed to address the body’s daily aches and pains. Based on NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY, the bands work on the body like tiny repairmen. From farmers with arthritis to athletes recovering from surgery, our testimonials include glowing recommendations from thousands who have experienced incredible pain relief and a better quality of life.

Experience enhanced STRENGTH, BALANCE, FOCUS, and overall better health. We blow away the competition, with the highest mineral content and best results of any similar product. There is no need to take the band off. Swim with it, sleep or shower with it on…..


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10 reviews for Rico’s Bio Energy Band

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    Amy Olsen

    works for me!

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    Jet hanna

    Bought one about a year ago to try for arthritis. Was amazed at the relief. I sew and my hand were to the point I thought I was going to have to give it up. Was pain free most of the year. All of a sudden my hands were hurting again. After about two weeks of pain I noticed one of the disks had fell out of the bracelet. Found bracelet on Amazon. The day I received and put on have been able to sew and use my computer again.

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    Unbelievably seems to help aching in my hands. I wear it all the time except during shower….

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    I love it! It has met my expectations!

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    Former User

    Hot shot product. Love the posture strength test Rico did on me at Ironman Florida! This bracelet makes your spine strength tons stronger. The strength test is as follows, put your feet all the way together and stand up stright like your at attention and with one of your arms straight down your side, flatten your hand and connect it at your thigh so as to make a point of resistance; the have a person push down on you at that point. Without the bracelet you become unblanced (feel your spine flex) and you loose your footing; Having the braclet on your person makes you keep your posture and footing. Night and day difference!! Great that the negative ions are protecting you from the cellphone and other emf smog in the environment (wifi, powermeters, cellphone towers & am/fm raido. Wearing this bracelet your body starts to demand more water So you chugg and you go through lots of water and feel your body become strong because of it… I drink Proper gravity water filter so Im not poisoning myself with toxic hydrofluorosilicic acid (industrial waist form phosphate fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing industries thats put into the water along with.. bromine (the swimming pool chemical) hexavalent chromium and so so much much more. Considering the need for water, if your using anything less a propur, berkey or alexapure water filter, your murdering yourself with the water. The contaminates require a sufficient filter to filter it all out. Got it!? so no crappy brita filter or water softeners ok!?! (Pelican make the best whole house filters) Im a triathlete, the band gives you snappy strength to your limbs and of course.. optimal hydration which is necessary for your best performance. Be sure to take lots of electrolytes with your water so you dont get hyponatremia.

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    Richard Masters

    I was a little skeptical about this at first. I originally saw their bands at a local gun show and purchased one for myself. . I really like how the makers don’t make wild fantastic claims about their bands. The give a list of things that it “may” help because I do feel everyone is different and the same thing does not work for every person. I am a runner and I do feel that this band helps with my running and it was a good buy and I do recommend Rico’s BioEnergy band to my friends and family. I found the bands discounted here on Amazon and decided to buy one for my wife as well, she does Crossfit 3 times a week and likes the band as well.

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    Terri Dudziak

    bought one of these at Ohio Bike Week-have bought additional for people I know; great price

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    Jennifer Biggerstaff

    Ive been using these bands for yearsI normally pay $50+ so to find this for half the price, great find!

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    Amazon Customer

    yes but my friend got one in nov 2015 and already broke hope mine dont break be real upset pay alot of money then it break in 6 months not good

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    Debra Horn

    I love this.

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