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Renogy Portable E.Flex Monocrystalline 5W Solar Panel with USB Port for Charging, Hiking and Biking

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HIGH EFFICIENCY – The built-in monocrystalline solar cells give maximum efficiency and the new auto-optimization charging feature allows for a continuous charge the moment you are back in the sun.
NO CHARGE DELAY – You can move this charger in and out of the sun and it will automatically determine your charging requirements and recover without any charge delay for your devices.
ULTRA THIN – This charger only weighs 8.7 ounces, making it easy to transport.
EASY ATTACHMENT – Includes carabiners and 4 suction cups for convenient traveling and set up.
PORTABLE – Super lightweight backup charger that won’t leave you stranded. Keep one in the car or backpack just in case.
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Brand Renogy



Renogy Portable E.Flex Monocrystalline 5W Solar Panel

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Renogy E.Flex 10W Mono Solar Panel Renogy E.FLEX 5W Plus Solar Panel Renogy E.FLEX 10W Plus Solar Panel Renogy E.Flex 5W Mono Solar Panel
Model E.Flex 10 E.Flex 5 Plus E.Flex 10 Plus E.Flex 5
Maximum Power 10W 5W 10W 5W
Power Output 5V2A 5V1A 5V2A 5V1A
Dimensions 9.5×12.2×0.13 in 10.3×6.3×0.16 in 13.4×10.3×0.08 in 9.5×5.9×0.16 in
Weight 13oz 5.6oz 11.2oz 6.7oz

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5W, 10W, Power Bank


Black, Blue, W/ Power Bank, 2500mAh, 5000mAh



10 reviews for Renogy Portable E.Flex Monocrystalline 5W Solar Panel with USB Port for Charging, Hiking and Biking

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    Update4/22/20:I have had a couple of more “Ideal” bright sunny days to evaluate and I am still impressed with the consistency of the setup I described below. I have been comparing it against a larger folding 21watt panel from a different manufacturer. With the brighter days the 21watt panel does produce more output than these two 5watt panels, but when a cloud passes triggering the panels to reset the output from the two 5watt panels remains high enough to keep the charge active to my device. My best guess is that they are either more sensitive to the low light and do not require a reset or they tend to reset at slightly different intervals. Either way the benefit of having a continuous charge from two of these two small panels seems to outweigh the faster charge rate of the larger panels for refiling my batter pack in everything but ideal conditions, especially if I am not available to make sure that I do not need to manually reset (unplug and replug the USB) the pack charging from the larger panel which while minor does seem to happen a couple times per day.Update 4/16/20:I have continued using two of these panels with a usb y adapter and believe this will be my new go to light weight solar setup. The output is much more consistent than with other larger folding panels and lacks the folding wear points. If the y adapter wears out from use, it’s simple to replace and cheaper than replacing a larger panel if it fails. The Y adapter that I have had the most success with is “HIGHROCK 30cm USB 2.0 a Power Enhancer Y 1 Female to 2 Male Data Charge Cable Extension Cord(1pc)”Attached Photos show the output from two 5w panels in parallel as well as the glamorous testing setup.Original Review:This E.Flex 5W panel is small, most days I am getting 2-3 Watts in the location that I use it… that said I am only getting 3-5 Watts out of a larger “21 Watt” panel. I would not compare this panel with the fully water proof panels designed for permanent installations, but when compared with other “portable” panels this one exceeds my expectations!I would not plan to charge a phone directly from any portable panel and this one is no exception, but when paired with a battery pack that is “always on” with “pass through” power this panel is the best value I have found.That said when I purchased this panel there was an option to get an included battery pack for a few dollars more. The battery that came with it is not likely to satisfy the need for a charging with this panel. The pack I received looses charge over night and often only puts out nearly the same amount of power received from the panel leaving the problem of charging a phone unsolved. If I had paid more than a few dollars to have the battery pack included I would have to give a much lower rating, but the panel itself is worth every bit of the 5 stars.I paired this panel with a Voltaic Systems V25 battery and the combination of the two was perfect for my needs.If you need more power than one of these can produce I would probably purchase two of them and use a USB Y power enhancer cable as opposed to a larger panel . I have found that this combination gives the best performance when the panel is frequently shaded, often between the two panels there is still enough current to keep all of the charging circuits on my devices open.One of my favorite things about this single panel design is that there are no folds with wires in them that will wear out. Sure there are still likely some points that will wear with time, but this style has less than any folding option. If you connect 2 or more of these with USB Y cables and one panel fails you still have the others to use, if the wire in a folding panel fails that may mean no more charging at all.Don’t forget that this panel is only 5Watts and that would likely only be realized in PERFECT conditions, if you are happy with combining a few of these knowing that they may only produce 2-3Watts in “Good” conditions, you will end up with a solid portable kit that has minimal wear points. When combining these don’t forget that USB 3.0 has limits to how much power it can actually pass through it, but I believe that a couple of these together maximize that power much more often than my larger 21 Watt panel.

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    I just received the 10 watt folding unit yesterday afternoon. This morning at around 6am in Southern CA I put it in a screen window facing east towards the rising sun peeking through the marine layer, good pretty realistic test environment, 1st, I connected my Anker blue tooth wired headphones which had about 50% charge left… .after 20 minutes or so it was fully charged. Perfect!2nd, I tried it on an Anker 10600 mah battery bank and it had no problem taking a charge, though I don’t know the charge level when I started, after about an hour the battery bank was 100%. Perfect!3rd, I connected it to my Moto G7 phone which I had turned off and left shaded …. I was at about 70% charge to begin and 23 minutes later I was 100 %. Perfect!I want to state that I was clear about a screen window. The reason is that most modern residential glass has some UV filtering in it, and Auto glass definitely does. I also want to explain that I specified the phone being turned off, You wouldn’t try to fill a sink with the drain open would you? Turn the device off and keep it shaded .For my intended purposes I will be charging battery packs during the day and recharging devices from the battery packs at the end of the day.Observations …. This panel re-sets it self quickly after a cloud goes by…in my case a test with a piece of paper, this is important because most lesser panels fail to do this requiring a disconnect and reconnect to reset. The plastic does off gas a bit when it heats up in the sun, but that will probably diminish with time.This little panel is light weight and a great value for the modest price. I cannot speak to durability yet, my only concern is how the plastic “hinges” hold up after a lot of use in the sun, but Renogy has been around for a while and its not the first rodeo for them.Buy it and use it as it was intended to be used and you will be amped! (sorry)

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    Mle Elisabeth Guegan

    This thing is amazing. I’ve used it on 2 long treks now:- a 7-day hike across the Sierras where I had a phone (in airplane mode, used for photos only), and a small beacon that I used on very minimal settings (sending a data point every 10 minutes or something)- a 9-day hike in the Pyrenees where I had only a phone, which was mostly in airplane mode but sometimes on to check emails etc. I used it for photos, for map-reading and sometimes for GPS; so heavier use than the previous trip.Both times I have used this charger with a power bank (I just want that extra safety in case of continuous bad weather). I have never bothered using it while hiking, in fact on the last trip I didn’t pack the suction cups or the carabiner. I just prop it up towards the sun during lunch breaks and once I get to camp. It will charge my phone (in airplane mode) by about 50% in an hour.On my Sierra trip, I didn’t even use the power bank, and both devices stayed above 50% battery the whole time. On my Pyrenees trip, I used the power bank a bit, but was able to keep both well charged.This thing is so good I am going to downgrade my power bank to something lighter, because there’s often enough some sun and this thing will charge me right up. Bear in mind I do keep the phone in airplane mode mostly, I’m not watching videos the whole time 🙂 But for the price and weight, I cannot imagine a better option. I’m so glad I gave it a try instead of buying the heavier ones!

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    It looks like a realy decent quality panel.I haven’t used it on hikes yet (the intended purpose), but have tested it out. It fully charges my 4000mAh power bank in one day, and should charge a larger power bank fully as well-my next test.It comes with awesome packaging for easy travel, and I often take it with me when travelling.Certainly better than expected considering the low price point.

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    Kindle Customer

    I have been using this for a year and it has been great! It is sturdy under heavy use. Still great even under heavy sun baking. Highly recommended! I had bought this for outdoor use (away from conventional power sources) but I have found it useful even in hotels/motels with power issues. This is something I use to recharge devices the majority of the time (sun permitting of course). I am very glad I purchased this.

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    I was skeptical at first, but on a crisp, clear November morning in Northern California, it charged my Galaxy S4 Mini from 38% to 100% in two hours! I put some tinfoil on the ground in front of the unit, to catch some reflection too. I weighed this device at 6oz, for you backpackers out there. It’s worth it. The other 20+ watt panels are 16+ ounces.Update: I subsequently purchased the “10 watt” version of this, which is essentially two panels hinged together.5watt: 0.80A max10watt: 1.28A maxUnfortunately the double-panel (10watt) version isn’t twice the charge rate, but it is twice the weight. I confirmed the destination would accept more than the max, so the panel is the limiting factor.This is in Northern California. Adding tinfoil as a mirror below the panel buys you an additional 0.10A – worth it!I’m being picky as I’ll use these for backpacking. The bang-to-weight ratio is critical and every gram counts. I’ll likely take the 5watt/single panel with me.

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    I’ve taken this charger on 3 camping trips and 2 backpacking trips so far. Normally I use this solar charger with a battery bank. With my phone the screen comes on every time a charger is connected or disconnected, which happens when I move from sun to shade or back again when hiking the trail. This makes my phone discharge even faster than if i just left the screen off. With a battery bank this is not a problem. When I get to camp I normally plug my phone directly to the panel, provided that the sun is still out and there is no tree cover. The 5w version (with a battery bank) is good for keeping one phone charged when on the trail and good sky at camp indefinitely, 2-3 phones if you have a stationary place to aim it at the sun all day. I’ve used it in light rain and on a kayak, the panel got wet but not the charge port. Did not break or lower performance. Charging power does get lower with light cloud cover and may stop in heavy dark cloud cover. The charger stopped working during the 2017 total solar eclipse.

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    Jack Chinook

    This is a great little backpacking solar unit for backpacking or dirtbag car camping. Just plug your normal USB cable into this USB female end of this and charge your phone. I was pretty impressed at how quickly it charged my iPhone sitting in June sun in Washington state. I’ve backpacked with it a number of times and brought it on numerous car camping adventures. It’s held up great so far.

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    The only down side I have found is the suction cups aren’t the best! They do work for the amount I use them! The solar panel itself was able to charge my phone without a battery bank in a little less than 30 min. This is on an iPhone I have also charged my headphones with it as well! The case it comes in is very useful and makes it easy to transport!

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    Really happy with the performance and size of this panel. This is half the size of my old solar charger but manages to push more amps. It is MUCH smaller than I expected which is awesome. While I was testing it I was able to achieve .8 amps of the advertised 1 amp peak. 1 amp may be possible, but the conditions would have to be perfect, I think.For anyone who wants to know how well this will charge your phone, .8 amps means that it will give you 800mah of power, every hour of charging. As an example, if you look up your phone and find it has a 3000mah battery and it was completely depleted/dead, it would take roughly 3-4 hours to charge it up with good sunlight, not counting conversion loss. This is totally fine with me, but some of you may want something beefier if you’re looking for a faster charge. Do remember, the more directly the panel is looking at the sun, the higher the amperage you’ll manage to pull. When I held the panel at not the best angle, it would typically drop to around .5-.7 amps.For only $10, this is a GREAT little panel that can actually do some real charging. I would highly recommend it to anyone, it NEVER hurts to have a source of power around that weighs nothing and takes up very little space. Pair this with a phone power-bank and you can just leave it outside to fill up the power-bank without having to leave your phone out in the heat.Hope this helps some of you!

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