Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency Off-Grid Applications, Unavailable, Black

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Price: $500.62

The Phoenix is an all-in-one portable solar power system specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications and is ideal for emergencies

This compact, lightweight back-up system combines highly efficient Renogy 20W Mono-crystalline Solar panels and can expand up to 100 watts with additional paves

The Phoenix can be charged by solar, AC power, or car power and comes with a 17. 1Ah li-ion(neck) Battery

The included 17. 1Ah li-ion(neck) Battery, giving the capability of limitless power. Charging temperature range 045C°

Minimum inverter efficiency: 80 percentage, max Continuous Output power: 150W, Output AC Frequency: 60 Hz

Brand Renogy



Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency Off-Grid Applications, Unavailable, Black

246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator

Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel

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Renogy Generator

Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel


Lightweight and gripped with a sturdy handle, the Phoenix is designed to be a traveler’s companion for mobile or off-grid applications.

Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel


The Phoenix provides up to 246.24Wh of energy, an LED flashlight and multiple ports for your power needs.

Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel


No wall outlet? No problem! Conveniently replenish the Phoenix back up using the integrated solar panels eliminating dependency on grids.

Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel


Equipped with a PV terminal, the Phoenix allows users to expedite solar charging time by allowing them to connect up to 100W of external solar power.


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Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel

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Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel

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The Phoenix is an all-in-one portable solar power system specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications, and is ideal for emergencies. This compact, lightweight back-up system combines two highly efficient Renogy 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panels and is capable of expanding up to 100 watts. The included 17. 1Ah Li-ion(NMC) battery is replaceable giving the capability of limitless power. The Phoenix is ideal for powering several on-the-go appliances during a weekend trip, or even in an emergency situation. Notice: Do not leave the Phoenix out in excessive heat (104°F +) for long periods of time doing so may cause the Phoenix to overheat.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

13.8 x 13.1 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight

12.8 pounds






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1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for Renogy Phoenix 246.24Wh/150W Portable Generator All-in-one Kit with 20W Built-in Solar Panel for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency Off-Grid Applications, Unavailable, Black

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    Daily Rad

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     I have been looking for a solar generator for camping and emergency situations. The Firefly was always on my radar but didn’t have a replaceable battery. The Phoenix does. It has a solid build and didn’t have any problem powering my VR gaming computer when we had a power outage. It also gives you multiple ways to charge it, which is convenient.Build & Packaging: the unit was packaged quite well. I couldn’t find a scratch on the unit. Everything we needed, including bunch of cables and an instruction manual were included. It is not the lightest solar charger around but still pretty easy to take around. You don’t want to leave it out when it’s raining or submerge it under water. Other than that, it looks quite rugged.Charging: you can change the briefcase multiple ways. I only charged it outside. I love the fact that the unit shows sun exposure level. You will want to get max bars to speed up charging. Add additional solar panels for even faster charging.Testing: I used the Phoenix to power my gaming PC, Dobot robot, camera charger, smartphone, and tablet. I didn’t test it with a heater or air cooler though. You should do your homework not to overload this. There is a fan to keep the Phoenix cool but I decided to also leave it open just to be on the safe side.Overall, the Phoenix is one of the best solar chargers I have tested and owned. It’s been only a few weeks though, so who knows how things change in a year. So far, so good though.

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    L. McNerney

    This is, to be blunt, an awesome system! It has everything built together using a logical design, yet it is easy to use. And the quality is easy to see and feel, with a case that is of high quality (not quite pelican case quality, but not so cheap that you feel it will fall apart). This is very susceptible to heat, so having an external solar array may be beneficial. I do not have one, but I have not had it overheat yet either (granted it is cold out currently).This is not enough power to be a miracle, so don’t expect it to power a CPAP all night if you use a humidifier, but it can possibly do so without one. It will not power a camper on a week long trip, and it will not allow you to consistently charge high volume batteries in rapid order (IE: power tools where you replace the dead battery with a live one in order to work non stop). Yes, this may support the action for a while but it is not an all day replacement for a real outlet. However, it is perfect for charging phones or a laptop when power is just not available. Say, a camping trip where you are taking photos constantly….or a power outage lasting a few days and you need to keep a portable radio charged up. This is a tool to help, but does not replace a true power source. However, I never expected it to.There is one advantage with this particular model that cannot be found elsewhere, and that is the replaceable battery. Sure, there are kits that cost thousands where you can, but a small portable device that can is rare. Overall this works better than expected, but people often have expectations that are neither logical or prudent.Pro’sLow price for a great packageGreat quality constructionReplaceable batterySeparate AC and DC options, no wasting power by having both on when not neededLightweight, like an older laptop or a current one with all the extra power for 3D animation plus a spare batteryCan connect additional solar panels so this can stay in the shade (and thus cooler)Cooling fanOn screen display of statusWater resistant when not being used as a power sourceConsNeeds charged every two monthsNot capable of powering CPAP all nightSemi-fragile (lets face it…solar panels are inherently so, and these are not the flexible ones)Sensitive to heatSLOW charge (10 hours with good light using built in array)

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    Living in Tampa, Florida, I fully expected to lose power for some period of time following a direct hit by Hurricane Irma. We have just shy of 1 million devices that require charging. Two hand-held amateur radios, two Apple iPads, three cell phones, etc, etc. Florida started to experience fuel shortages almost a week before the storm hit, so I knew that I didn’t want to fool with a portable generator. In addition to the generator itself, you need to source the fuel itself and gas cans. All three of those things are in ridiculous demand in the days before a storm.I ordered the Renogy Phoenix and was miraculously about to have it shipped for same day delivery. I also ordered an additional Renogy solar panel. Frankly, my expectations were low. The features and specifications seemed almost too good to be true, but I figured it would allow me to at least keep my phones going if necessary.Bottom Line: This thing is amazing; Renogy delivered. It just works. The build quality is high, and it includes a number of adapters/cables to facilitate both the charging and consumption.Pro Tip: Get a 100 watt monocrystalline solar panel as well. When you set this thing up, you are going to be everyone’s best friend in your neighborhood, and you will need the extra juice! I made the mistake of getting a smaller wattage panel – don’t do it. You will want the speed of charging, and the extra “bandwidth” to deal with shade from trees or the cloudy day you will have immediately after the storm. I highly recommend this model: 

    RENOGY Foldable Solar Suitcase Kit 100W Mono Without Charge Controller

    .No matter which additional panel you get, you do NOT need to purchase a charge controller. This wasn’t initially clear, and I had to do a bit of searching. The Renogy Phoenix includes an internal charge controller.Pro Tip #2: After the storm, when the power is out and everyone is working with daylight, you are going to lay in bed at night and notice the silence. It is *quiet* without every air conditioner in your neighborhood running. Exception: the one guy who is holed up in his house, not offering to help any of his neighbors, while running a 6000 watt generator that sounds like a freaking lawn mower attached to a leaf blower without a muffler. If you are that guy, your neighbors are going to HATE. YOU. Don’t be that guy.Theoretical con: The plastic latches are… plastic. I question their durability over time. However, this doesn’t affect the usability of the product, and wouldn’t have changed my purchasing decision.

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    Purchased this unit after hurricane Maria and it has been an immense help this past month. It’s practically dummy proof, we power phones, tablets and can sleep at night with a fan (in the tropical heat). I am also able to run a load of laundry in a 170 watt portable washer!. It’s also lightweight enough to take wherever I need to power something, so I don’t worry about how to carry it up the stairs, so thumbs up. I also purchased the extra warranty but haven’t heard anything from those guys after trying to contact them, so the jury is out on that part.

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    Sean Barnes

    This thing is awesome. Let’s just start with that.Shipping: It arrived in 2 days ( gotta love that prime ), and was VERY protected. Seriously, I have to ope three boxes to get to this guy, much appreciated on that.Build: I was afraid that the casing might be a bit weak, not so at all. This thing feels like it could go through a war and come out the other side smelling like roses. High quality plastics and everything you would expect coming from thing like this. The weight it also a lot lighter than I would have assumed, matched with the handle this guy is as portable as it is powerful. Speaking of that.Power/Longevity: It game 49% charged which was cool but I wanted to go ahead and give it a full charge from the wall. It took about an hour and a half to go from 49% to 100% which also surprised me. ( I have not tried the solar aspect yet, it’s been hell weather here in GA for a week ). As a test run I wanted to see how long it would keep my phone and Surface alive… so I ran bench-marking software to make sure that the Surface was actually in use. It’s been 20 hours and the Renogy is down to 16% battery left. Even more impressed now.Accessories: Comes with every cable you’re going to need to charge it in the house or on the go as well as a cable to add another panel to it.In closing if you’re looking for a rugged, portable and awesome solution to solar power, you want this. I plan on bringing it to the Angel City Motorcycle event this month. Just look for the guy with the awesom solar suitcase.

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    J. Moreno

    Renogy Phoenix is better than expected. I bought it to help my parents in Puerto Rico following the aftermath of Maria, and it short after became a key piece of their survival kit. My dad suffers from sleep apnea, and the Phoenix helped him sleep well at night. I believe the Renogy Phoenix is very convenient given the fact that it provides multiple out ports and it provides power both in AC or DC format.Overall, it is not cheap generator but I recommend it,J. Moreno

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    I’ve owned this solar battery for a year and a half and wanted to wait to write an honest review. In short, I love it and I’m quite impressed. I bought it for my cargo van that I am converting to a camper because I didn’t want to glue permanent solar panels to the roof. I’ve accidentally left this battery out in lite rain and nothing happened. I also left it in my van for 7 days in 104* temps at an airport parking lot. I thought I’d return to find it melted. What do you know, it survived just fine. The unexpected benefit is being able to plug anything in, anywhere because it is so lite and portable. Not big and noisy like a generator. I’ve recently become rock star mom because I take my son and his friends to the ball field and plug in a pitching machine. The boys hit 50 balls each turn, had two turns and I still had 81% battery still left. It ran my max fan all night on low but only for a couple hours on high. Overall, two thumbs up for a super unique product that is quite versatile and empowering! I’m looking forward to gettting the attachable larger solar panels to be able to charge faster and enjoy that free power! For now, I like the versatillity of being able to plug it in to charge if I have forgotten to set it out or need it quickly.

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    Amazon Customer

    Just got my Phoenix! it is very well build and solid and it is even lighter and more compact than i was hoping for. i also got the 100 W Eclipse Panel Suite case for expanding when i need it. i set it up (see pic) in 30 seconds flat and attached it to the Phoenix (did not open the phoenix panels so just charging off the Eclipse to see how it works). i set up indoor behind the window and as you maybe able to see it is partly sunny outside at best. that said, phoenix still got fully charged off the Eclipse 4-4.5 hours…amazing! when using both the Phoenix 20 W panels and the 100 W Eclipse, it is supposed to get a full charge in 2.5 hours. sounds pretty much right on.. loving this system so far.

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    Being a first responder during 9/11 my thoughts of survival comes unto mind. Now living in South Florida and having survived Hurricane Irma without power for several days, I truly wished I had this unit during those days. It weighs about 10-15 lbs but from a distance closed you’d never think it is a solar powered generator because it looks like a small Black briefcase.So far I’ve only tested it with charging my laptop and my smartphone without a problem.Once you receive the unit it has some power in it but It needs to be fully charged either by a wall outlet or by the sun (opening up the case displaying the panels).Based on a review here, some units are not charging well using the solar panels but that is not the case for my device. As soon as I opened my case, the solar panels started charging my unit without a problem. Once the device is fully charged either electrical (outlet) or by solar panels, it will turn off by itself retaining the charge when you need it.Also note – some units come with extra cables for charging other devices but my unit did not have these extra cables, only the one to charge at an outlet. Make sure your unit comes with these extra cable as the company does not sell them on their website nor can you find them online.

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    G. larrea-vandermark

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     I received the Renogy Phoenix within 2 days of purchase thanks to Amazon prime. When I opened the box I was surprised at how solid the Phoenix is. As a tech junkie I have had many powerbanksand It is not often that I am impressed but the Phoenix truly is a beautiful piece of equipment!It is definitely compact enough to take anywhere however, it is too heavy for me (at 5’2) to carry in a backpack for prolonged periods of time. A larger person might be able to carry it if need be though.Since I received it have charged my cell phone, 8 of my rechargeable batteries and two of my compact powerbanks and the battery only went down 2%.On the left side of the Phoenix you will find the charging inputs (AC in, the cigarette in and two solar panel inputs). You will also see a 3 watt LED light. The led light has a light with 3 settings low, high and SOS. The power button for the light is set on the front of the Phoenix.The right side of the Phoenix has the output ports. 4 USB ports, 2 DC out ports, a cigarette lighter output and an AC output. I did plug in my laptop and selected the AC option and it powered it right up.In order to select if you would like to use the AC/DC or both ports, you have to select which output you would like to use via the two buttons on the front of the Phoneix.I will include photos in the description.As of now I will say that I am very impressed with the quality and aesthetics of the Phoenix and am looking forward to taking it on our next camping trip. We are now thinking of possibly purchasing the 100W travel solar panels to supplement the charging since I can already tell that we will be using the Phoenix heavily when we go away. Someday I would like to test out the Lycan by Renogy as well but I will have to wait a while since it is out of our price range.

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