Regal Flame PRO 36 Inch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert 7.4 Liter

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DESIGNED FOR: This Regal Flame ethanol burner insert is an absolute perfect addition to any room. It can be used as a portable tabletop fireplace indoor or outdoor, double sided, three sided or open. With ethanol, you no longer need to run gas lines, collect wood, or connect electricity.
ECO-FRIENDLY HEAT: Easily produces 22,000 BTUs to warm a room of 1100 sq. ft. with a flame of 12-14 inch in height. No more need to store and log wood, own a firewood rack, waste time on lighting and cleaning up ashes. Does not require any venting at all. At maximum capacity, this burners flame lasts approximately 4-6 hours.
REAL FLAME: Unlike electric fireplaces inserts or gas firewood logs, this ethanol fire place produces a real fire that requires no ash clean up. This bio ethanol burner fireplace provides an open real flame that burns completely soot-free, ash-free, easy-light and easy-extinguish..
SPECIFICATIONS: This Regal Flame bio ethanol fireplace burner is made from a high quality 430 Stainless Steel with capacity of one 7.4 litre that burns completely vent free on Regal Flame Ethanol Fireplace Fuel and does not need electric, gas, chimney, venting, or fireplace gel cans. At maximum capacity, this burners flame lasts approximately 4-6 hours. The dimensions of this ethanol fireplace burner insert is 36W x 7.4H x 3.7D Inches
REGAL FLAME A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: If for any reason youÕre not satisfied, simply contact us for a no hassle refund. Our guarantee means you can try our fire pit at zero risk!

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Regal Flame PRO 36 Inch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert 7.4 Liter

PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY ROOM Ð This Regal Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert – is the best way to add character and ambience to any room. It can be inserted into mantels, table tops, or even desktops. With ethanol, you no longer need to run gas lines, collect firewood logs, or use electricity

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10 reviews for Regal Flame PRO 36 Inch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert 7.4 Liter

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    I bought two of these for fireplace inserts, they are superb! They do burn through fuel fast though. I would not use them inside unless in a vented space, as the fuel can have an alcohol smell…but with a flue their is no smell. The flames are beautiful.

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    Benjamin E.

    Works great! Flame is beautiful and provides nice warmth. Some reviews note that the flame is difficult to extinguish but I’ve not had an issue. Using the included tool just press down gently and that provides an air-tight seal and snuffs the flame. We love it!

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    Debbie Sanfillipo

    My husband and I purchased this unit to place in our fireplace. The unit is very sturdy and well made. It arrived much quicker than I thought it would! We burned the Regal Fuel in it and were both very happy with how beautiful it looked and the warmth it gave. I looked at other units and could not believe how much more expensive they were! (Most places wanted double for the same thing). We did not find that the fuel gave off any odor and we both have a pretty keen sense of smell. We really love the unit!!

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    Paul C. Edie

    This small burner performs great in our non-vented fireplace (along with ceramic logs). Uses quite a bit of fuel, but it will run for nearly 2 hours on one filing, and there is no odor or soot to deal with. Well made.

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    D. White

    I purchased the Regal Flame Pro as an alternative to using firewood. Upon receipt I removed it from the box, set it in my wood fireplace, filled it with fuel and had a nice fire going in about 10 minutes. One of the benefits of using bio ethanol is that it does not need to be vented. With the damper closed all of the heat remained in my house as opposed to going up the chimney (as happens with wood). The temperature in my living room went up 7 degrees which I never attained with a wood fire.Pros – There’s no mess to clean up, no lugging of firewood (and bugs) inside, no hassle of baby-sitting the fire and it can be extinguished immediately if need be. This unit holds 5 quarts and burned for 5 hours for me. So, it cost about $30.00 for 5 hours of enjoyment. And, my wife can start a fire if Im not around.The only cons I have are that you dont get a roaring fire like you do with wood. It does produce a nice ambiance though. Also, once it burns out you have to let it cool before relighting. Other than that I love my Regal Flame and will not go back to wood.

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    Not happy

    We recently purchased a home with an inoperable gas fireplace. The Regal Flame PRO is exactly what we were searching for! We can enjoy the ambiance of a real flame (without the ordeal of a fireplace conversion) just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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    Amazon Customer

    Excelente calidad

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    Was exactly what we were looking for to compete the look of our indoor fireplace.

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    Joseph Hunadi

    Most Beautiful Flames that come from Regal Flame Unit and it keeps my room nice and warm. I purchased 2 units!!

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    judean becker

    Looks great in my new home in Michigan. Had chimney cleaned and inspected found out they wanted $5000+ to fix. When looking for electric insert came across the Regal flame pro insert it’s is a real fire that’s environmental safe. I don’t have to open chimney flute because it burns Bio Fuel and it warms the house as a real fire would.

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