Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel, AM/FM/SW Shortwave Radio, Bluetooth/USB/AUX/TF Music Player, Phone Charger, Portable Emergency Kit for Camping, Fishing & Home Use

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[Multiple Lighting Modes] Equipped with multiple lighting options, including a super bright LED light for camping and power outages, 2 levels of far beam flashlights for night walking, fishing and hunting, and 3 separate bulbs that you can hang on your tent or trees. Great Choice for outdoor, home use and emergencies
[Large Battery & Portable Generator] With 4800mAh large battery capacity, it can work for a very long time. Via the 5V output USB port, it can supply power for your cell phone, walkie talkies, camping fans, camera batteries, wireless headsets, laptop and iPad.
[Radio and Music Player] Featuring the radio and MP3 music player functions, you can listen to news, talk show and sports on the AM/FM/SW band, or enjoy your stored music or e-book via Bluetooth/USB drive/AUX cable/TF card.
[Solar & AC Adapter Rechargeable] The RF-L3 can be quickly charged with the AC wall adapter, with universal voltage 100-240V, no problem traveling with it all over the world. It can also be charged via the included big solar panel, which is another good charging option for emergencies, outdoor and power outage.
[Portable and Reliable] Compact size and portable to go with the handle design. With the protection design to prevent overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit, your safety is ensured. It is also assured with 30-day no-reason return and money back guarantee, 18-month replacement warranty and lifetime support.

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Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel, AM/FM/SW Shortwave Radio, Bluetooth/USB/AUX/TF Music Player, Phone Charger, Portable Emergency Kit for Camping, Fishing & Home Use

Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel

Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel

Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel Specifications

Radio Band: AM 52-1710KHz/ FM 87-108MHz/ SW 7.0-19.0MHz

Solar Panel: 6V 3W

Power Capacity: 4800mAh

Battery: 4 x 1200mAh 18650 Li-ion battery

Radio Weight: 1.5lb / 700g

Solar Panel Weight: 0.8lb / 360g

AC Adapter Voltage: 100-240V

Circuit Protection: Overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit protection


If you replace the batteries with 2000mAh 18650 Li-ion batteries, the power capacity can be expanded to 8000mAh.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x RF-L3
  • 1 x Solar Panel
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x 4-in-1 USB Cable
  • 3 x Bulbs
  • 1 x User Manual

MP3 Music Player Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel

MP3 Music Player

Supports playing your stored music via BLUETOOTH, USB drive, AUX cable or TF card. It can be a good music player when you are camping, fishing and having a barbecue party.







AM/FM/NOAA Radio Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel

AM/FM/SW Shortwaves Radio

As an outdoor and emergency equipment, being able to receive AM/FM/SW stations is definitely a plus. Add fun to your outings and ease your anxiety while there’s a power outage.







Portable Generator Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel

Portable Generator

An outdoor generator for your USB rechargeable devices while your camping, and a backup power for emergencies when there’s a power outage caused by hurricanes, storms or fires.







Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Sized 8.8*5.1 inch, this big solar panel can charge the RF-L3 in higher efficiency, easy to get power and keep your devices working.










Equipped with a far beam flashlight and LED tent light, meet your different lighting needs when camping, hiking, fishing and in a power outage. The flashlight can work up to 40hrs when fully charged.







LED Bulbs

3*Light Bulbs

Comes with 3 light bulbs which are 3 meters long and can be controlled individually. it’s very handy to hang them on tents and trees, perfect for outdoor night activities.







RF-L3 Others Others Others

Raddy RF-L3 Other Camping Lantern Other Camping Lantern Other Camping Flashlight Power Capacity 4800 mAh (can be upgraded to 8000mAh) 4000 mAh 2600 mAh 5000 mAh Phone Charger ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Camping Light ✓ ✓ ✓ Flashlight ✓ ✓ ✓ Solar Panel ✓ ✓ ✓ Radio ✓ ✓ Bluetooth ✓ ✓ Support USB/AUX/TF Card ✓ Light Bulbs ✓

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10 reviews for Raddy RF-L3 Camping Lantern Flashlight with Solar Panel, AM/FM/SW Shortwave Radio, Bluetooth/USB/AUX/TF Music Player, Phone Charger, Portable Emergency Kit for Camping, Fishing & Home Use

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    I purchased 3 sets of these for my family as a gift for the holidays. They are compact, very bright, and perfect for any type of need for light, whether it be for camping, power outages, sitting outdoors, or what have you. I love that they push down into a very compact size. I keep one in my glove compartment in each car for emergency use as well as in my home for power outages. The solar panel is tiny but holds a good charge. The jacks charge different phones and the 3 light bulbs are very bright. We live in the Northeast of MA and these are a must have for us as well as an excellent product and a must-have for anyone.

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    This is a great device that is useful for camping or for room light during power outages. I initially bought it to use for my desert camping trips but I’ve been testing it for the last several days and found that it’s useful around the house also. It has five different lights on it. Including three bright LED lights on 10 foot cords that you can individually turn on and off. These are more than enough light to light up a room. The front part of the radio has a flood light across the whole front of it and above that there is a spotlight that throws a spot beam with low and high settings. These aren’t cheap, dim LEDs. They are quite bright. If you look through the photos you’ll see the one that just has a spot of light in it. That is on my ceiling 10 feet up with the light on the floor and this picture was taken in daylightJust going down to the features, it has an AM/FM and shortwave radio. The speaker is tuned for voice frequencies which makes sense especially since it has the short wave function. For you ham radio types it covers the 40 m and 20 m ham radio band.It has USB and trans flash ports into which you can plug secure digital cards or a USB flash memory with MP3s on them. It has controls on the front of the radio for play, stop the next track and previous track. It also syncs via Bluetooth to be used as an external speaker. I would be more likely to use the Bluetooth function instead of MP3s. I stopped using those long ago.Also on the back of the radio there is a second USB output port for charging USB devices. I was able to charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max and I measured an output of 5.2V and 840mAh. That’s the maximum my phone can take so I was happy to see that. It also has an auxiliary input port for music or audio, volume control and a charge indicator light and a charge jack.On the right side of the radio there are the four LEDs indicating the charge level, the three output jacks for the external lights and a couple switches to control the power output and lighting. The four green LEDs are dual purpose. When plugged into the wall charger the four green indicator lights will light up one, two, three and then all four and then cycle again. The first time I charged it it took about five hours for a full charge.I opened up the battery compartment and inside are for 18650 sells. These are the same type of lithium ion cells that are used in laptops. They are also individually removable so they are not in a heat shrink pack. That is super nice so you can replace batteries in the future if you want to. The radio has very good reception and it seems to have a circuit that locks on to a station as you turn the manual dial. I’m going to keep this handy around the house because we live in California where they currently aren’t making enough electricity for our needs and they tend to shut it off without notice. We also go group camping and this is going to be fantastic for lighting up the food table under the canopy at night.It comes with a wall charger and you also get a small solar panel! Free electricity. So it’s a radio, a lighthouse, a power bank and an MP3 player. Lots of features for this price.

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    Thomas R.

    I`m extremely impressed by this amazing device! I`m gonna put it to the test and update my review with the details. Everything works. I love it! What a great gadget for power outages!

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    Amazons Customer

    I am rather pleased with the Raddy RF-L3 radio, lighting source and flashlight combo. The three lights that plug into the base unit are bright and have separate on off switches. The built in flashlight has two lighting levels and is great outdoors in the dark and the built in flood light is a handy wide area lighting source. It can be useful for camping or under car repairs. I tried the radio and its loud and clear on FM and for local AM stations. As a shortwave it receives well and I was able over a few day to hear lots of stations in Africa and South America as well as Europe from here in the northeast USA. Its wide banded so it will receive stations available during evening and daytime hours. This would be a good radio to have around just for that but you can plug in a USB drive with your favorite tunes and listen to them too. Use the Bluetooth function if you prefer. It comes with a solar charger and a wallwart type charger with a coaxial plug. Speaking of charging it has a port to charge a cell phone too. Lots of options. Its like a Swiss army tool for camping and emergencies.

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    OverviewThe following is an objective review for presentation and performance of the Radioddity RF-L3 emergency tool. The intent of the tool’s use is for emergency low-voltage power back up, lighting, and broadcast radio reception.Selection criteriaThe RF-L3 tool was selected due to its simple design, basic and simple operation, and it’s capability to provide charging power, lighting, and AM/FM/SW radio reception. The criteria was established for our users to be able to have an inexpensive, yet good-quality emergency power backup in their emergency kits for use during black outs, and during any unforeseen emergencies.The ordering processOrdering was simple, available through Amazon or directly from Radioddity.The order was placed and the tool received within the week as advertised. The tool arrived in good condition and in appropriate packaging.First impressionThe tool was provided in a single box containing all accessories in the kit:Base Tool – Flashlight, flood light, AM/FM/SW Radio, Built-in Battery Charging Systems1 4800mH Battery1 Solar Charging Panel1 AC Charging Power Adapter3 Light Fixtures. These are particularly useful for illuminating a full room as they have long cables and are equipped with hooks to hang them individually1 ManualWe received 1 package with all the pieces in it. The battery charged to full capacity within 3 hrs.PerformanceThe tool includes the ability to charge its internal battery using standard AC outlet power as well as that provided by a solar cell (PVC). They both connect to the charging port using a standard round plug-in connector This makes it flexible for charging options, when there is no outlet power available. The battery remains charged for extended periods of time when stored.The tool has (1) USB-A output for charging portable electronics. (1) USB-A to connect an MP3 player, an auxiliary input port for other audio products, and a TF memory card slot for MP3 music playback options.The radio performs well on both AM/FM bands. The SW band works as well, but is limited to 7Mhz -19Mhz, which has very little content in the US. A better choice would be to include the NOAA frequencies instead, a suggestion to the manufacturer.MP3 and TF content plays well, as does the Bluetooth feature, allowing playback of files from a phone or other BT-enabled devices.The charging port for portable electronics is USB type A. It would be desirable to have a USB type C for compatibility with newer portable devices. However, that is easily addressed with adapters, or cables that have type A and type C connectors built-in.The charging feature worked well with phones, tablets, and even a laptop, although it drained the battery in the process. A good feature to have for those emergency needs.The product is well-made, however, it is not rugged nor waterproof. It is really more of an indoor device well-suited for the emergency kit.ConclusionThe Radioddity RF-L3 tool is a good quality device that fits the purpose of emergency low-voltage backup supply with capable AM/FM/SW radios for an emergency kit. The lighting and charging features make it practical and useful to have when the power goes off, particularly in the late environment of power shortage and rolling blackouts.It would be nice to have the ability to charge the tool using a standard USB port, as opposed to a round plug – another suggestion to the manufacturer.RatingsBased on price pointPhysical and ergonomic presentation – 5 StarsTechnical performance – 4 StarsCustomer Service – 5 StarsWould you recommend to others looking for a radio in this category? – YES

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    I received an evaluation copy of the RF-L3 and had a chance to use it for a week camping. Overall quite impressed and it is a rather complete package. The design using easily replaceable 18650 rechargeable batteries is very good and allows for very significant battery capacity for its operation and usb charging. I would have preferred a micro usb charging port to the coaxial one provided as it would allow a broader range of charging options. The provided AC and solar chargers work fine.The radio exhibits quite good sensitivity and the only noticeable fault is the FM tuning indicator being slightly off frequency. Sound quality is good for its size and volume is more than ample. The flashlight is OK and the built-in area light and plug-in extension extension lights provide excellent illumination. Bluetooth paired easily with my Samsung phone and worked well.Overall the RF-L3 functions very well, is well constructed and is quite complete and a good value at the selling price.

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    Larry L

    While I like having an “Emergency Radio” around, I am much more interested in lighting solutions that I can use when camping or in a power outage. This radio, the RF-L3 really fits that bill nicely. The radio component has AM/FM/SW (7-18 MHz) and the sound is very nice. I listened to my favorite FM station, and the sound quality was very good (not tinny), and the volume was very substantial. This would make a perfect radio when working outside, such as painting the house or working on the car. I have not heard anything interesting on SW yet, though when comparing it against another radio I have, the performance is the same, maybe a quieter night will help.The lighting parts that really attracted me to this multifunction radio are the three LED lamps on 8+ foot cords that plug into the radio/power unit. They allow me to spread light around where I need it for camping, outdoor activities, etc. The lights are bright enough to see what I am doing, but not so bright as to be intensely bright. I used them (all three) to light my ham radio shack and I called it a night after 7 hours of on time. (100% – 25% charge level) I’m interested to use them the next time I go camping and operating a portable Ham Radio station. I have used other types of lights for this activity and they tend to be “all the light in one place” and what I really want is light in a number of places but not too bright in any one. Of course, the radio has a beam flashlight (HI/LO) and an “area” light of diffused LEDs on the front.The radio also comes with a solar panel for charging which is a nice, well-built, little panel. It produces 7V and about 430mA of short circuit current in full sun. I haven’t yet found out how long it takes to fully recharge the batteries. The fact that the solar panel also has a long cord on it will allow me to place it where the sun is the strongest and still be able to have the radio where I want it. This would prevent having to put the radio in full sunlight to charge where it might be damaged from excessive heat.So overall, I really like the whole package and I feel that the corded lamps and solar panel solve many of the problems I have had with other emergency and portable radio/flashlights. The ability to put the pieces where I need them really appeals to me. From a price/value perspective, I feel that this radio is also very reasonable. I haven’t yet tried out the MicroSD card slot or USB for music, though I fully expect that they will be very exciting as well. There is a USB power outlet as well that is rated to provide 1A.

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    Just received this radio and I am very impressed with all the features and functionality. I could go over all the tech stuff but you can read that in the description. I really like all the options with this little radio has to offer. I got it for use around the campsite and deer hut primarily but it is also going to be useful for emergencies as it has so many options for lighting. 3 VERY BRIGHT LED bulbs are included and will light up your campsite. The solar panel hooks up easily and will keep me going even when the power is out. It also has an option to charge with 110 so you can plug it up and be fully charged when you head out. Multiple ports and cable connector to keep everything charged up is also in the box and it has a flashlight and lantern function. Radio features work great and will be useful for staying informed when I am out and about. I would definitely recommend this especially if you are into camping or like s/w radio. Even if your not into s/w it also has am/fm/bluetooth and a card slot so you can listen to anything you want to. I will update more as I put it through all it’s paces but I can already tell this is a keeper!!

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    Ronald Gearhart

    First I would like to mention that I have bought from Radioddity in the past and their customer service has been outstanding.I will be buying other items in the future from them.If you have questions of them they return a answer in short order.They do not forget about you once you have made a purchase from them.This is somethings that means much to me. First of all the packaging of the radio was excellent.Since I am an amateur radio operator it comes in very handy.When I do portable operations to the field it can be very handy.During night operations it comes in handy with the many lighting needs.It has three nice led lights that can give you lighting for your operating position.It also has a good flash light built in to allow you to move around in the dark.The FM AM and SW also give you very nice audio quality.Of course the SW stations are more limited then FM and Am.I like the feature to be able to charge my IPhone from the built in USB built into the radio. You can also listen to music from pandora on your phone through the built in Bluetooth in the RF-L3.Also love the solar panel that comes with the RF-L3 to help keep the batteries charged up while in use.This is a neat little radio for someone that enjoys the outdoors.You need to go to Radioddity and check out some of their other great products.I have three pieces of their amateur radio gear and so far am happy and pleased with their build quality.Also dealing with their customer service representative has been a pleasure.That means much to me when buying on line.

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    Patrick H.

    I bought this radio as a replacement for my little red raddy. Which lives outside. These radios are durable little things! This one has a better speaker for those jam outs man! I took it tenting in the bitter cold 2 weeks ago, I had it all charged up, and the lights were clipped in the tent. My kids and I were playing boards games by the lights! Well worth it! The solar panel is great and charges the batteries quick, I think the panel is a high quality amormorphous PV cell because it still makes continuous voltage in partial shade. The batteries are serviceable and the radio is electrically quiet from internal distortion. Heck the radio tuner picked up some digital modulation so my ham radio was in hand! Overall this is an awesome radio setup for camping or hammocking. The flashlights are SUPER bright SMD style LEDs too!

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