QJXF Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle with SPE and PEM Electrolysis

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Portable: Suitable for most mineral water bottles on the market, travel, travel, only carry the host and converter, make hydrogen water anytime, anywhere, compact and portable
Romatic light twinkling while electrolytic process.
Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you.
Suitable for a variety of water quality: SPE electrolysis technology and imported proton exchange membrane are used to break the problem that traditional electrolysis cannot electrolyze pure water
Satisfied service: If you have any problems in the use process, you can contact me at any time, I will reply you within 24 hours, wish you a happy life

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QJXF Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle with SPE and PEM Electrolysis, Chargeable Portable Smart Hydrogen-Rich Water Machine Health Glass Cup

Benefits for drinking hydrogen water:

1. Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body

2. Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation

3. Help to lower saturated fat levels

4. Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin

5. Improve memory in aged individuals – reduce constipation problems

6. Aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

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1 review for QJXF Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle with SPE and PEM Electrolysis

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    reina martinez (verified owner)

    There is a reason I’ve been using Seychelle since college! They make great water filtration systems and its honestly amazing how they can fit it in a water bottle. As a business traveler, I appreciate compactness and as an athlete, having the cleanest water possible is paramount. The pH2O bottle balances these two goals perfectly. I am a rower, and having something that isn’t too big, yet holds enough liquid to keep me hydrated during a long workout makes morning practice bearable. (It also has the added benefit of not being made of metal and has a soft sleeve to grab on so its not abrasive on the boat). I feel like I can be a little rough and throw it around and not break it. The plastic has never cracked or broken on me. I prefer this to a hard metal water bottle that ONLY holds water that are all the rage these days. When it comes to use, it’s easy as well. The instructions are clear on the first time running water through the filter and then BAM! You’re good to go.

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