QiSa Solar Power Bank 30000mAh, Solar Charger,Portable Charger, Outputs 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Phone Charger for Smartphones, IP66 Rating

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【30000mAh Large-Capacity Solar Charger】30000mAh large-capacity power bank with solar panel can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s perfect for carrying around, allowing you to keep mobile devices fully charged anytime and anywhere
【Qi Wireless Charging and Multiple Output Ports】Equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, the portable solar power bank is well compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. Built-in dual USB outputs, it allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time! NOTE: Only Qi-enabled devices are compatible with the wireless charging function.
【Dual Input Ports and Solar Charging】 With dual input ports (high speed Type-C and Micro USB), the power bank can charge devices through 2 input ports at the same time. It delivers the highest possible charging speed that is almost twice as fast as using the ordinary power bank with single input port. the solar panel can absorb sun light and convert it into electricity.
【Rugged & Heavy Duty IP66】With rugged design, it features excellent dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof properties. Made of durable ABS material, has a certified IP 66 rating; Suitable for various harsh environments. The built-in strong LED flashlight is powerful that provides long run times. Have three working modes(strong light/ flash/ SOS) to help you send emergency signaling. Equipped with slings and. carabiners, Ideal for camping, hiking, travel and other emergency situations.
【After-sales】 We have a dedicated support team for handling customer queries or problems, provide a thoughtful and hassle-free customer service, your e-mail will be processed within 12 hours.

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10 reviews for QiSa Solar Power Bank 30000mAh, Solar Charger,Portable Charger, Outputs 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Phone Charger for Smartphones, IP66 Rating

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    Baby has some weight and good quality!Each side has a button, one side is the flashlight switch, double click on the button to open double click off;On the other side, click on the out2 power output switch and double-click on it.Use at ordinary times can be a normal charging treasure, also can use the solar charger to charge or sync recharge equipment (out1), use the cable to the charging charging treasure displayed when power tips light shine, do not know when solar charger will flash, looking forward to the weather is better in the sun in a few days to see how is the function of the solar energy after review again!The appearance is also very cool, dustproof and waterproof, I think OK, dustproof, dare not fall hope also carry ten thousand careless fall!Overall, it’s a good buy

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    Works great as it is a all in one charging solution… It has two USB ports plus a USB c… It also does wireless charging… And it can be charged via direct power or it can be sustained from the solar cell, which works great for me as I primary use it for my dash cam when my car is parked.

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    Large capacity portable battery bank, love that it has the solar panel to help charge on the go! Can easily charge my phone more than 4 times and still have plenty juice left to charge other items. Flashlight is quite bright.

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    Joshua M.

    This solar charger is awesome.It’s a bit heavy because of its ruggedness and durability, and it can be charged for a long time.As you can see in the video, he’s the right size.Bring him for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity you enjoy.This is definitely a good remedy when your phone is running low on battery life.It’s a great gift.

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    Mike L.

    I love it always wanted one of these things and now I do. Charges phone fast to.

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    Bought this mostly for on the road/travel use when we need to charge personal devices. This is a nice size battery to store a charge enough for two people and their devices for a couple of days on a full charge. The solar self charging seems to work good, although we haven’t tried it much. Also thought it would come in handy when power goes out and phones need to be charged.

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    I travel a lot and carry it with me and I never fear that my phone will run out of power. It’s really great. The charging is very fast. The battery capacity is large and the quality is good. I like it. Overall, these solar chargers make me very happy and impressed. As far as charging time is concerned, the manufacturer’s product description seems very good, so I will recommend these products to you.

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    I’ve always wanted a battery with a large capacity.I travel a lot. I carry it with me. I never worry about my phone running out of power.This is great.Charging is very fast.The battery capacity is large and the quality is good.I like it.As for charging time, the manufacturer’s product description seems very good, it has four solar charging panels, it supports wireless charging, four solar panels charge faster than one solar panel battery.You can charge most phones more than 10 times and tablets at least 3.4 times.Meet your travel needs for 10 days.A quick charge makes my phone charge quite quickly.I’ve been recommending it to my friends.

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    Opening this up and holding it in my hand I can feel that it’s a solid product. It just feels durable and reliable. The case is plastic and rubbery, which no doubt aids in it’s waterproofing. The built-in solar panel feels just as solid. I would have no worries at all throwing this in a backpack to take out hiking. There is some heft to it, which you would expect from this size of battery. The rubber flaps covering the ports felt like they formed a good fit and would provide adequate protection in the event of rain or other bad weather. And I love that it has built in wireless charging.

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    Tony Tran

    I misplaced my old charger and started to look for something new and wanted to try a portable charger that has solar in case I was outdoors. My first inpression is that this thing is HEAVY DUTY. Its incredibly sturdy, waterproof and well built. It has wireless charging which is great, it doesnt have quick charging but it seems to charge my phone pretty quick still.

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