Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine | Alkaline Water at Home for Only $.07 per Liter

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Price: $495.00

Pure Hydration water can boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM and DETOXIFY your body! NATURALLY transform ordinary tap water into SUPERCHARGED alkaline antioxidant water right at home.
EASY installation with the include diverter valve. Additional options for installation available, can even be installed under the counter. Checkout our EASY to install videos.
Do you want to reduce joint inflammation, improve mental clarity, reduce acid reflux/heartburn, promote healthier skin/hair/nails? Improve your health today by hydrating properly.
Compare with expensive and complicated electronic ionizers that artifically split the water with electricity. Go Natural. Pure Hydration is affordable, user friendly and easy to install. Look no further!

Brand Cosan/USA



Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine | Alkaline Water at Home for Only $.07 per Liter | Ideal pH & Loaded with Antioxidants | Ultra Filtration Removes 99.9% of Over 220 Water Contaminants

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Alkaline water machine, Hydrogen water, Alkaline filter, Molecular Hydrogen

boost immune system with alkaline water and proper hydration

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Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine

Alkaline water machine, Alkaline filter, Hydrogen rich water, Water Ionizer, pH water, natural

Included diverter valve and optional installation faucets.

Diverter Valve include in Box

Diverter Valve included in the box

Included with your purchase of Pure Hydration.

Optional Brush Nickel Manual Faucet Kit

Optional Brushed Nickel Manual Faucet

Brush Nickel faucet kit for under-counter installation available on company website.

Chrome manual faucet

Optional Chrome Manual Faucet

Chrome faucet kit for under-counter installation available on company website.

Cold Water Suoply Valve

Optional Cold Water Supply Faucet

Cold water supply faucet kit for Pure Hydration countertop use when diverter valve does not fit kitchen faucet. Available on company website.

Alkaline water filter, alkaline water machine, water ionizer, Hydrogen water, affordable alkaline

Additional information


Product Dimensions

11 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches

Item Weight

13 pounds




Item model number



4 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 28, 2016

10 reviews for Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine | Alkaline Water at Home for Only $.07 per Liter

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    Brian Bickham

    After seeing my poor review, the company contacted me and offered me a new one, free of charge! Apparently, they’d sent me the model that requires batteries.The new style manual valve has eliminated issues with the sensor. So far, the new model has not given me any issues and has been great! Make sure you are looking at the model with the turn knob…

  2. blank

    Barb Farrell

    Had a few question so called before I hooked it up. Thanks Pippi, you were great. I had it hooked up in about 5 minutes. So far it works great, water tastes great. Hope it helps my Gerds and Diabetes 2. My acid reflux is so bad now I have food sticking in my throat so if my health gets better I will up date this. Happy I got this. BEST GIFT I gave myself for Christmas.

  3. blank

    Amazon Customer

    I am overjoyed thanks to this marvelous water Akaline my cyatic pain on my left leg improve after drinking the water for 4 days then after 6 days pain was gone completely. thank God for this water, and for men who designed. 👌👍🏼

  4. blank

    J. Schmidt

    So glad my husband did some research and found an alkaline water machine for under $2000. I love this, and the water routinely tests between 8.5-9.0. We have well water, so we don’t have any of the “additives” of city water sources.

  5. blank


    Great quality water. Water tested up to ph 9Tastes clean and no chemicals

  6. blank

    H Daniel Cipolla

    I do not usually write reviews of the products I buy from Amazon, but I really think it is important to write this comment about the PURE HYDRATION WATER IONIZER system.I must say that I was very surprised in every way. In the first place, and I think the most important thing is the taste of water. I believe that its flavor and properties, which also hydrogenates the water, exceeds the quality of the ESSENTIA water that was the one we used at home before buying this system.Second, it was very easy to connect the equipment. In my case I took the water from the outlet that goes to the refrigerator, and placed it on the counter next to the refrigerator and the attractive design is really nice and you can not see any hose. Finally, the intelligent technology used to turn on and off the water outlet with just approaching the hand is excellent. It is an excellent purchase, and I recommend it because you will feel satisfied.

  7. blank


    Easy to install and travel with. 10/10 water

  8. blank

    david penny

    Had a problem with the system water was cloudy and tasted awful. I finally decided to call Cosan and spoke with Ms. Pippi and suggested that I change filter #3 with the extra they had furnished at time of purchase which I did and now seems to work perfect. It’s has extremely sensitive mechanism as you barely pass your hand in front of it and water starts running and at times it won’t shut off and water runs everywhere which can be annoying. I miss my old Cosan with the arm. Ms. Pippi let me know that Cosan is aware of the problems and by the end of the year they’re coming out with a solution for the problem. All in all the water taste great and I love the unit.

  9. blank


    Set up was a breeze. Water is 9.5 consistent PH. The company is excellent with customer service. Highly recommend.

  10. blank

    Happy Customer

    I have used those thousand dollars machine which are high maintenance and with so many features that we don’t need! This one is simple to use yet meets our standard of having quality water- ionized and ultra filtrated. Pure Hydration Indeed!

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