Power Strip, Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet (1875W/15A,4360Joules) and 4 USB Charging Ports (5V/6A, 30W), 6Ft Extension Cord, Wall Mountable Overload Protection Outlet for Home &Office, White

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➤ Power for All – 1875W/15A heavy duty design with 12 outlets/sockets in one powerstrip which allow you charge multi devices at the same time, suitable for most phones, tablets and other appliance. Note: Safety shutters have been designed to avoid that children and thoughtless adults put other objects that plugs into sockets. If you feel hard to plug in the socket, you could try to apply more force.
➤ Fast USB Charging Ports – Build in smart charging technology, the USB ports will detect your devices automatically and deliver the fastest charge speed up to 2.4A ( 5V/2.4 Max Each Port), 4 USB ports (Total 6A/30W) can charge almost any USB device.
➤ All-Round Protected – Witeem 4360Joules Surge protector with overload protection protects against spikes and fluctuations, fire-retardant casing which is able to stand temperature up to 1382℉(750℃), and an internal safety shutter ensure peace of mind for you and your family. ETL Listed and FCC Certificated.
➤ Safe& Mountable – 6 ft pure copper heavy duty UL listed power cord andintegral copper bar improve product conductivity, durability and reduces heat build up. And mounting holes easily secure the surge protector to walls,baseboards, or furniture. Dimensions: 11.6 x 4.1 x 1.2 inch
➤ What You Get – Witeem Surge Protector Power Strip with our friendly customer service will respond to you within 24 hours!

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Brand Witeem



Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet

Witeem power strip

Witeem, Power Your Safety.

Witeem, a brand dedicated to providing high-quality surge protectors. We have a strong technical team and a perfect service system to ensure better safety, quality and service. Witeem’s surge protectors are widely used in homes, offices, hotels and many other places. We gain the trust of customers with quality, service is our aim, Witeem is worth your choice.

power strip

surge protector

power strip with usbIndicator Light-Visible Protection

Witeem surge protector not only has powerful protection functions such as powerful surge protection and overload protection, but also can transform the protection system into visual information and pass it to family members. Each lit indicator light indicates that Witeem surge protector is working normally, otherwise we can take corresponding protective measures in time.






surge protector with usbFast charging USB port

Each maximum 2.4A usb port can quickly charge your device. A total of up to 6A can allow more charging equipment to enjoy fast charging services. When the total demand current of the charging device exceeds 6A, Witeem power strip will start the protection mode and distribute the current reasonably, which will reduce the charging efficiency and even stop the work of the USB port until the charging device is reduced.






power strip surge protectorOverload protection

Witeem surge protectors are sufficient to withstand power ratings up to 1874W. When the electrical equipment exceeds the maximum power, the safety system will automatically identify the danger and turn off the power automatically in time, effectively reducing the economic loss caused by equipment damage and improving the safety of electricity.







surge protector power strip15A 6Ft Extension Cord

6 Feet refractory PC shell is wrapped with high-purity copper wire up to 15A, which means it has better conductivity, lower heat, higher power, longer use distance and higher safety.








power strips with surge protection long cordFireproof Materials

The hard shell protects all electrical components and ensures that the surge protector will not be easily damaged by external forces. The fireproof shell can withstand temperatures up to 1382°F (750°C), which maximizes safety performance.








power strip with surge protectionPower Your Safety

1875W / 15A heavy-duty design power strip can supply power for more electrical appliances. Humanized safety design is the basic element of every Witeem power strip.






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Black, White


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10 reviews for Power Strip, Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet (1875W/15A,4360Joules) and 4 USB Charging Ports (5V/6A, 30W), 6Ft Extension Cord, Wall Mountable Overload Protection Outlet for Home &Office, White

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    It works just fine and has 12 outlets which is very helpful, especially as this unit does not have outlets that can rotate and which are better able to handle large power plugs/bricks, which can take up the space of more than one outlet. One also gets some extra space as it has four USB outlets which seem to charge well. I also really like that it comes in white. ETL listing is also important.

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    UPDATE 11/11/2019The company saw my review and kindly sent me a replacement. And yes, the first one I received was indeed a faulty item. I plugged my laptop in about an hour ago and it says “100% fully charged” instead of the “74% discharging”. I also plugged in my phone, which went from 89% to 100% and my kindle started at 35% and is now at 74%. Just like the first time, I plugged in absolutely everything, my printers, other laptops and external hard drives, just to make sure that this doesn’t affect the charging. Everything is nicely charging and operating, so I have to change my rating from 1 to 5 stars.I noticed another reviewer had given 1 star, because he said that you can’t plug in 2 prong cords. I also had a bit of trouble getting my 2 prongs to go in, but they did go in with a bit of extra effort._______________________________________________________________________________________11/5/2019I must have gotten a faulty item, because I see lots of very positive reviews. I plugged my laptop in and it started “discharging”. I talked to a technical rep who had me plug in my phone, which started going from 92% to 90%. So the power strip I received discharges instead of charges. I’m returning it and hoping my bad item was an exception.

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    Nothing to dislike at all about this power strip. It would have suited my application better had incorporated USB outlets down one or both edges instead of just the end. And to have a more flexible AC cord powering the strip but I understand the need for larger conductors for the potential current load of 12 outlets.This unit was a great help in getting my cords organized and off the floor under my desk.I wouls like to design a “Lego” like “power tree” Where the power was distributed from a trunk (Plug in to outlet base) no clunky cord, through narrow (single outlet) rows of low profile Mountable limbs. (Including wall corners)The limbs could be engineered to “snap” together to configure layouts that could connect at right angles to each other and spaced as needed in a way that did not waste an outlet here a there under a power supply transformer. This is not to clear I know but I think it is a product that has a niche in the market. I’m pretty tired more and more junk on the floor to power my other junk.

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    This is a definite must product to have if you want a decent surge protector with multiple plugs as well as four USB charging ports. First thing I will note about this product is that it does not have too much space for power bricks on this. So if you happen to have a huge power brick you want to plug into this., I would recommend not getting this as there is not much space to be plugging those in. That being said it can handle quite a few devices at once and it protects your devices in case of overload. It has a good amount of length from the actual device which is nice. You do not have to worry about it being too short. It does make it nice if you happen to have a lot of USB powered device. I have things like my fire stick and my hdmi splitter. This makes it so you are not looking for additional USB ports to plug into. It also makes it very easy to organize your cables a bit easier. You are not having random USB cables trying to plug into random spots or even a USB hub. It can power up to 12 devices which makes it ideal for your TV or computer setup. I normally would use this for my TV setup as there are several things that need power and this makes quick work of that. The overall design is nice but it definitely does not give a ton of room for those devices with power brick plugs at the end of them. They will take up more than three spots even depending on the size of the brick. The plugs inside are very study so you do not have to worry about any cable easily being pulled out. The USB ports are not fast charging though so if you are planning to use this for tablet and phone charging be aware of that. That being said it does have enough power to keep a fire stick on without issue. It does not generate too much eat but keep it in open air if possible. Overall this is a good surge protector to have. You get a TON of plugs and USB ports so you do not have to worry about running out of ports. Be aware to not overload the surge protector and I think this is great device to have.

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    Displaced Desert Rat

    The tricky thing is that a lot of people don’t realize that not all power-strips are created equal. Just because they’re rated for 1875W/15A it doesn’t mean anything other than the wires are sufficiently thick. The watt or amp rating should match the ratings on the outlet to make sure that neither gets overloaded. If you’re trying to protect sensitive electronics against power surges, you need more than a power-strip; you need a power-strip with a surge-protection rating.I won’t get into how many joules you should get, and how long surge-protector last. Suffice it to say, the higher the rating the better, and they do eventually go bad. So, plan on periodically replacing old and worn protectors, and keeping anything important connected to a surge-protector, especially if like me, you live in an area prone to power-outages and power-fluctuations.Obviously this power-strip meets the above criteria. It has adequate wiring ratings, and it is also a surge-protector. I like technical details, so I was pleasantly surprised that although the description says that this is a 2100 Joule protector, the ETL stamp underneath lists it as a 4360 Joule surge-protector. Remember higher = better. The stamp also boasts a 600 volt clamping voltage, which is also pretty good.So aside from the high-end technical specs, I find myself pretty impressed with the device. The USB ports are intelligent in that they’ll adjust the amperage delivery up to 2.4 amps per port, and the 12 AC outlets are all child-safety outlets. Also, the fact that there are 12 outlets makes it so it’s easy to plug in multiple devices even if some of those have bulky wall-warts. It is a bit large, and it doesn’t have RJ-11 (phone) or RJ-45 (network) cable protection, but it never claimed to have it. I feel like I stumbled onto a hidden gem for a very reasonable price

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    Useful power outlet. We have more iPhone and iPad charging cords than the adapters that come with it since they broke faster than the cords it seems, so we got this to add more USB ports to make charging our electric products easier while supplying other things like laptops and portable heaters..This outlets is good for all our needs above, and we like that it has children safety cover built in inside of the outlets themselves, which saves us trouble of putting safety cover on every single one of them. And it comes with so many sockets that we can just put the bigger plugins further from each other without worrying fitting them all at once problem.Overall it’s a nice power outlet. Happy purchase for us. Thanks.

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    Cecilia M.

    This power strip is high quality!!! My old one had 5 plug-ins, super old, falling apart and it was not enough. This day and age…. gaming, smart TVs, fire stick, laptops, WiFi router/modem and so much more are soooo common in households you really need a high quality, large power strip.Me and my husband have all the X Y & Z listed above. And we needed more outlets to plug everything in.The power strip works amazing!!!! And doesn’t get hot or make noise..and the lights stay the same.All I did when I unboxed it was take all the packing materials off and plugged it in. Clicked the switch to on …..Simple as that!I recommend this to everyone, this is an amazing, powerful power strip and fulfills all my (and your) electronic/entertainment needs!

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    ╔ ■ Price Point / Value: 5/5╠ ■ Quality: 5/5╠ ■ Recommendation: 4.5/5╠ ☼ Overall: 5/5╠ ►Product Pros: Number of slots, USB slots╠ ►Considerations: Plastic╠ ►My Review: I have multiple devices to connect in my home workplace thus looked a good reliable power strip I read through the feedbacks and found this product has lots of positive feedback. I’m more curious about the reliability and the safety aspects of the product, after I received, immediately put into testing by connecting multiple devices including devices and utilizing USB slots and tested for 24 hrs and it looks well functioning. I think this is a great product which you can buy. You can refer to the image I have posted with this. I think the product now in the market with great value, which is affordable and you will not disappoint about this.

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    I’m loving this surge protector. It is roomy, has usb plugs, has mounting cut outs for hanging, has child protection plugs, on/off switch, and three pronged plugs. I redid the plugs for our bedroom, which relies on one single plug in our old house’s master bedroom to run everything. We were using 2 surge protectors for the outlet. We bought this surge protector to organize and simplify our set up. We have the following items using the new surge protector: two iPhones, Apple Watch, echo 5, two lamps, and our electric blanket. Previously, the apple products and the echo 5 required usb adaptors that were wide and cut into space next to the other plug holes making the neighboring plug unusable. Now we don’t have to worry about that because this has so much room for everything and doesn’t require the usb adaptors. I’m really loving how this has really simplified our plug situation.If you have a techy person this might work as a gift because the packaging is really professional and giftable.Definitely recommended

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    Big Boy

    We needed an electrical surge protector which could also give us more flexibility to add more devices to the same outlet.We bought this to have it for our basement entertainment system where we connect another smart surge protector which has an audio speaker a projector connected.We also connected an Xbox an air purifier multiple USB powered devices like Xbox controller charger mobile phone charger.We even connected a electrically-powered gaming chair and we connected few strip lights to the same search protector.We also connected to massaging recliner chairs to the same surge protector.The advantage Is that it not only has 12 different outlets, but It also has four USB outlets too. So we didn’t have to look for any more power outlets.Even with such a lord it never got heated or overloaded. It has result all of our requirements in one single go.We are very happy with the quality of the product as well and the price that we paid is absolutely competitive to any other branded search protectors.

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