Power Strip Surge Protector with 5 USB Ports (30W/6A) and 7 Outlets (1625W/13A), 2100 Joules, 6ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord, HICITY Wall Mountable Multiplug

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【7 OUTLETS & 5 USB PORTS】HICITY power strip provides power and protection for up to 12 devices, including smartphones with USB ports or a laptop with an oversized adapter. It does much more than supply extra outlets, which is first and foremost a safety device, a relatively inexpensive way to protect expensive electronics
【WIDE SPACE OUTLET & WALL MOUNTING HOLES】There are well-designed 2 holes for mounting the USB power strip on a table or baseboard. Independent wide spaced AC outlet and USB ports are specially designed for large charging adapters and plugs. In addition, 12 months service is always here for you
【UPGRADED UL APPROVED POWER CORD】 Made of copper wire and a fire-resistant PC housing, the 6ft power cord of the power strip surge protector has good heat dissipation, lightning protection, surge protection, and fire protection. UL, RoHS and FCC certification are all listed
【USB FAST CHARGING】Integrated with smart IC, 5 USB ports support a total of 6 amp output, each of which supports a maximum output of 2.4 amps. HICITY USB surge protector automatically provides the best current output for your mobile phones and tablets
【OVERLOAD PROTECTION】HICITY surge protector power strip with a 2100 Joules energy rating prevent spikes and fluctuations. ABS + PC materials and high-end solid capacitors ensure your equipment is protected from electrical shorts, overheating, and overcharging

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Power Strip Surge Protector with 5 USB Ports (30W/6A) and 7 Outlets

Power Strip Surge Protector with USB ports

With modern life, the need for power in many homes requires one to have a power extension strip. Due to this fact, HICITY black surge protector was designed to avoid inconveniences. It’s equipment which is ideal for daily use without encountering mishaps.

extension cord surge protectorHICITY Power Strip With 5 USB Ports And 7 Outlets

HICITY surge protector power strip is a device designed to protect electrical appliances from voltage spikes in your home or place of business. this is accomplished by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltage spikes that occur above a particular threshold.

black surge protector

surge protectorHICITY Surge Protector Power Strip

Equipped with 7 3-prongs outlets it gives you the ability to use multiple devices simultaneously without disconnecting some. Further, the outlets are grounded for the safety of your devices. In addition, there are 5 intelligent USB ports which deliver 5V with 2.4A thus compatible with many devices. The connection cord is 6 feet, casing material is fireproof and the extension board automatically shut off when there is an overload.

HICITY Power Strip Surge Protector with 6ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Do the ubiquitous messy charging device and charging cable annoys you?

Try HICITY Heavy Duty Power Strip! It has a critical auto-shutoff feature, more than enough outlets and USB charging ports to keep all your gadgets powered. It has a 6ft heavy duty extension cord and feels sturdy and robust.


AC Output Rated: 13A(Max),125V~,1625W(Max)
USB Output: 5V/2.4A*5
USB Total Output: 5V 6A 30W(Max)
Cord Length: 6ft
Size: 248*100*35mm, 9.76*3.94*1.38in


1 * Power Strip
1 * User Manual

usb surge protector power strip

Overload Protection

HICITY power strip with USB has a circuit breaker and an off/reset switch that automatically shuts down to protect your equipment and home once power overload is detected (rated power: 1625W).






usb power strip surge protector

Surge Protection

HICITY 6-foot power strip provides power surge protection up to 2100 joules. If you’re trying to protect a home computer, television, or stereo equipment, that’s about the level of protection that you’ll need.






surge protector power strip usb

Power Strip with USB Wall Mountable

There are well-designed 2 holes for mounting the mountable power strip surge protector on a table or baseboard, great for saving space and reducing clutter.






HICITY Mountable Power Strip provides power and protection for 7 outlets and 5 USB ports

extension cord with surge protection

Wide Space AC Outlet

Independent wide spaced AC outlet is specially designed for large charging adapters and plugs, thus the power strip surge usb can be fully used.






extension cord with usb

Ul Listed Heavy Duty Extension Cord

UL listed 6 ft heavy duty extension cords are made of copper wire and fire-resistant PC housing for enhanced, higher conductivity, more efficient power output, lower heat, and higher security.






black surge protector

Robust And Durable

Environmental protection and fire-resistant PC housing with a flame retardant rating of 1382 (°F) / 750 (°C) makes the power board more durable and safer.







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10 reviews for Power Strip Surge Protector with 5 USB Ports (30W/6A) and 7 Outlets (1625W/13A), 2100 Joules, 6ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord, HICITY Wall Mountable Multiplug

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    Look. I use this in #thescoutshed and it has 2 led shop lights, WIFI, a 100 watt stereo and a 10 ft USB type c cord plugged into it. It is plugged into a 1000 watt power inverter running off of a 100ah deep cycle battery charged by a solar panel. I run most of my YouTube channel, Christopher David Lawson of NEPA from the Shed. If you are looking for something with outlets and power. This is the power port for you.

  2. blank


    This product has a great texture on the surface. The wire cord is very long and durable. It has so many outlets; I don’t need to worry about running out of places to charge my devices. The USB ports also support the fast output 5V/2.4A, which I now don’t need to buy an extra faster port to charge my portable charger. Very good product!

  3. blank


    Just put it on my desk , best outlet can put all my plug in , love it save me a lot of place

  4. blank


    This multi-plug, USB-included outlet replaced a 17-year old unit that had 3 separate phone jacks so you could use your phone and fax and computer, all at the same time! I was very pleased with the size of the unit, number of plugs, and number of USBs, which is more than what I expect to ever need. But, it fits where the old unit spent the last 17 years, so I couldn’t be happier. I also like the long cord.I don’t know if it will stop an electric surge but I hope it will. These descriptions about jules mean nothing to me. So, as always, I purchase, with hope of a good ending.

  5. blank


    I purchased this surgw protector outlet strip to provide protected power for a new TV & sound system I added in another room. I have been pleased with this unit and it seems to work well. I hope I never have to depend on it to arrest a power surge but that’s why I bought it. I do appreciate the 5 usb power outlets as my phones are protected while charging.

  6. blank


    Package arrived timely and was well wrapped for protection. Surge protector had plenty of spaces for power cords. The connections for charging our phones and iPads turned out to be an additional plus. We now have everything in a single location – a power center.

  7. blank

    auntie CatZ

    OK I’m sure these have been around for a while, in all brands and price ranges, but I am over the moon with this product and how convenient and compact it is!! I would highly recommend for any room needing multi plug ins and the peace of mind of a surge protector! This will be used in child’s room to handle their electronics (for now)! 😄

  8. blank


     I could not tell if it is wooden or plastic made at first, it feels so fancy, high quality. It’s plastic of course but very nice and thick plastic with wooden texture. Very heavy, truly beautiful. It works as I expected. Love it.

  9. blank

    B&K J

    This is an excellent addition especially when you need multiple outlets and have newer electronics that give you a “USB” cable to power device. 12 outlets and 5 more “USB” connects is absolutely what I needed. Being surge protected and cord to outlet being a heavy gauge makes the purchase well worth the price. The “USB” outlets same me a few dollars I would have to spend on conversion plugs and gives extra power outlets now. I am very happy with my purchase. It was sent quickly from purchase. It has great quality and features and really can’t beat the price! I would definitely recommend to others.

  10. blank


    I use this new power strip on my desk behind a small cabinet so I can connect the laptop, desk lamp, router all in one place. Now I can also plug in my cool air mini humidifier and anything that needs charging. Its size is just right and it has all the outlets/ports I need. Very good purchase, thank you. (I can’t rate for traveling, doubt I’ll use it for that, but considering its compact design it would probably travel well.)

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