Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets

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Price: $54.95

12 surge protected standard US power outlets with 4320 Joules of protection.
Built-in EMI/RFI Filter. 2-in-1 power / circuit breaker switch. UL/cUL Rated
Sleek black design with sliding safety covers protect users from accidental contact and keeps dust and debris away from unused outlets. Four corner outlets have extra-wide spacing for large “wall wart” power adapter bricks
25′ cable for extra long reach – solves fire safety issues caused by extension cords. Built-in USB 2-port 10.5W (2.1A shared)
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Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets, Built-in 10.5W 2-Port USB Charger for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile Devices, 25 Foot Extension Cord

power, charge, usbPlugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets

Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets

Power and Charge Everything

The Plugable 12-Outlet Power Strip with 2-Port USB Charger (PS12-USB25) can help expand and declutter your power needs by offering 12 additional standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets, with sliding safety covers, in one elegant package. Its compact design and lengthy cable make it very easy to create the perfect all-in-one power setup for the home or office. Four outlets are widely spaced to fit large “wall wart” power adapter bricks.

Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets

Surge Suppression

This power strip also provides surge suppression for up to 12 devices. Devices are safer than ever during voltage spikes or electrical storms.

Note: No surge suppression device can assure protection from a direct lightning strike.

Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets Features

12x surge protected power outlets
4320 Joules of protection
2-in-1 power/circuit breaker switch
Built-in EMI/RFI filter
UL/cUL Listed (File #: E115193)
Wall mountable

Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC OutletsExtra Long Cable

With the permanently-attached 25ft cable, this surge suppressor can be located nearly anywhere you need power. From the desktop, under the desk, or across the room, you can provide protected power and USB charging to those hard-to-reach areas.

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10 reviews for Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets

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    There is so much going on here and everything works! The computer/dual monitors/AC unit/Fan/2 lamps/Filter, etc. Nothing has shorted it out. Yet, I do unplug the filter when the AC is on. I don’t want to tempt fate with 2 motors running at once. It is a sleek design with enough outlets that I have some unused. If we knew about this last year, the office would have been moved to the sunroom a whole lot sooner, instead of being in the dining room for the past year! Highly recommend. Oh, the cord length is great too – that is why we bought it and we got so much more :).

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    Maybe I don’t know enough about how electricity works, but when i plugged too many heavy duty things into this, my breaker still flipped. Mainly, I had my space heater and blow dryer plugged in and running at the same time. But as long as you don’t overload it with that much, it is great! I love having it near my tv to plug everything in. And its easy to rearrange things. I would have preferred a pink light, but the green is good too. lol Anyway, its a worthwhile buy.

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    My entertainment center was too far from any available receptacle so this solved two problems at once, I had two power strips daisy chained (plugged into one another) and that was a risk of arc fault and fire hazard. Always ensure that every plug is firmly seated, when pugs are slightly pulled out but still plugged in, this daises arcing and will burn up your receptacle, whatever is plugggecinto it, the power strip, everything, it can also burn down your house.

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    It is AS good looking in person as it is on Amazon.The green light looks cool in the dark but not too bright that it would keep you awake (although why are you sleeping right next to it?) If ANYONE cares, out of the top and bottom green bars, the bottom is brighter than the top. It’s not just about the looks. It does well everywhere else too.Well, almost does well everywhere. Each outlet has a cover you can slide over it to protect against dust or any little ones with toys. I will say that when you slide the cover over it has a pretty weak “click” that a toddler could easily flip back open so if that’s a concern I’d say get some plastic plug covers.The USB works well but won’t do quick charge so don’t count on that, but we knew that goin’ in.It has install holes in the four corners in the bottom. I like this because I did install it on the back of the desk and once I got the length of the screw sticking out of the back of the desk to fit perfectly and kinda “snap” in place in the install holes on the surge protector it feels really solid. Plugging and unplugging of many things is no problem and feels very stable.It was tricky getting this thing level with all four screws so be patient if you care about that. I made a template by photocopying the bottom of the surge protector and then taped the copy to the wall, then used a level and retaped until it was perfectly level. I then drilled little pilot holes in the middle of the “picture of the screw holes”. Should’ve been PERFECT but somehow it’s not!! Now, granted, it’s between the lines on the level so we’re gonna call that close enough for government work, but MAN it’s tough to get dead on level!Also, the holes in the bottom are kinda small, you’ll need to use size #6 screws (which unfortunately this doesn’t come with).All in all I’d buy it again. I couldn’t find enough to take a star away.Oh, and it’s glossy!UPDATE:It’s been 10 months and this baby is still performing really well. Last week I bought another one and I’m just as happy! Still highly recommended.

  5. blank

    C Miller

    Bought the first one for my Gaming desktop and liked it so much I got one for my entertainment center as well.12 outlets with 4 of them spaced for large power adapters. It’s a little difficult to insert a plug, but I guess that means it won’t fall out easily. Looks pretty sharp, the LED strips on the sides are kinda bright but they tell you if your wall outlet is grounded and if the surge protector is still providing protection. The USB charge ports are a nice touch, they’re 2.1 amps shared between both ports, so if you plug in two devices it splits the power.4320 joules of protection is the highest I could find at this price, and that’s all that really matters when it comes to protection. The power cord is EXTREMELY thick gage and a bit difficult to bend, but it’s for the best I suppose.

  6. blank


    Took a long time looking for a good surge protector for iMac and laptops during Shelter in Place. Was unable to find a good 15’ surge protector with good load from APC or other reputable brands. Didn’t want to plug an extension cord for the surge protector either. This 25’ is my compromise. It is a good 8’ too long but it is sturdy and I wrapped the excess with cable tie.

  7. blank

    Denis Abrantes

    I’m setting up my home office, and I have power cables everywhere, taking up a lot of space in my desk. To solve this problem, I needed a power strip with lots of outlets (at least 10), that I could mount on the side of my desk, leaving the top of the desk free from power cables. Also, I have 4 big plugs that usually take more than 1 outlet.This product solved all my problems: it has 12 outlets, 4 of them in the corners, where I can plug these big adapters without compromising the others. I was also able to attach it behind my desk, so it doesn’t take any of my space.The only con I would mention is the green LED. It’s not an issue for me, because the unit stays mounted behind my desk, but when I turn off the lights, I can see this big green glow on my wall. I don’t understand why a power strip would need such a big light. If you place it on top of your desk, it might bother you.But to me it’s no problem at all. Overall, a great product.

  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Amazing! My desktop computer, monitor, sound equipment, laptop, phone, and tablet all need to be plugged in while I work. I had a plug extender plugged into a plug extender, but that was ugly, and gave some hiss to my soundboard. I found this online which not only offered 12 outlets! But 2 quick charging ports for my phone and tablet! This was exactly what I needed, it’s so good, I am buying a second one for my bedroom. A little overkill in there, but at least I know i’ll never run out of plugs!The only thing is, if i’m sleeping there, I’ll probably need to tape over the green light. It is pretty bright at night to let you know it’s grounded and protected. Although that’s not a flaw, just preference

  9. blank

    John Williamson

    There are power strips and there are surge protectors; there’s a big difference. Power strips may be fine for plugging in a small lamp or some simple electrical devices, but if you have computers or other high-end electronics that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, you may want to think twice about plugging them into an under ten-dollar power strip and hope that they’ll be protected. Some surge protectors are good and some can be an absolute piece of trash. Then there are some that offer just the right amount of plugs, space them for the devices that we use today, and add other essentials that make them a first class choice for those looking for more than a basic surge protector.Bought the 

    Plugable 12 Outlet Power Surge Protector with Built-in Dual USB Charging Ports

     as a logical solution to a growing issue of plug proliferation. Where this one differs from others is that it offers two USB ports for charging the “Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other USB Tablet and Phone Devices,” and that’s an essential for many of us. Here are the subjective basics, followed by a more in-depth look.◆ Likes:+ Has 12 right-angle outlets as opposed to regular inline outlets; saves plug space+ Four of the 12 outlets are wide spaced; accommodate larger power adapters & devices+ Two USB charging ports; shared 2.1 Amp+ Heavy-duty 6-foot power cable; 14AWG 300V+ High surge suppression protection level; up to 4320 Joules+ Sliding covers on all power outlets; added protection+ Power/circuit breaker switch on end; safeguard from accidental bumps+ Green glow strip on each side; indicates grounded/protected+ Neutral white ABS housing; clean and businesslike◆ Dislikes:- None encountered so far◆ In Use:The Plugable 12-outlet surge protector arrived in a no hassle cardboard box, and removing it revealed a product that measured about 12″ x 6″ x 1″ with a very sturdy 6-foot power cable. Plugged it in and turned on the power/circuit breaker switch on the end and the first thing noticed was the green glow coming from each long side of the surge protector, indicating protected/grounded. Since this was to be placed under a desk, found these to be better at-a-glance indicators than found on the red glow from the switch on the average power strip or surge protectors.First things first, immediately plugged in a pair of battery chargers with eneloop rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries into the wider-spaced corner outlets, then a 

    Nikon MH-24 Quick Charger

     into one of the the other corners. The Nikon charger and AA chargers measure about 2″ wide by 4″ long. The remaining corner was used for the “wall-wart” style adapter for an AC powered 

    Seagate Backup Plus 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

    . With all four corners populated, this still left eight grounded outlets for other devices, indicating quite a well-designed and useful product.Was slightly skeptical about the two USB charging ports, as they’re both sharing 2.1 Amp output. Tried charging my 

    Samsung Galaxy S III

     and my 

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

     at the same time. Though it wasn’t a scientifically measured test, the Galaxy S III came in at about the same time as with its OEM charger, and the Kindle Fire HD only slightly slower than with the Amazon charger. At some point I’ll probably try measuring the charge rates with 

    Battery HD Pro

     on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet, and Battery Widget v3.2.1 by Elvison on the Galaxy, but since these usually get plugged in overnight for charging, it isn’t a high priority.The main point of this purchase was as an upgrade from my older 

    Leviton S1000-PS Office Grade Surge Strip with Six Outlets

    , a product that had served me well but with its outlet spacing being so close, it was becoming a nuisance to unplug a re-plug chargers and devices so frequently. Add to that, the Leviton product offers surge suppression protection level of up to 1010 Joules compared to up to 4320 Joules with this Plugable surge protector, and that’s a big difference. Having both a Windows 7 PC notebook and a MacBook Pro running side by side on my desktop, it’s the added assurance of knowing that these will now be better protected.Had also gone through power switch failure recently with a popular and more basic 6-outlet home/office surge protector that had been rated at a total of 555 Joules and cost under $11.00. A friend who I will refer to as the ‘cranky electronic tech’ told me to look it up on the ‘Net, but make sure that whatever I got for protection of “really good stuff” needed to be minimally rated at 1400 Joules of surge protection or higher, and the rest would fall into place. He shook his head about the switch failure and said in unprintable terms something to the effect: “You get what you pay for.”So why did I buy this product above some of the other highly rated 12-outlet surge protectors and power centers available here on Amazon and elsewhere? That answer is simple: I own a number of Plugable products, but the service that I gotten from my 

    Plugable 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4A Power Adapter

     has been exemplary, a product that actually outperformed my expectations.◆ Summary:This 

    Plugable 12 Outlet Power Surge Protector with Built-in Dual USB Charging Ports

     has only been in service for a few weeks, yet has already proven itself in terms of overall convenience and elimination of plug proliferation. Doing about ten minutes of device juggling, I’ve been able to set up my two notebook computers along with the other items noted above so that constant unplugging and re-plugging is no longer a daily irritant. And having those two USB charging ports just adds to the overall convenience. As far as reasonably priced multi-outlet true surge protectors go, this one works when others don’t.6/30/2013

  10. blank


    Enthused I am to update my office/device setup with this new leading-edge and attractive Plugable Technologies’ Outlet Surge Protector! Wait until you plug this in and turn it on …. it’s like a sensational looking spaceship that hubs your operations. I sent a technical inquiry to Plugable Technologies and received the most comprehensive response from Sam Morgan/Plugable Technologies that was extremely informative and helpful. The cord length of 25′ is fabulous, reaching across a room if necessary. Here’s an element to every office that typically hides under a desk (surge protectors), but – in this case – this surge protector all lighted up will spark conversation and envy. Keep it in view 🙂

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