Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis Generator

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1.(-Safety-): 5-leaf double-axis vertical blade design, which looks like a Red lantern. Safety factor is high due to blades be fixed inside by a flange, then not risk of blade falling off.
2.(-High Wind Energy Utilization-): Wind blades adopt reinforced fiber nylon which more durable and strong ability of Anti-wind. Especially with optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design, has a High wind energy utilization. Wind turbine can start by breeze and adapt to 360° wind, no yaw system is needed.
3. (-Quietly-): The vertical wind turbine is quieter than horizontal axis turbine. Double bearings make it more stable and not easy to shake when wind generator is running. Silent rotation, suitable for home, boat, marine, monitoring use, solar and wind hybrid street lighting system.
4. (-Excellent Generator-): Permanent magnet three-phase alternating current can reduce the resistance torque of wind generator effectively. Also make the wind wheel and the generator matching better and then running more reliability.
5. (-Installation convenience-): Vertical axis wind turbine can use a screw pile foundation. It is a cost reduction and easy&quick installation compare with concrete foundation installation. Screw pile foundation can be fully recycled at the end of life. An environmentally friendly and low carbon emission way.

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Pikasola Wind Turbine 200W max 220W 12V 5 Blade Wind Vertical Axis Generator 3 Phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator Wind Turbine Kit with Controller for Hybrid Wind Solar System

logoPikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis Generator

Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit

Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit.

High quality Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis GeneratorPackage Content:

Wind Turbine x 1.

Blades x 5.

Controller x 1.

Set Screws and Nuts x 1.

Installation Notes x 1.

Anemometer x 1(no battery).

Note: Without tower tube.

(We recommend: steel pipes or iron pipes, diameter :50±2mm).

Application: Home/Monitoring /Boat.

Rated power:200 W.

Maximum power:220 W.

Number of blades:5.

Rated voltage:12 V.

Start-up wind speed:1.5 m/s.

Rated wind speed :11 m/s.

Safe wind speed: 45m / s.

Blade Material: Nylon Fiber.
Braking Method: Electromagnetic.
Wind power and type: three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator.
Wind direction adjustment: automatic adjustment of the wind.
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 80 ℃.

High quality Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis Generator

High quality Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis Generator

1. Wind turbine blade is made of reinforced fiber nylon, which more strong flexibility and high safety factor. The optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design, make the wind energy utilization coefficient is high. Increasing more power generation.

2. Double bearings make it low vibration operation and quietly. Also let wind generation can start in low wind speed. Silent rotation in stably, high utilize rate of wind energy.

3. The surface of the wind turbine with special spraying treatment that provide excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion under any harsh conditions. As well as excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and sand resistance.


High efficiency

1.Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficient and compact ac generator with high performance NdFeB permanent magnet.

2. A fully integrated voltage regulator that automatically shuts down when the battery is fully charged.

3. The wind is controlled by intelligent microprocessor. Which can effectively adjust current and voltage.

4. The unique magnetic circuit design makes the starting torque very small. Which can effectively ensure the wind turbine’s breeze starting ability.


Easy installation

1.Take out the wind turbine, put the wind turbine on the tower and align it with the flange hole. Mount the four flat gaskets on the four bolts, then insert the bolts into the holes corresponding to the flange. Tightening the screws by hex key.

2.The three wires of the wind turbine are connected to the transmission cable, each pair of wires is not less than 30 mm, and the tape at the connection end is at 100 mm.

3.Connect the wind turbine’s cable to the controller and the battery must be connected to the controller before wiring.


1. The wind turbine should be installed where there is strong wind or no tall buildings and obstacles, If installing the wind turbines near the obstacles, the position is better as far as possible from obstructions, or the installation height should be 20Ft higher than the top of obstructions(As show), which can make full use of the wind power.

2. We can make use of the growth effect on the hills (As show). It’s a good place to set up.

3. It’s should avoid the cliff, the turbulent region.

High quality Pikasola 200W Wind Turbine Kit 5 Blade Vertical Axis GeneratorFeature:

1. Starting with low speed; high wind energy utilization; beautiful appearance; low vibration on operation.

2. Being installed by human design and easy for installation, maintenance and repair.

3. Wind Turbine Blade be molded precise injection with new process, together with optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure. Which can make Blade in high utilization of wind energy, and then generate more energy output.

4. Our generators, adopting patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special kind of stater design, efficiently decrease resistance torque of the generators.

Note: We are equipped with common controls. Therefore if you want to make wind-solar complementary system, you can buy wind-solar complementary controller to replace.

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    It arrived quickly that exceeds my expectation by Amazon delivery. All units were packaged in a foam box and were wrapped with film. The wind turbine is well-made, which can catch small wind. Most importantly, it looks very pretty after installation.

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