Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 Frosted Light Bulb: 800-Lumen, 5000-Kelvin, 8-Watt (60-Watt Equivalent), E26 Base, Daylight, 16-Pack

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ENERGY EFFICIENT: Philips LED Non Dimmable A19 Frosted Light Bulbs uses 80 percent less energy than 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs while maintaining the look and feel of a classic light bulb
LONG LASTING: These Philips LED bulbs last 10x longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs; Each light bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of up to 10,950 hours and 10 years of light (based on three hours per day), saving you the cost of frequent bulb replacement
DAYLIGHT: Philips LED Non Dimmable A19 light bulbs offer warm and comfortable lighting with high CRI (color rendering index); At 5000 Kelvin the bulbs deliver bright, crisp color ideal for project and task lighting and to brighten larger spaces
ECO FRIENDLY: Mercury free and uses 80 percent less energy than 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs
COMPATIBILITY: These Philips LED light bulbs fit in E26 medium screw bases; Not compatible with Philips HUE products; Philips LED Non Dimmable A19 light bulbs are for non connected use only
COMFORTABLE LIGHT: Our products meet strict test criteria including flicker, strobe, glare and color rendition to ensure they meet EyeComfort requirements; Switch to Philips LED, light that’s designed for the comfort of your eyes

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The right color temperature

Did you know that color temperature is actually what makes light feel warm or cool? A lower color temperature produces a warmer, more relaxing light and a higher color temperature emits a cooler, more energizing light. Philips LED technology makes it possible to enjoy LED without sacrificing the light quality you are used to.

Philips LEDs are available in daylight, bright white, and soft white light color temperatures.


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12 Pack, 16 Pack, 16-Pack Title 20 Compliant, 24 Pack


Daylight, Soft White


60-Watt Equivalent, 40-Watt Equivalent



10 reviews for Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 Frosted Light Bulb: 800-Lumen, 5000-Kelvin, 8-Watt (60-Watt Equivalent), E26 Base, Daylight, 16-Pack

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    Morgan Prewitt

    These lights are absolutely blinding to look directly at lol. I wouldn’t use them in open casings in main areas, but they’re great in lamps and hallways and bathrooms. Obviously can also make you look like a model.

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    Bought 4 of the 16 packs. As of right now I will give them 5 stars I’ve used about 24 of them and have yet to have a DOA or issue with any of them in the week I’ve used them. They were replacements for traditional halogens and there color matches them pretty well but they are noticeably brighter, the picture I took shows a bit too much yellow which isn’t the case in real life. As for reliability I will update my review if I notice any issues in the coming months and continue converting the rest of my house. I have no flicker or buzzing issues, and all of them seem genuine and show the Phillips logo on the sides.It should also be noted the boxes for these show a 10 year life span at 3 hours a day usage. Much less than the industry average which is odd but acceptable for this price range, that estimate seems much more realistic as well. I’m more interested on how its electronics will last in the long term. We shall see and I will update my review if any fail in the next yearUpdate 09/29/2019:Have had these since Decembers of 2018 and only had one go out so far around July due to being on a bad dimmer switch (not designed to be on them I know) It started flickering quite bad in any light bulb socket. After deploying them in my entire house, my entire house is now LED only and with Cree or Philips bulbs. These are a great affordable bulb and because they’ve lasted without problem for 8 months, I can surely recommend them.

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    I am slowly replacing all the bulbs in my house with bright white daylight bulbs. I love the look, and it makes it feel like a brand new house. These are A19 bulbs that fit in a standard base light. They burn bright and cool to the touch. I absolutely love the look it gives the house. I was wanting to paint all the walls because they were looking a little yellow, but I realized that was just the tint of my lights. It’s amazing what a different it makes. Great product.Next step is finding some to replace all my recessed lights in the kitchen and bathrooms. Hoping this will save a little money on the power bill as well! I would recommend. (Excuse the mess in my den, it was laundry day!!)

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    James Rae

    I bought these bulbs in the daylight (5000k) non-dimmable option. So far I’m very pleased with them.We recently moved. Our old house had Sylvania brand 2700k soft white LEDs throughout, which we liked. After moving into the new house we learned that they had fitted the whole thing with incandescent bulbs. A brand new house built in 2017 with filament bulbs. Ridiculous, right?One of them burnt out the day after we moved. Obviously they had to go.Rather than buying 2700k again, I decided to go with 5000k this time since this house is much more modern-looking than our old one. I tested the first box in the bathroom just to see how they would look and was stunned by just how white they are. There’s no hint of yellow or blue, just straight up, stark white. “Daylight” is an accurate description. I put them in half of the first floor to compare them to the incandescents and it made the old ones look yellow. Not just warm, I mean ugly urine-yellow, like a sepia filter on a camera.The stark white light gives everything in the house a truer color. The walls look especially better. The floor looks less brown and more like driftwood, which is what we were going for. The furniture looks newer. The bathrooms look cleaner. Everything just looks better. It actually took a couple of weeks to get used to, coming from 2700k bulbs, but now I can’t imagine going back.As for the bulbs in general, time will tell how well they hold up. It’s only been a month since we installed them so I can’t attest to their long-term reliability. We had our old LEDs for years, though, so I’m expecting these to last the decade that they claim.The brightness description is accurate, although these are actually very slightly brighter than a 60W incandescent bulb and 8W LED bulbs (these are 8.5W).All 64 bulbs I ordered work. No duds.

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    I love the daylight bulbs! Winters in Alaska can be tough, but I’m hoping the natural looking light will help. The yellow looking lights are regular bulbs and the white ones are the daylight.

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    Leave a comment if you have any questions and I can either take some photos or give more details.This was a good quick and easy upgrade from the CFL’s that were previously installed. Each LED bulb was about 5 watts less then the one it replaced so there was about 33% reduction in energy use.We found no single brand bulb and brightness worked for us and needed to buy several different types. I’ll go into that below.The biggest show stopper for some of these bulbs is if you want the bulb to be dimable. Make sure you plan ahead and get dimable bulbs. Non-dimable LED bulbs will not work properly when you try and dim them.In my photo you can see;Left LED bulb; Phillips 450 lumen soft white (40w) bright, but not too bright.Middle LED bulb; Phillips 800 lumen soft white (60w) a lot of light, warmer feel.Right LED bulb; LE 810 lumen warm white (60w) more light, colder feel.This should give you a decent comparison between the different bulbs and what their level of brightness is.The Phillips bulbs are slightly shorter then normal bulbs so unlike the LE we were able to replace some of the shorter CFL’s in smaller light fixtures without having to buy dedicated short bulbs again.We chose the 450 lumen 40w replacement LED bulbs for exposed bulb fixtures like ceiling fans so they are not painful if you look at one. This also went in the “powder room” bathroom. This did not put out enough light for a bedside lamp. It felt too dim. No more blinding effect when looking up at the ceiling fan in the living room!Some lamps and room ceiling lights got the LE warm whites where the bulbs needed a little more output to get through the frosted glass. The walk in closet was one of those spots.Kitchen lights and upstairs bathrooms got the Philips soft white bulbs where a less “cold” light then the LE was needed but still brighter light for recipe reading, food prep, getting ready etc would be wanted. We also put this bulb in the bed side lamps for a brighter but warmer feeling.I would buy these bulbs again.

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    Steven V.

    These are great bulbs ! Some feedback said some bulbs didn’t work when delivered. I ordered a total of 58 bulbs and every one worked the color. I oredered 36 soft white for inside the house. good light color.I personally don’t like super bright lights in my house.and these were perfect.not to bright not to dim.they are Phillips bulbs they are not some no name weird in my opinion for 1.97 $ a bulb they are well worth the cost.a standard bulb cost about the same price.and they put out 60 watt light and only draw 8 watts. I also ordered 16 daylight bulbs for my garage those draw 8.5 watts.but still a far cry from 60 ! In would defiantly recommend these LED bulbs ( I was not compensated for this review in any way)

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    Wow these are super BRIGHT!! We are slowly replacing all of our ordinary light bulbs with LED light bulbs so this was kind of a test batch purchase for us. We were pleasantly surprised and will be coming back for more! FYI the 5.5 watt light bulb (40 watt equivalent) is much brighter than most 40 watt bulbs, I’d say it gives off about as much light as a 60 watt light bulb so keep this in mind when replacing bathroom light bulbs, unless you’re going for the super bright look.

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    We thought to do a little experiment to test these LEDs for heat buildup and longevity so we placed one in a covered porch overhead light fixture that stays on 24/7. The fixture has a sealed screw-on heavy glass jar style cover with cage. Monitored the fixture for heat build up after 8 hrs on, then on overnight. The bulb cover itself is plastic rather than glass and does not heat up when lit. The transformer in the base however does warm up but we did not find the temp too warm to touch. Compared to a lit incandescent bulb which is untouchable at all times and for nearly 30mins after being turned off, LED bulbs are no hotter than a Starbucks paper cup, uncomfortable but not a burn hazard. We did not find our type of enclosed fixture subject to heat build up. The electrician that installed our porch light stated that the max wattage rating for a fixture is rated for hot incandescent bulbs. If you stay within the wattage rating for your fixture you won’t get excessive heat build up for an enclosed light fixture so the low wattage high lumens LEDs won’t be a problem. In our house, in overhead room lights and lamps they are great. Recommend “warm” white.

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    These arrived in good condition and well packaged. I was pleased to see that they are about the size of a traditional incandescent bulb. Most of the lights in my house have decorative covers, and the CFL bulbs we’ve been using are a bit bulkier that normal light bulbs, so some of the covers either had a tight fit or wouldn’t go back on, leaving us with bare bulbs. These lights, however, fit perfectly, and now all my covers are restored! They are also quite a bit brighter, perceptively, than hte CFL’s. This may be due to the “daylight” part, I’m not sure, but it was quite nice to see the rooms all lit up again they way they were supposed to be, and at an even greater energy savings than CFL’s.

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