Philips LED Daylight Philips 420091 823031 CFL Light Bulb 13W T2 Twister 6500K, 60 Watt Equivalent 4-Pack

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Philips 823031 CFL Light Bulb 13W T2 Twister Daylight 6500K, 60 Watt Equivalent; 4-Pack
Includes 4 Philips 13W Mini Twisters CFL light bulbs
Bright Daylight bulbs are perfect in almost any room
Mini Twister bulbs are small so they fit in more fixtures and hide inside globes. Each bulb measures 3.75″
Average Lifetime: 9.1 years (based on 3 hours/day)
Standard medium E26 Base. 860 Lumens and 6500 Kelvin. Not dimmable

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Simulating sunrise inside your room, this 60-watt equivalent bulb turns on softly and warms to its full brightness in seconds, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment. Ideal for use with table lamps or in kitchens, living rooms, and hallways, this 6500-Kelvin bulb has a daylight color. Features a Medium Screw base.

Choosing Philips Energy Saver light bulbs helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lasts up to 13 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. Creating an inviting atmosphere around the home, Philips T2 bulb is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, and bedrooms. Energy Star-certified with a $1.57 estimated annual energy cost. This product ships a 4-pack and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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10 reviews for Philips LED Daylight Philips 420091 823031 CFL Light Bulb 13W T2 Twister 6500K, 60 Watt Equivalent 4-Pack

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    Worked very well in a closet ceiling fixture holding 2 of these. The color is close enough to daylight (5500K in sun, 6500K if cloudy) to judge the colors of your clothes selection correctly for outdoor use. Using these bulbs was much better than a LED fixture that I bought (and returned), that had non-replaceable LEDs built it. If they failed, you get to replace the whole fixture for much more cost and work.

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    B. Williams

    These are not the lights for you if you want something that makes you look great. But if you actually want to see what you are doing, they are excellent. I think they help me perk up on gray days. I haven’t been this excited about a bulb ever.

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    Amazonian Customer

    Sweet Jebus these are bright. They are very bright. Don’t make the same mistake I did and stare directly at it after flipping the switch.

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    I bought a lamp from bed bath and beyond, which also sold these light bulbs as a set. However, since the bulbs here were cheaper, I decided to buy the lamp separately and buy the bulbs here. A pack of four bulbs arrived on time in a brown envelope, and worked perfectly – giving me bright white light. I ordered another set since I needed five bulbs for my lamp (there are only four per set) and wanted to keep some aside in case the bulbs “blow” with time. Nonetheless , over the past few weeks of use, every bulb is working perfectly, they are not hot despite being bright and I do not expect to have to replace them in the near future.

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    These are SO bright. I wanted a true white bulb for my dining room, which also doubles as my office one day a week. The room gets absolutely no natural light and always felt gloomy with the crappy apartment lighting fixtures we have at our disposal. At first, these bulbs felt blinding but eventually I got used to it and now I love how “bright white” the room is.

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    It works far better than expected. These are keeping my tropical plants alive during winter.Much cheaper than marketed grow LEDs, though I don’t know if other bulbs would help plants grow faster or not. These seem to provide decent growth but it is rather slow. Still for the price… It meets my needs perfectly.

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    Several packages of these daylight spectrum light bulbs were purchased to replace bulbs throughout the house during the winter months. Rather than purchase an expensive lightbox, I opted to use these bulbs in most lamps and light fixtures, especially the bedroom and bathroom, which is where I spend the majority of my time getting ready before dawn (when using these bulbs is most effective). I definitely believe in the value of light therapy in the darker, winter months, and this is an easy, fairly inexpensive way to get light therapy. Highly recommended.

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    Really high quality bulbs. I tested them out with my cheap spectroscope, and these don’t have a very intense output above 600 nm. We are looking for 630-660 nm for photosynthesis. There are some small gaps in the spectrum so they are not a true full spectrum bulb. I was initially disappointed with what I was seeing. Nonetheless I put them over my aquarium plants, and my plants are going absolute bonkers. Plants love these things, and they are pearling like crazy. 100% recommend. I use all 4 to augment my two LED light fixtures in my aquarium. Make sure to buy some cheap accent lighting fixtures if you have a glass cover.

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    I used all 4 in the package in my 2x 10-gallon set ups. The plants are growing absolutely bananas. Besides being beautiful, these lights shipped fast and were a great value. Came wrapped in Chinese newspaper. Whatever- all the bulbs were safe in the box. I’ll definitely buy again.

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    Amazon Customer

    I ordered these to use with a planted tank. I have 2 over a 20 gallon long and one over a 5 gallon tank. They work very well for low-to-mid light aquatic plants and would be an excellent choice for a general aquarium without live plants. I feel the natural white enhances my fishes colors and really makes my plants pop. I would definitely recommend these as a low-cost lighting solution for aquariums.I use the 4th bulb in a lamp that is mostly in my room. I was worried it would be too bright and harsh but to my pleasant surprise it creates a nice even glow in the room. I feel more awake and refreshed than I did with my previous soft yellow bulb. Also looks great with my house plants in the room.I have also use these bulbs for photo shoots and they work great. The photos came out looking very professional looking and show true colors. Excellent to put up while doing make up so you know the true tones.So far i’ve had them for more than 4 months and they haven’t flickered at all. Still emitting even, bright white light. I fully plan to purchase again and would suggest them for photographers, make up artists and anyone else looking for great, true lighting!

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