Philips LED 433557 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent T2 Twister (A21 Replacement) Household Light Bulb: 6500-Kelvin, 23-Watt (100-Watt Equivalent), E26 Medium Screw Base, Daylight Deluxe, 4-Pack

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Price: $14.49

Energy efficient: Philips Indoor CFL Light Bulbs have an estimated dollar 1.57 estimated annual energy cost (based on three hours/day)
Eco Friendly: These Philips PAR20 light bulbs use recycled glass and packaging material, reducing environmental impact
Daylight deluxe: Philips CFL Light Bulbs Simulating sunrise inside your room, this 100 watt equivalent bulb features a daylight color that turns on softly and warms to its full brightness in seconds, making it ideal for use with table lamps or in kitchens, living rooms, and hallways
Versatility: Creating an inviting atmosphere around the home, Philips T2 bulb is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, and bedrooms
Compatibility: These Philips Indoor CFL Light Bulbs fit in a medium screw base; Not compatible with Philips HUE products; Philips Dimmable CFL light bulbs are for non connected use only
Does not ship to California
Energy used: 23-Watt (equivalent to a 100-Watt standard incandescent light bulb). Lumens per Watt: 69.6

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Philips LED 433557 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent T2

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4 Pack, 6 Pack


Soft White, Daylight Deluxe, Cool White, Daylight, Neutral White


9W (40-Watt Equivalent), 13W (60-Watt Equivalent), 18W (75-Watt Equivalent), 23W (100-Watt Equivalent)



10 reviews for Philips LED 433557 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent T2 Twister (A21 Replacement) Household Light Bulb: 6500-Kelvin, 23-Watt (100-Watt Equivalent), E26 Medium Screw Base, Daylight Deluxe, 4-Pack

  1. SJ

    Light bulbs. They light up the room. And they do it quite adequately. I would recommend to anyone sitting in the dark.

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  2. Heather

    It works far better than expected. These are keeping my tropical plants alive during winter.Much cheaper than marketed grow LEDs, though I don’t know if other bulbs would help plants grow faster or not. These seem to provide decent growth but it is rather slow. Still for the price… It meets my needs perfectly.

    1 product
  3. RK

    great lights! 6500k is the way to go. good for productivity.

    1 product
  4. Myost Pitts

    thought I swore off CFLs – nope – LED lighting to me is ‘office lighting’ look and bulbs tend to flicker after awhile. These are great bulbs carefully packaged and shipped promptly. Glad these are available for purchase on Amazon and I plan on ordering more.

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  5. little bit

    I use three of these in a west facing window for a little table full of plants wintering indoors. My succulents I keep about 8” from the bulbs, and everything else (pothos, peace lily, spider plant, coleus, nothing complicated) is around about a couple of feet away. The amount of light is perfect. Everything has stayed compact and lush, and what little stretching has happened is upwards toward the bulbs and not toward the window. I also hugely prefer the bright, white light to the red/purple of most grow lights. I honestly don’t have any complaints. These were perfect for my needs!

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  6. P. Shih

    At the time of this review, the product name is partly incorrect. These are not 75W equivalent bulbs; they are 60W, which matches what the official product photos show. Basically, I got exactly what is shown in the product photo.I’m not sure why some reviewers have said that these are super bright and give off a blue hue. Maybe this product got mixed up with another product. That said, what I received is soft(/warm) white and it is as bright as what can be expected at 60W. More specifically, the light is yellow-ish and very much like a traditional 60W incandescent light bulb in my opinion.

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  7. BlackLabel

    I used all 4 in the package in my 2x 10-gallon set ups. The plants are growing absolutely bananas. Besides being beautiful, these lights shipped fast and were a great value. Came wrapped in Chinese newspaper. Whatever- all the bulbs were safe in the box. I’ll definitely buy again.

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  8. Scott W

    Some people dislike the “daylight” 6500k color temp, but it is EXACTLY what I wanted in my shop.They provide nice, even, bright light. They do start at slightly less than full brightness, perhaps 90%, and gradually get to 100% in about 30-45 seconds.I originally bought some 100w equivalent (19w) Cree 5000k LED bulbs. Light output and color are comparable with these 23W CFL bulbs. The LEDs are 100% instant-on, are rated to last a about 2.5 times as long, use slightly less wattage, and are a little over four times as expensive.Aside from the great output and daylight color, the real advantage of these CFL bulbs is their size/shape: They are almost exactly the same size as a standard incandescent bulb, 4-1/4″ from base to top and 2-3/8″ diameter. The 19w Cree LEDs were 5″ from base to top, and 2-5/8″ in diameter, which makes them too large for some fixtures. These Phillips CFLs fit perfectly in fixtures designed for standard incandescent bulbs.

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  9. AndreD.

    I use these as grow lights for the plants in my aquariums. I have very delicate and exotic species that require good strong light. I need a very intense light source that is able to penetrate down through all the water and still deliver enough energy to support the plants that are at the bottom.I’ve been using the Philips T2 Twisters for a while now with great results. I used to use the 13W (60watt-equivalent) Twisters, but have stepped up my game to using these 23W bulbs, which are twice as bright. I run these on timers for a solid 8 hours every single day and haven’t gotten even halfway to the advertised 10,000-hour lifespan in the last year and a half.These are incredibly bright bulbs at 1,600 lumens. I have to be careful to shield my eyes when working in my aquariums otherwise they will burn lasting images into my eyes for several minutes.The only gripe I have is the heat they generate. If you are needing a light for a smaller device, I would suggest maybe going for the 13W version. If you don’t care about heat, then by all means get the 23W.

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  10. Jimmy R. Neal

    I got these to replace the LED daylight bulbs I bought to bring down my electric use and increase the brightness of my rooms. I didn’t know that you can’t use LED in enclosed fixtures like my overhead lights and several got so hot they would blink out. several actually burned out and are useless while others burned the insulation inside some of the lights. While they say those burn cooled then CFL or incandescent that is true only with a heat sink. These give a daylight brightness that is at least as good as the LED. Though the tubes get hotter than LED the overall heat is no problem for enclosed lights. I don’t understand how that is but I don’t care because these work. The size I chose use 4 watts per bulb more than the equivalent LEDs so there isn’t much energy difference so I love them. The price was low and the shipment was trouble free.

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