Patent Of The Permanent Magnet Machine

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Conventional power sources rely on fossil fuels or secondary power sources such
as nuclear power or electricity derived by whatever means for its source of driving
All of the above sources of power suffer from disadvantages such as being the
cause of pollution, requiring transportation or transmission over long distances to
the point of use, and being costly to purchase.
Thus, there is a need for a power source which is substantially pollution-free to
operate, requiring substantially no external power, and is simple to maintain.

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Patent Of The Permanent Magnet Machine

The interaction may be the net repelling force of like Permanent Magnet poles repelling each
other thereby urging the magnetic sources away from each other, however, since
only the magnetic sources of the first set of magnetic sources are able to be
displaced under the urging of the force, the shaft is urged to rotate into a position in
which the repelling force is less.
The rotor may be substantially disc shaped, and the first set of magnetic sources
may be located in a peripheral region of the rotor which rotates together with the
The stator may be in the form of a pair of arms, which co-operates with the
corresponding rotor.
The arms of a pair may be displaceable relative to each other and their
corresponding rotor, such that a gap between the arms and the rotor may be
selectively set. The gap may be set manually, for example by a hand wheel, or
automatically, for example by a centrifugal distributed weights system, thereby to
effect control over the rotational speed of the shaft, i.e. the smaller the gap the
greater the repulsion forces between the magnetic sources of the rotor and the
The rotor may have a plurality of magnetic source receiving zones provided therein
for receiving the magnetic sources of the first set of magnetic sources.
The stator may have a plurality of magnetic source receiving zones provided
therein for receiving the magnetic sources of the second set of magnetic sources.
The receiving zones may be in the form of circumferentially extending spaced apart
The sockets may be substantially cylindrical and may be arranged in a plane
perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the shaft.

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