Outdoor Security Camera, Conico Wireless Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Home IP Camera Surveillance WiFi Cam with Solar Panel Night Vision

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【Powerful Battery & Solar Panel Powered】 Equipped with powerful 10400mAh rechargeable battery and a external solar panel, the Conico wireless outdoor security camera can be self-powered when the electricity is run out. With IP65 weatherproof level, it can work with outdoor harsh weather.
【PIR Motion Detection and Instant Alerts】 Adjustable motion sensitivity to avoid false alarms caused by other things, which make the solar powered security camera smarter to catch what you really care. Instant alerts will send to you phone once the PIR motion sensor detects motion.
【1080p HD Video and IR Night Vision】 The battery powered home security camera provides excellent night vision up to 50ft/15m with 4 infrared LEDs. With the 1080p full HD resolution, you can see everything in any dark environment through the rechargeable wifi bullet camera.
【Two Way Audio and App Live Viewing】 With the built-in microphone and speaker, be able to respond remotely in real-time. The CloudEdge app is available for downloading on AppStore or Google Play. Live view your home camera’s video via your iOS and Android phones anytime and anywhere.
【Easy Installation & Stable Connection】 The 4dbi WiFi antenna of Conico solar powered surveillance camera provides better and stable connectivity. Users can install and operate the solar outdoor camera by directly connecting to 2.4G wireless router. Easily mounted and installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Warm Tips to optimize the efficiency of Conico Solar Panel

* Please confirm to adjust the angle of the solar panel when the adjusting control on the bracket is loosed, not when the adjusting control is tightened.

*There are different intensities of sun rays in different seasons, which will affect the energy production. Please adjust the orientation of the solar panel time to time to get the maximum sun exposion.

*External factors, such as shade, leaves, amount of dust or debris on its surface, may also affect the generating efficiency of Conico Solar Panel. Please remove them regular if there are. Meanwhile, wipe the surface of the solar panel with wet tissue of cloth regularly.

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1080p Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel 1080p Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera 1080p Home Security Camera 1080p Outdoor Security Camera 1080p Indoor Security Camera
Battery Powered X X X
PIR Motion Detection X X X
Sound Detection X X
7/24 Recording X X
Motion Detection
Two Way Audio
Waterproof Level IP65 IP65 X IP66 X
Supported Device iOS/Android iOS/Android Web/iOS/Android Web/iOS/Android Web/iOS/Android
Storage Ways Micro SD Car/Cloud Service Micro SD Car/Cloud Service Micro SD Car/Cloud Service Micro SD Car/Cloud Service Micro SD Car/Cloud Service

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10 reviews for Outdoor Security Camera, Conico Wireless Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Home IP Camera Surveillance WiFi Cam with Solar Panel Night Vision

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    Anthony Todaro

     This camera is great! Has a solar panel and is very easy to use. The app is easy to setup and you can insert a card for additional storage. There are cloud options as well. The footage is good and it was easy to setup with the instructions. Night mode is great as well. This is really a nice set and forgot piece of security.

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    Ariel A.

     I finally found a totally wireless camera that don’t need maintenance. I have currently two security camera that are totally wireless but is requiring to be re-charge every now and then. The first one has a large capacity battery so the frequency of charging would be between two to three months while the second one requires about four to six weeks interval. These cameras are nowhere near at any AC supply thus I needed to bring a big battery pack to charge the internal battery. Unfortunately, my biggest battery pack has smaller capacity than what the wireless security camera has. One charge can only deliver 70% of the battery capacity, so I will have to bring another battery pack after 6 hours of charging. Although this is just once every 2-3 months. It is still a cumbersome to go up in the roof and charge the camera.This my newly purchased comes with a small solar panel that charges the battery and power the camera during the daytime while taking the power from battery during the night. This is a very bright idea. With this, I don’t have to worry about climbing to the roof and putting a portable charger. Now that I replaced my roof camera with this, all I must do is enjoy the rest of the view.This camera works with 2.5GHz WIFI which is actually works great even I put this outside of my house away from my wifi router. This has SD card slot to record its video clips and an option to be monitored through cloud. It requires an APP, i.e. CloudEdge. It is free to download and comes on both IOS or Android. The APP has also way to subscribe into Cloud Storage Service for a monthly fee although it is free to try for 7 days. Using CloudEdge, the user can configure the alarm setting and its schedule. The length of video to be recorded when the alarm gets triggered and formatting of SD card is also available to be configured using this APP. In addition, the APP supports two-way communications (intercom) when the user wishes to talk to the person within few feet of the security camera. The recorded video and images were crystal clear as it is in Full HD, and the field of view of this camera is wide upto 120 degrees according to the specs, so I can see a big area and able to zoom (digital zoom) to get more information. This security camera is rated with IP65 so I don’t have to worry about weather condition. It rained heavy in the last two days, but it is still up and running.I wish this camera has capability to store or FTP the recordings into my personal NAS and a capability to select only a portion of the monitored space for motion detection.

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    The set up was so easy, it started motion detecting immediately! I charged for a day before setting it up and the charge held really well! The picture is clear, the app was so easy to set up. It has been on all night in the freezing rain and besides a few drops of rain on the lense it is perfect. The battery is in high 70% and charging again. This is an awesome option when you don’t have a power source and want to monitor an area.

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    Thank you guys for great security camera. Was shipped fast. Solid material. I did not used a wood screws wich was included with the camera’s bracket, I used my own much longer. Camera was connected to Wi-Fi easy, just followed instructions. A router located on second floor, camera located over garage door, and Wi-Fi signal is strong about 77%. So I selected LOW MOTION DETECTOR, but any way camera is captures everything. The solar panel is GREAT!!! The camera’s battery stay all night before sunrise like 50%, and only sunrise begins the solar panel get juice to battery, cloudy morning today July 9 at 6:30 am, and battery is full charge.

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    John & Sally Smith

    Easy to use outdoor camera. This camera was so easy to set up my wife did it. The app verbally walked her through the entire setup process. The app also can alert you to motion detected and is very helpful. The picture quality and two way audio are great for my wife to let me know if I’ve done a good job cutting the grass or not. Having a solar panel is great so it doesn’t have to be hard wired to the house. It’s so easy to install and operate I bought one for my parents as well.

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    I love this security camera. first, it’s powered by the sun. It doesn’t cost me a cent. The reception of my cox wifi is weak around my backyard gate but the security camera can receive it. I am also very surprised about the picture quality it provides. I can see the postman or UPS delivers when they came in and also my neighbors walk around our front yard clearly. It has a motion detection function and notifies you if there is someone close to your house. I received several warming messages a day and all I need to do is check the app to see who is there. In my pictures, you can see the night vision make you see things just like in the day. The only thing I might be worried about is the length of the power cord. In my case, it is not a problem but if you want to put the solar panel to a different place, it can’t be too far.

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    We’ve had a lot of critter action beneath our deck and would really like to see what’s been digging around down there. It’s also nice to keep an eye on the kids having sword fights etc… We don’t have power under the deck and I really didn’t want to run a wire across the basement to do a POE camera. I’m a big proponent of solar power having had good luck with security lights back there so I gave this cam a try. The solar panel is facing due east on the side of the deck skirt so it sees the sun for only a few hours in the morning but that seems to be enough to re-juice the battery to 100%. I have the sensitivity set to high and haven’t gotten any false alarms yet which is quite different from the finicky ones I’ve dealt with in the past. This is good since it only records when motion is detected so it’s not filling up the SD card with nothingness. The instructions say that the wifi signal should be 80% or higher and I can see why, it gets choppy once it drops into the 70% range. I had to increase my 2.4Ghz power on the nearest access point and it’s been smoothly running at 82%. This means that the camera will not work very well if it were much farther from the house- this is okay for my use but others should take note that it’ll need to be close to a wifi access point. It is a hefty, and sizable camera, I attempted to show the size in my hand. The ball swivel it mounts on is able to hold it at the desired angle with a little tweaking and tightening. Overall I am pleased and if it stands the test of time I’ll look to purchase a couple more for full coverage in the back yard.

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    Cat Finder ? Thats what my wife wanted. She wanted to let our cat out in the backyard and not have to watch him close. This was the perfect solution! No Wires, Internet Hookup and Easy of Installation. Pets are like family members to most of us and if you need to keep your eye on yours this is the answer. Also when it was perfectly dark I went into the back of our closet and found More Shoes that i knew my wife had by Far ! Great addition to our home. Oh yea, the sound and two way communication is a great bonus. I even watched our cat when we went to the pet store 10 miles away.

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     I got this to use it in a corner of our open terrace, in the attic of our apartment building, and it covers a wide angle. The night mode is handy and practical, and it only activates the camera when motion is detected, so it saves battery and memory. The app to control all this is very easy to install for me, since this is my first surveillance camera and I’m not an expert.

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    I bought this camera to monitor my front door for incoming delivery packages.This camera comes with a powerful battery with solar panel so you do not have to take it down to charge it like other battery powered cameras every 2-3 months.It has 2 antennas for better and stable network connectivity.Installation was easy and quick and I was able to install both solar panel and camera alone in less than 30 minutes.Package comes with all required screws and you just need a screwdriver for installation.It comes with a manual which has step by step instructions to install a camera,solar panel and setup mobile application.I already had a cloudedge app installed on my mobile phone so adding a camera to app was pretty quick.Camera has a pretty responsive PIR sensor which sends notification to the mobile phone instantaneously and allows me to monitor all my incoming deliveries remotely from the office.I mostly stay in my upstairs bedroom during the weekend and now I do not have to come down to talk to visitors as the camera allows noise free two-way audio with live viewing.Videos/images captured by camera are crisp clear both during day or night.Please see attached images.I did not purchase a subscription for cloud based storage and inserted a 64 GB SD card to store footages locally which can be accessed anytime from mobile app per convenience.I prefer this camera over my Arlo VMS313O security camera so returned Arlo back to Walmart after comparing both for a week.Only thing I do not like is the color combination(White camera <> black solar panel).My request to the manufacturer is to make both camera and solar panel in the same color.

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