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Otdair LED Flashlight Solar Power Tactical Flashlight, Ultra Bright Flashlight, Safety Hammer, High Lumens Tactical, USB Rechargeable, 5 Modes for Outdoor, Camping, Hiking

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[Multipurpose Flashlight] 500 Lumens (max) ultra bright flashlight can be adjusted bright light to the length of 700 feets. Flashlight is equipped with emergency hammer,knife,warning function and 2000mAh rechargeable battery.
[Multi-Mode] Tactical Flashlight offers 5 Light Modes,can be also adjustable intensity from high, medium and low to strobe or S.O.S. Bottom of LED Flashlight have 120DB alarm, 5 vioces protect your safety.Sidelight offers high white lights,low white lights and Red/blue strobe.
[USB and Solar Energy] Solar power flashlight can be charged directly,using our USB cord,connect the flashlight and power supply.It can be charged by solar energy(may take 2-3 days up to battery full) .Flashlight is easy to carry and don’t worry out of charge.
[Widely Usable] Elaborate design make road side hero flashlight is widely used in many situations.As a flashlight when you camping and hiking.As an emergency hammer when you need to broken something.As an alarm when you need help.
[Warranty] Patriot flashlight’s quality can be granted.Earch purchase comes with return policy and friendly customer service provided by Otdair.Don’t hesitate to buy it as a gift for yourself.

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10 reviews for Otdair LED Flashlight Solar Power Tactical Flashlight, Ultra Bright Flashlight, Safety Hammer, High Lumens Tactical, USB Rechargeable, 5 Modes for Outdoor, Camping, Hiking

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    Krista Dudley

    I like this flashlight as it gives me a piece of mind knowing I have it available to use in case of emergencies. The light is bright & the alarm is loud.

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    E. Vason Holman

    This Flashlight is Super Bright, has Cobb LED Bulb and will last a life time, has Glass Break ,Seat belt cutter Ear piercing Alarm mode’s, Red / Blue emergency Flasher and a Magnet.and if that not enough it can charge anything USB capable with its solar panel and even chargethe flash light itself . with all that , other sights are selling it for $89.95! I am buying 5 more !

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    Haven’t been able to use the item yet so will update my review after a week or so. For now….i was kinda shocked to open the box and not find an instruction manual or at least a paper that pointed out the features the way it would when you get a new phone. Currently charging the flashlight didn’t even know about the “zoom” or how to broaden the flash until i read a frequently asked question. Things like this are simple and are usually apart of most packaging. Company sorta dropped the ball on that one. Will give a descriptive review later as i learn more about the product on my own.UPDATE TO REVIEWOk, after some fiddling and reading the FAQ area…i found how to work the flash light and to make it simple…the power button does everything. To change which feature you want to use whether the main flashlight, the red and blue flashing light on the side or the white flash on the side….all you have to do is hold the power button and click. So hold to turn on flashlight, one click each to get through the modes of the flashlight (which are bright, low and strobe). After the strobe of the flash light, one click to turn flashlight off. Once off, press and hold the power button and the side light comes on with 2 modes: bright….click the power button to lower the brightness and one more click to turn off. Once that is off you press and hold power button to get to the red and blue strobe on the side flash. One click to turn that off…..its literally you pressing and holding to get to what application you need and one click to either dim, or turn off.

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    Antonio Saurez

    This flashlight is a nice size, feels well put together and sturdy, the features are great. I’m going to get a few more of these to keep in my vehicles.

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    Otdair LED Flashlight Solar Power Tactical Flashlight,Ultra Bright Flashlight,Safety Hammer,High Lumens Tactical,USB Rechargeable,5 Modes for Outdoor,Camping,Hiking.This LED flashlight is great, you can bring this along with you in a case of an emergency. The light of the flashlight is extremely bright and the solar battery is convenient if your mobile device is out of batteries.I lake it. Great Emergency Tool

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    Susan Farmer

    Very sturdy with many clever features. Solar charging is easy. I like the lights, the siren, the seat belt cutter, and glass breaker. I bought one as a gift and one for myself. I will buy more as gifts . The packaging was very nice and arrived on time. I would suggest a user guide.

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     This is a very bright light with some great features. you can cut your seat belt in an emergency, as well as break the car glass. two additional features than just a solar powered flashlight. I keep in in between the car door and me seat so it is easy to reach. I’ve used it a dozen times, the focusing light is awesome, and it is very bright. also affordable. I always keep it charged by placing in the dashboard when it’s in the sun. its nice to know I have a breaking and cutting tool close by if i ever need it in an emergency, and a great, bright, flashlight for all the times I need one at night and while camping. would recommend.

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    Usha D

    Have used this flash light for around a week now since receiving it and below are few of my snippets on it:-> The beam of white light which falls from this Flash Light is extremely bright, focused and sharp. Make no mistake, this is a Flash Light which generates crisp beam and its sharpness I felt when I used it around 11 PM at night 1 day when my cat accidently ran out on my back yard and I needed to find her. Without any fuss I was able to locate her using the sharp beam.-> The Flash Light in itself is multi-purpose tool to be really frank and not a conventional torch. Apart from it’s primary Flash Light function, It is able to generate RED/BLUE colored flashing lights and a solid WHITE Light from the Side Solar Panels area which again are so bright that it is difficult to miss viewing them especially at night time. They are excellent attention seeking deterrent in case we had to face any problems in future or need emergency help. And then, there is a cutter on its top side which can be used to cut boxes, envelopes, etc and last lastly, there is a pointer Hammer like pointer on top side as well which is brutally strong and can be used to break the strongest of glass including a car glass too. Lastly, it has an EXTREMELY LOUD SIREN resembling Police or Ambulance Siren which acts as a S.O.S signal in case there is a future emergency just like the RED/BLUE emergency attention seeking lights would come into equation at that point of time. All these are some excellent emergency usage features bundled in a single product for instant use which is really great.-> The primary light beam when I used, it has 3 levels of High, Low & Flashing modes and I have been using mostly the Low beam function but couple of times used the High beam function too. But just wanna bring out a point that the High Beam is VERY BRIGHT and hurts the eyes of the person who comes directly on it’s path especially when very close. My wife was couple of times in front of it and the high beam is indeed very sharp for human eyes so 1 had to be very careful when using this on High beam.-> MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE: This Flash Light does not need AA or AAA batteries. It charges not only using conventional micro-usb cable when I connect it with my laptop but even better, it has 2 Solar Panels installed on its front which are integrated with the RED/BLUE/WHITE attention seeking lights so I simply put it in my patio during the day time under the Sun to get charged for free and at the same time Going Green! When the Flash Light is being charged using Solar power, I can know it-> The battery life of the torch is fine but I felt that when used with High Beam constantly, it drains the battery life pretty fast and thereby I personally like to use this product with Low beam for general purpose usage but battery life on a full charge for consistent usage is not bad if not the best.-> And then there is a feature which even I was not aware about when I bought this. This in itself is an EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE which I can use to charge my iPhone and iPad. Since receiving it, I have charged my devices 3 times using this Flash Light alone. This is a very handy feature which will come into equation during future camping trips or when I go out on Picnic with family.-> The Flash Light overall is made from solid and heavy materials and overall it is not light weight but heavy which is not necessarily wrong as in my opinion it translates to the fact that some quality materials have been fitted internally inside this Flash Light to manufacture it in the first place.After the initial usage, I have no doubts that this is 1 multi-purpose product for 1 low price and most importantly, its emergency S.O.S features when equated apart from its primary function of being a torch light and then adding the fact that I am able to recharge it using both Solar Power and using USB connection, this surely will save me money on buying AAA and AA batteries for torch lights now. An inspiring product manufactured after a lot of thought put in is what I felt. Highly recommend it.

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    Joel Alcox

    I acquired this emergency flashlight for my wife to keep in her car. The features include regular flashlight; ambient light; and, emergency blue/red flashing light. It is magnetized and can be attached to the side of a car or other metallic surface. It is rechargeable via USB cord or solar. It can charge a cell phone or tablet. It has an alarm that can be easily activated with the press of a button. And, it has a metallic pointed tip to break windows and a seat-belt cutter. It is not cumbersome and easy to handle. The price is reasonable for this all-in-one device.

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    Thomas Stewart

     This flashlight great it has everything has strobes it has emergency lights that Everything you need in the flashlight if your phone is dead you can charge your phone off of the flashlight I think Every car should have one of these

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