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Orion Motor Tech 12V Bio Diesel Kerosene Fuel Transfer Direct Current Pump Kit Nozzle Dispenser

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Featuring extra-thick copper wires, the 175W 3600rpm premium motor is made to last with minimal errors, significantly improving heat dissipation performance to lengthen service life, transfers fuel up to 45L/12Gal. per minute
Self-priming, rotating vane pump with an on/off switch and an inner bypass valve, able to lift oil up to 32 ft. of height
Orion Motor Tech’s latest self-priming oil pump features a moutable base while providing great portability, wires wrapped with premium rubber for superior durability safety
The impeller is made of cast steel for durability, combined with the sturdy copper motor, provides stable performance while delivering unparalleled suction power
Compatible with diesel, machine oil and transformer oil; non-return valve available to prevent oil flowing back for improved efficiency

Brand Orion Motor Tech




Orion Motor Tech 12V Bio Diesel Kerosene Fuel Transfer Direct Current Pump Kit Nozzle Dispenser

Attention: Not recommended for petrol, lubrication oil or engine oil.


Product Specifications

Power 175W
Pump Head Material Cast Iron
Inlet and Outlet Material Aluminum
Protection Cover Material Plastic
Speed 3600R / min
Max Suction 16.4ft / 5m
Inlet Diameter 3/4″
Cable Length 5ft / 1.6m
Voltage 12V
Pump Body Material Seamless Steel Tube
Coil Material 100% Copper
Motor Single-Phase DC Motor
Output Flowing 60L / min
Max Lift 59ft / 18m
Outlet Diameter 3/4″
Self-Priming YES


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10 reviews for Orion Motor Tech 12V Bio Diesel Kerosene Fuel Transfer Direct Current Pump Kit Nozzle Dispenser

  1. blank


    Got the pump about 3 months ago I use it every day and it’s the best

  2. blank

    Mary Lou Holt

    Very easy to use. There is nothing that we don’t like about this diesel pump.

  3. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Works great. The fittings are 1” though

  4. blank


    One email describing a problem I was having with this pump and the company (Orion Motor Tech) shipped out a new replacement immediately. Can’t beat that. … or maybe we can… because it turns out that there was NO PROBLEM with the pump. The battery I was using with the pump was failing. It would turn the pump but not quite fast enough to suck fuel up the line (I needed it go draw fuel up 4 feet). By the time I had the replacement pump connected and ready to go, the battery was so far gone that it couldn’t turn the pump at all. It was on a charger and was reading 12v but under load it couldn’t supply enough power. A new battery fixed my problem. Orion deserves 6 stars. (And BTW, that pump is a monster. At least as much flow & pressure as you would expect from a garden hose.)

  5. blank

    Robert S. Stone

    This pump is excellent for the price. I wasn’t expecting a cast iron housing for $47. we are using it to fill a 100 gallon diesel tank. It takes about 30 minutes to fill the generator, but we are pumping from a bottom connection on the supply tank, making it faster. Nearest option was three times the price. I do wish they offered one with one inch connections and a little bigger pump. Pump is smooth and quiet. This was a low cost solution for a temporary situation, so I am highly satisfied.

  6. blank

    Dave’s cyber security

    I thought I had had good small pumps before, I sure do now. This thing is a beast.

  7. blank


    Best to install 2 3/4 male pipe thread tubes with 3/4 female unions to brass 3/4 to garden hose adapters and seal with either nylon tape or thread compound. This makes connecting to hose easy and once done easy to put away. Filled 2 – 55 gallon drums in short order.

  8. blank

    gerard j moriarty

    Motor work fine transferring #2 oil, instructions could have been more concise. Did the job.

  9. blank


    Our house has two 275 gallon oil tanks for the heat and hot water system. Had to replace one of the fusible valves as the stem was leaking and packing could not be tightened. Decided to buy one of these pumps. Plumbed it with solid ¾” pvc using three 4” pieces of reinforced clear flexible pvc hose and hose-clamps. The strainer that came with the pump would have left an inch or so of oil in the tank. I had to make a sleeve to cover part of the intake strainer so it would leave about 0.25” in the tank. I used a nitrile disposable glove and cut off the thumb and tip of the thumb which slipped over the strainer perfectly and adjusted accordingly. Using a charged lawnmower battery to power the pump, transferred the oil from one tank to the other tank. Surprised how fast this pumped even with the strainer restriction. The pump worked great. Pumped out the tank below the valve connection. This allowed the valve to easily be changed. Couldn’t be more pleased.

  10. blank


    This 12 volt dc pump worked flawlessly. I needed to pump 300 gallons of number one heating oil (diesel) from 55 gallon drums into a new holding tank. The only other pumps in town for this application we’re $229. This pump is an outstanding deal for price and quality. I could not use the cheap filter that came with it however. The filter could not be sleeved into a 3/4″ hose property. That is my only problem with it. Other than that, excellent.

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