Ollivage Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Security Lights

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🌞【PIR Sensor & 2 Modes】- The solar lights outdoor automatically turns on at night. Usually it is in DIM mode whole night, while it becomes brighter when motion is detected and returns to DIM mode when the person leaves for 30 seconds. Please use the pin insert the on/off button at an angle tilt up slightly to start the lighting system before the first.
🌞【Super-Bright & 360° Rotable Spotlights 】- The outdoor solar security lights has 3 heads with 30 LEDS that can be rotated 360°, offering a good coverage of luminosity, you can easily direct the heads in your desired directions. PS: Auto on at night / Auto off at day.
🌞【IP65 Waterproof】- This solar flood light is water, heat, frost resistant for all kinds of bad weather, perfect for outdoor, garden, driveway, front door, wall, street, garage, walkways, patios, backyards, and windows, etc.
🌞【 Long Working Time & Energy Saving】 – Ollivage solar lights motion has built- in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery (2200mAh) ensures full charge at low light. you just need to place the solar panel under direct sunlight at day. No pollution, no electricity cost, energy saving and eco-friendly.
🌞【Customer Service】- We Ollivage focus on improving the customer shopping experience. If you have any issues with the solar motion sensor light, contact us directly and we would love to help you within 12 hours. Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority!

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Ollivage Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Security Lights Solar Wall Lights with Dual Head Spotlights 30 LED Waterproof 360° Adjustable Solar Motion Lights Outdoor for Garden Garage Patio, 1 Pack


solar security lightHow to turn on the solar motion sensor lights?

1.Please keep the solar panel in the darkness, then use the pin insert the on/off button at an angle tilt up slightly, you’ll hear it click and the light will lit up.

2.If the solar motion light doesn’t lit up, please charge it for 1-2 sunny days under direct sunlight without any shelter .

3.It doesn’t lit up during the daytime or when other light shining on it at night/dark since the solar light has built in light-operated sensor element.

outdoor solar lights

solar lights outdoor

solar outdoor lightsThis is a dual-head solar outdoor lights with PIR Motion Detection Sensor.

There are 360° solar panel and 360° rotatable spotlights, which can cover a wide area.

It is a qualified outdoor security light that will light up when someone approaches the house.


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10 reviews for Ollivage Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Security Lights

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    LuLu’s Dad

    I initially purchased one of these because I was skeptical about the quality based on cheap solar lights I have had in the past, I installed the one in my backyard and was amazed at how bright it was when the motion activated that feature. I love that the light stays dim unless there is motion, it provides just enough light to see and where I have them installed if they become bright then you know something or someone is there. After having the one installed for about a month and it working great I have purchased 5 additional lights and have installed them along my fence, which I have wanted to do but didn’t want to pay an electrician. Great product!

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    This solar light is really bright and adjustable. When the sensor has not been tripped it is on a low light, so there is always some kind of light. We installed this above my husband workshop door. The main light that is straight down is very bright and really lights the area. The 2 adjustable round side lights are able to be adjusted to where you want them. Best of all no wiring and even on a rainy day there is plenty of charge to be very bright. Very pleased with this purchase.

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    Brian M. Edwards

    This solar outdoor light set is very impressive.The only thing I don’t like is how it is screwed down to whatever you will attach it to.What I like;It is surprisingly compact.It is surprisingly bright for being such a compact little device.From dusk to dawn, It beams continuous “dim” light, then, when motion is detected, it goes into a full brightness mode, then will drop back to the “dim” mode.It has three light heads, two adjustable, one pre-set in the middle pointing downwards.Actually that dim mode is quite bright and lasts all night!This is a really well made device and a for the price, its a bargain.

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    It was a little tricky getting the screws placed with enough room to hang the light from, but it is now hung and working well. The motion sensor isn’t overly sensitive, so it’s not turning the light up constantly.

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    Complete versatility is the first most important thing to look for.This unit can be installed any way you’d like and as long as it gets 4 hours of sun, itwill never go out.The brightness is the second most important thing to look for.This lighting blew me away with the way you can direct the light virtually anywhere you’d like.I like this so much, 2 more of these are on my list.

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    Denise Dugan

    I have motion detection lights that need to be replaced located at side of home by carport.I always use this side door vs. front door which I keep double locked with chain lock & has porch lights.This has a smart design because it uses solar so it charges within 6-8 hours plus design of it is much better.There are 30 LED lights total : 7 on left & 7 right side which are larger size with remaining 16 in center.It turns on & off with motion then shuts off 30 seconds later.There are a lot of thunderstorms with opportunity for hurricane to come from NC or SC coast, tornados, wind, flooding, snowtstorm, etc. so it’s good it can withstand waterproof & other weather issues.It’s easy to install & comes with 30 day money back 12 month warranty so that’s good.Would be good if there was a discount for ordering more or reordering another.I am thinking this would be good to have on the shed as I have 1/2 acre & shed is at the end of property.

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    In July, after searching for a simple, solar powered outdoor motion detection light to light up the north end of our dog yard area, I found these, and purchased two of these. Even though this light initially appeared to be a bit “cheap quality”, it made me a believer of not “judging a book by it’s cover”! I absolutely LOVE IT. I love the feature that it does stay on, low beam throughout the night, but when one of the dogs goes within reach, BAM, on comes the bright light! Literally scared the pee out of one of the dogs, until he got used to it. I highly recommend this little gem for any outdoor areas needing security lighting. I’m hoping it continues to work so great for a long time! I’m buying another for the front of our garage for sure!!Earlier this month (August), though, one of the lights quit working. I noticed one of the “cells” on the square light panel was rusted, and a considerable amount of moisture had developed inside the panel cover. I requested a return, and replacement (with no problem), and I received the replacement within 24 hours!! I love these lights, definitely still recommend them, and the seller has fantastic customer service!

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    Kimberly Anne Stevens

    We put these up at our cabins in the Ozarks. Stays lit at a lower level normally but lights up bright if someone or something walks past. Nice little light, stayed lit all night long at the lower level and did brighten upon being triggered. A little expensive but well worth it to be able to see around well where we have no electricity. Came on even though we could not see what was skittering around, likely a very small critter. I could see around about 20 feet or so in all directions. It was sort of charged but needed dark to turn on as expected. Will help a little to detect mountain lions and bears when they walk by or lurk around. Much smaller than expected but was somewhat bright for it’s size. I wish it had an on off rather than a hole you have to poke with a wire but overall, it’s a great little light. If they last a long time, they will be worth the money we spent on them. If not, then I think the price is a bit high for the size. The brightest area is within 10 feet but you can see about 20 feet out with it. In conjunction with some ground lights, it’s a nice buy. I would prefer to buy several more and put one on every side of the cabin. Not bad for solar though.

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    MUST BUY !!!!!! It’s my first night with these lights and I’m super impressed of how bright they are and I only charge them for five hours honestly and they were actually going on strong one thing I absolutely love is how both lights on the side or movable and the solar panel to charge actually awesome walls 360 so you could get the right angle to face the sun And they are really easy to install it took me about 10 minutes to install both lights

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    I installed the spotlight over the weekend and waited to test it at night. I have an area on the side of my house that is dark and could use extra lighting. I did not want to have to do any hard wiring, and solar is just much more convenient living in southern California. The lights on both ends can be adjusted to any position. That was great as I needed one side to be adjusted more down, and the other side more straight. There is a low light that stays on while the motion detection is not activated. Motion detection works when you’re about 8-12 ft or so away. The light is bright, but don’t expect overbearing like some spotlights. It’s good enough for what I needed. Also, it did not have a full 8 hour charge yet, so that could have dimmed the lights slightly. I will test again tomorrow after a full day charge.Overall, great solar spotlight for the price. Works, love the ability to move the lights in directions you need, and the motion detection works as expected. Great buy, will buy more in the future if I need them.

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