OKPRO Solar Generator Portable Power Station 62500mA 231Wh Lithium Battery Pack

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Price: $228.00

SAFE & RELIABLE: Portable power station uses a battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, and extend battery service life through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, overheating protection and other functions.
Touch-Screen Button & Colorful Light: Replacing the traditional physical buttons, the new touch-screen buttons give this battery generator more stability and technology. Need to press and hold for 3-5 seconds to turn on And unique mood lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere for outdoor camping or indoor parties. The color of the light can change automatically over time or be fixed to a certain color, including white, yellow, red, green, blue, and more.
ECO-FRIENDLY CLEAN POWER SUPPLY: PURE SINE WAVE output operates even the most sensitive electronics, it’s better than modified sine wave, with intelligent CPU control mode, Key switch output, LCD display, short circuit and surge protection. Featuring standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet solar generator provides stable power to a wide range of AC powered devices from TVs, projectors to small blenders, a pellet smoker, etc. which are rated under 200 watts.
3 Ways to Charge: DC adapter input charge(7 hours fully charged),Car cigarette DC 12V power(7 hours fully charged) and from 50-100W 18V Solar power panel(Not included)(10 hours fully charged)You need to press the AC button to use the AC port
2 Year Warranty: This 200W Portable Generator is covered under a 24-month warranty and 24-hour friendly customer service from the date if its original purchase. Package including:1 * 200W portable power station, 1 * DC 15V 2.4A Power adapter, 1 * Car charging cable, 1 * User manual




OKPRO Solar Generator Portable Power Station, 62500mA 231Wh Outdoor Mobile Power Bank Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/200W AC Outlet, 2 DC Port, Solar-Ready Generator RV Battery CPAP Power Outage Kit

OKPRO Solar Generator Portable Power Station Size: 231Wh


Continuous Power: 200W

Over-load Protection: 300W

Peak Output Power: 330W

Output waveform: Pure sine wave

DC adapter input charge: 15V/2.4A

AC Output Voltage: AC110V or AC220V

Output Real Power: ≥85%

Quiescent current: <0.4mA

Under-voltage: 13.5V-15V

Over-voltage protection: 21V-21.5V

Fuse: 1*30A

Overheat Protection: >70℃

Cooling fan: Temperature control fan

Short-circuit protection: Yes

Size/Weight: 6.8*5.5*5.5in/2.5kg(5.51Ib)

Packing List:

1. 1 * 200W portable power station

2. 1 * DC 15V 2.4A Power adapter

3. 1 * Car charging cable

4. 1 * User manual

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10 reviews for OKPRO Solar Generator Portable Power Station 62500mA 231Wh Lithium Battery Pack

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    juan gonzalez

    It is amazing product and would recommend to my family and friends.

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    I like that everything is on one side. I also like the feature that allows me to turn on and off with any of the buttons. It’s also not too heavy or too light. The many power attachments makes it easy for me to charge it multiple ways.

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    Amazon Customer


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    This power station is so handy! I got it for a hiking trip just in case we needed it. It was perfect for charging 。Three methods of charging and very easy to use. Compact and powerful.Will recommend it!

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    Powerful back up power supply! this devices is super reliable and easy to carry thanks to its carrying handle, it has over voltage protection, it has intelligent CPU control!The LCD display is very convenient to have for all situation like camping or like us to film outdoors! we also charge our drones with it! it worked excellent with one of our fridges too! it is heavy duty quality!

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    The unit looks very well made and functional. Would buy again.

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    First I want to say, there was an address mixup, and I found this company to be the most responsive, communicative company ever. They answered all questions and fixed the issue quickly. I would buy from them again and recommend them.The power station….like everyone else thus far, I FIVE STAR LOVE it. I am an old hand at power stations, going back almost a decade with lead acid batteries… and solar, and love all the features on this.It came 93% charged and I got it up to 100% in about 15 minutes in so-so sun with a 100W panel. Everything else works. I have just had it a few hours, but love it. It seems well built, and as long as people follow the user recommendations I think it should last a long time.PS…I am adding to this review a few months into owning it. No troubles at all. Power out for several days… and I had a lot of fun with it. I even was able to run my slow cooker and completely cook steel cut oats. They take several hours on high. I could use an immersion coil to boil a cup of water for tea or coffee…I could run a large fan on a stand… and it works great with my folding 100W 18v panel, with the 8mm cable.It goes beyond just using for lights, computer, etc.If they ever come out with a higher watt and inverter model… I will buy it. The company is good and they try to please their customers.

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     With hurricane season just around the corner, I didn’t want to be left in the dark when the power goes out. I have a few battery backups (UPS) in my house for my computers, but they only last 15 minutes or so. I got this unit because I can charge my phones and other electronics, like my drill batteries, and because I can recharge it with a solar panel. My initial test was a 32” LCD TV. It lasted over 12 hours on a single charge. It only took about 2 hours to recharge the battery station from completely dead to completely full using the wall plugin charger. Overall, I’m really impressed at how well it works.

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    Y. R. Wu

    Summary: Powerful battery pack with a LOT of power storage, just add a solar panel and you have a portable power solution for camping, van living, etc.We do a lot of outdoor and DIY type activities where portable power is a must-have for computers, projectors, fans, etc. We also have a suitcase-style 100W solar panel that we use recharge.. This is our 4th power pack and the 1st one which can provide AC while it is charging – a really nice feature.AC Power: This provides true sine wave AC – definitely a plus for sensitive electronics and other devices as I have a few devices which won’t work on modified sine wave. To test it out I used a 20″ hedge trimmer with a 3.8A motor, which would be 437W at full power. I clipped a yew and a arbor vitae and there was no difference in power that I could see from using a regular outlet. The cooling fan came on after perhaps 10 minutes. The cooling fan is super quiet – you can barely hear it when it is on, so it shouldn’t bother you, even if you are sleeping. There is even a little light on the control panel that tells you when the fan is operating. I was also able to run some other power tools including a saber saw and an orbital sander. One nice feature is that not only does the power pack tell you the power draw in watts, it also tells you how many hours or minutes you have left in the battery pack.USB / DC Power: There are 2 coax 12V outlets and a 12V cigarette outlet. Also, 3 USB-A and 1 USB-C outlets. Like the AC outlet, when you are using the power pack, it tells you the power draw and time left, in addition to battery left. I didn’t have any good device to test the claimed 2.4A load limit on the coax outlets, though I was able to use it to power my Foxnovo smart charger, which charged 4 18640’s at the same time with no issues.Charging: The power pack comes with an AC charger and the input indicates 12V-24V is acceptable. The pack self-regulates when plugged into your car or solar panel, drawing more current when the voltage is higher. It does not tell you however, how fast it is charging so you just have to watch the % charge indication.Energy capacity: At 540 Wh, this is the largest of our 4 stations – there are many other portable power stations with a 500W power rating, but not that many with over 500 Wh energy capacity, so when you look at price, make sure you consider the energy capacity and not just the power rating.Case / housing: very sturdy case, handle is reasonably comfortable and folds down to take up less space. Big fat rubber feet on the bottom means you can put it on the roof or hood of your car and not worry about scratching it or having it slide off. There’s a nice light on the front which has 4 settings, the lowest setting is a bit brighter than I would like but I really like having it on the front so you can see where the plugs are.

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    Adventure Sport Flashlights

    My favorite feature of this power station is the display (OKPRO Power Statio 540 wh). It tells you how many hours you have left of use at the current rate of use. It adjusts as you plug and unplug items from it. It also shows you the total number of watts being used.I ran a controlled test discharging it at a constant rate of 8000ma from the 12v port and it performed exactly as advertised. I got 553 watts from it.Its nice that it comes with the heavy cord 12 adapter and also a 90 watt charger.

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