OKMEE Solar Fountain Upgraded 4-in-1 Nozzle, 2.2W Solar Powered Fountain Pump with 4 Water Styles, Solar Bird Bath Fountain for Bird Bath, Pond, Pool, Fish Tank, Aquarium and Garden

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Price: $19.99

4-in-1 Integrated Nozzle: OKMEE solar powered fountain pump for bird bath is the only one company designs with 4 in 1 nozzle. Rotate nozzle to change the different water styles. Never miss nozzles again and goodbye to frequently changing and complex installation. OKMEE solar fountain with the Patent NO. US D877,855 S
Different Water Style and Gentle Burbling Sound: 4 water styles, water up to 50-70cm jet height on sunny day. Rotate the nozzle to switch 3 different spraying modes and remove nozzle to get bubbler mode. Bubbler mode is the lowest height spray, then 1 to 3 mode from low to high
High Quality and New Technology: OKMEE pump with water-shortage protection and filtration box. Take a protection when shortage of water. Filtration box can be better for blocking dirt, dust, leaves to extends service life. Made of PET laminated solar panel ensure long lasting use in harsh environment.
2.2W Stable Water Spray: OKMEE bird bath fountain with 100% full solar panel to reach 2.2W power. 2.2W solar panel transform stronger power to make water spray more stable and lasting. Place solar powered birdbath fountain pump into water and work automatically in 3s once exposed in sun. OKMEE solar bubbler fountain aims to bring happy and interested garden life to you.
Multiple Applications: The diameter is 6.3in, and need 1.2in minimum depth to work. Perfect for bird bath, small pond, pool, fish tank, garden decoration, and water circulation for oxygen. OKMEE solar floating fountain is the best choice for you.

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Why Choose OKMEE Solar Powered birdbath Fountain?

1. 100% Full solar panel to reach 2.2W: Higher power make the water spray more stable and lasting.

2. 4 in 1 nozzle: Easy to use, goodbye to complex installation.

3. Beautiful water styles: Install nozzle get 1 to 3 mode water styles, take off nozzle get bubble mode.

4. Pump with water-shortage protection and filtration box: Blocking dirt, dust, leaves to extends service life

5. Made of PET material: PET is polyethylene terephthalate. Ensure long lasting use in harsh environment.


Solar Panel: 7V / 2.2W

Max lift of pump: 2.95ft

Max spray height: 19.7in-27.5in

Solar panel size: 6.3inx0.12in

Power of pump: 0.5~0.9W

Max flow of pump: 160L/h


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10 reviews for OKMEE Solar Fountain Upgraded 4-in-1 Nozzle, 2.2W Solar Powered Fountain Pump with 4 Water Styles, Solar Bird Bath Fountain for Bird Bath, Pond, Pool, Fish Tank, Aquarium and Garden

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    Douglas C. Meeks

     To say I was impressed with this little fountain would be a understatement, first of all it was so simple to setup it was unbelievable, you just clip on the fountain head in the position you desire and grab the suction cups if you need to anchor it in place and then just find some water. Imagine my surprise when as soon as I walked out on the deck and the sub hit, it started running. Placed it into my birdbath and after thinking it was not working realized that it requires that almost all of it be in the sunlight. Should have been obvious since it is “solar” and once I pulled it into the sun it took off, I played around with which setting I liked best and let it run. The package comes with 2 “filter” elements but as you can see you can make a filter out of anything that will not get water-logged and does not clog up the pump. It ran for several hours before it stopped because the wind was blowing the water out of the birdbath and the water got to shallow for operation. I filled it back up and it took off with no help from me but just be aware it will not operate well unless there is at least 3-4 inches of water. For what I paid and what I got in a performance vs price rating it gets 5 Stars and I need to get another one for the front yard.

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    Brenda Danner

    I love this fountain pump. Being solar it only operates when when it is sunny or lightly overcast. No need to worry about batteries. The pump comes with two extra filters and is very simple to operation. It has 4 settings that allow for different sprays or a fountain option that is like a solid shorter spray. I have attached pictures of all of the different sprays. It also comes with two suction cups that allow you to position it in the middle and make it stay. The suction cups sometimes come loose, but are easily reattached. I used mine in a large container on my deck, but it is awesome in a birdbath also, you just need to make sure you keep water on the pump when it is sunny and operating. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and am looking at getting more as gifts!

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    Bermuda sun

     I bought three of these over the past four months. Two of my friends saw the one of my garden and I bought one for them. This is a high-quality product, well designed. That’s why it’s so expensive. The one thing that is absolutely clear – if you are not going to clean the filter, it will stop working. I have some nice gardens on an urban lot and there are a lot of birds around. I bought a birdbath mostly for the look, I didn’t think the birds would actually come to it. But this birdbath is very popular, the water noise attracts birds. I did not know this, but birds take a lot of baths!! And, birds are dirty too! They leave little feathers, dirt, pieces of grain, pieces of straw, pieces of grass and all kinds of other debris, plus poop lol. Because this little fountain has a strong motor and pumps so much water, that filter gets dirty. And when it gets really dirty, the flow is restricted, and you will not see water coming out. I found a simple way to clean the fountain, and I do this every 4th day because of the number of birds coming by. Just to give you an idea, I counted 35 birds last Saturday morning over two hours. Anyway. I remove the suction cups from the bottom of the birdbath, bring it inside, and use a small toothpick to pull the filter material out of the plastic pocket. I wash the fountain in warm water, and the small filter as well. When done I compress the filter and fit it back into the pocket and I use the toothpick to position it. Takes more time to walk back and forth than to clean it. I have a very sunny garden, and this fountain pumps a lot of water. It pumps so much water, that I could not use the sprinkler attachment on the top, the water was flying out of the birdbath. This is a very good product. I think that most of the people that have an issue with it do not clean the fountain filter. You cannot use this in a popular birdbath without cleaning it. The person who is marketing this item, or designed it, sent me a letter after each fountain that I purchased, thanking me and asking for a review. Here’s mine.

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    Happy Buyer

     I live in Florida so we get lots of sunshine. As you can see from the video it works great!

  5. blank

    Scott g.

     Update. Week and still works no issues. There’s a little pull out filter this has which really makes it easy to clean without pulling anything apart. This has survived rain storm and works as supposed to. Product..It goes high very powerful! and I put a little peddle rock on it and it controls the hight to exactly how I want it . As I’ve been thru 3 on here now in 2 weeks all returned for issues and hoping this one will actually not stop working either and has held strong. I uploaded 2 video it spits in shade 1st video and goes full when sun on it 2nd video. dies when sun off down.

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    Cheryl Gavette

    At first, each of the 3 fountain dials shot the water up 13″, scary for the birds, I think. The next week I was ready to return it, as it was gray outside and it bubbled less than 1/2″. I wrote the company and they advised me to take off the fountain piece and lock the bottom part to keep the height reasonable. Today the sun shone and the bubbler is 3″ high, good for the birds and fun to watch. I appreciate the company rep who responded to my inquiry and I appreciate the sunshine, which makes all the difference! I am enjoying it and glad it doesn’t require batteries.

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    Fred S. Judkins II

    I had previously purchased a couple of other floating solar fountains that did not work well. I was skeptical, but based on the reviews am glad I did. It arrived in the middle of the afternoon ( lower sunlight) but started pumping and was still going the late faint sun light. The adjustable spray head is GREAT. I have a fairly shallow birdbath so did not want much spray and this is an option. It is love in the first hour.

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    LaVerne Chisum

     I LOVE my solar fountain! I put it in my bird bath and it took me a few days to figure out how best to use it for my purposes. When allowed to run at full solar panel it can quickly empty my small bird bath, especially when free floating. The suction cups and wires will not work in a concrete bird bath. But I soon added decorative round marble like glass that helped keep it in place in the center and even sprinkled a few on top to reduce the amount of sunlight on the solar panels. This helped reduce the spray to a more acceptable level for my use and looks amazing! Later I added some larger ricks for the birds to perch on. On cloudy days it simply bubbles the water and on sunny days it’s a small fountain spray. I absolutely LOVE it and so do my birds! I have received lots of compliments! My 4 year old grandaughter loves to play in the water with her plastic birds and frogs and I love that I can let her… she also likes to hold her hand over the spray and make it disappear and come back when she moves her hand like magic lol. No regret, no problems. Works as it should. I clean my bird bath out every couple of weeks but other than that no maintenance. I suspect I may have to start adding water more frequently when we get into the dog days of summer but right now I only add some every week or so if we haven’t had rain. Before going on vacation I will simply pull the sprinkler out and store it in a dark place so as not to run it dry… though again, since I have found a way to reduce the flow this hasn’t happened but sometimes the birds do unsettle my pretty marbles lol

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    This is such a cool device!The shipping was very quick and came packaged well.The instructions are easy to follow and set up the fountain.I live in minnesota so its a little frozen to check this out fully. I assembled it in my sink and the sun from the window was enough to get it going.I love that this is solar and works so easily with just a little sun.You can adjust the fountain pattern by moving the nozzle easily.I am very excited to use this in the spring.

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    Eric Kaminski

    Just bought my first house. Finally have neighbors for the first time in over 5 years, so I figured “why not have a nice yard or whatever”.Bought this and a cheap little bird bath from the store, and boom, got a nice little water fountain thing that birds come to flop around in.Water shoots up maybe 1 1/2 feet high. If the sun goes behind some clouds, it’ll go down to half a foot or so.Some people in the reviews are complaining about it not working well in the shade. Do you people understand what “solar powered” means? Of course the power will go down when there’s less sun.For the size and price, this thing moves plenty of water to make the birds happy and make my property look fancier than it actually is.

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