NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED COB Light USB Rechargeable Tactical Multi-function Torch Emergency Tool with Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Compass

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Price: $21.79

【7 Working Modes Flashlight】: Headlight (4-6hrs) -High, Medium and Flashing, Side White Lamp (4-7hrs) – High and Medium, Side Red Light (6-7hrs) – Flashing and Slow-flashing; Press the switch to change working mode and long press 3s to change working LED.Its beam can be focused that throws light up to an impressive 700 feet
【Car Emergency Escape Tool】: Features with window breaker break the stuck window and the seat belt cutter to cut the jammed seat belt; bring safe escape in emergencies, having a self defense LED flashlight tactical can help you get out of most sticky situations
【HANDS-FREE】: With a powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight head, you could attach it to the car or other metallic surface to use as a work light, camping lamp or emergency warning light
【Reliable and Necessary】: Flashlight is water resistant & shock resistant for use under the most rugged, emergency condition.It comes with a weather resistant anodized aluminum alloy body, easy to grip, tail with a compass for outdoors; Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking as it’s designed to withstand lots of abuse
【Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank】: This solar flashlight has a built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4-5hrs) or Solar Power (30hrs), using the USB cable to connect your phone with the flashlight (The battery needs to be greater than 20% )and charging your phone for emergency

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A Solar LED Flashlight for Lighting and A Multi-function Car Emergency Tool for Safety

NPET LED Multi-function Car Flashlight born to take care of you. Although I hope you never have to use it, but just knowing it’s there will bring you a little peace in many Emergency.

NPET flashlight will help to get you out of a jam and light your way to the right place.

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T09 T10 T10-2 T08-2
Output 268 Lumens 500 Lumens 1000 Lumens 500 Lumens
USB Input/output 5V1A 5V1A 5V1A 5V1A
Window Breaker
Seat Belt Cutter
120dB Alarm
Adjustable Focus

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1)T09, 2)T10, 3)T10-2, 4)T08-2



10 reviews for NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED COB Light USB Rechargeable Tactical Multi-function Torch Emergency Tool with Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Compass

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    This handy tool is easy to use and has a couple of unique, practical features: 1. a magnet that allows you to fix the light on the side of the car if you need both hands free or want to put the flashers onto the rear of the car as a safety signal or so someone can find you if you have gone off the road!2. It also has a chargeable battery. The flashlight’s shaft has a USB port at the end so you can recharge in the car. You can also charge your cell phone FROM the charged flashlight (this is such a GREAT feature!)3. Finally, it has a compass embedded at the end of the shaft on the screwcap (which you take off to access the USB port.)I keep this tool tucked beside my car’s drivers seat for quick access, particularly in event that my seat belt doesn’t release and needs to be cut loose or I need to break my window to get out.I hope to NEVER need those last two features but can imagine that the others may be useful in less dire circumstances!

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    This has to be the flash light of the future…I can see the next model connecting to the internet!

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    Doug tuttle

    This flashlight is just right. It is not to big or small. Very sturdy made and I checked all functions of the light. Works great. This is the one for emergencies. I love the usb connection. Charging in a power outage is great. Side light is very handy also. It puts out even bright light. The front head lamp has a more focused beam which is excellent for close up and far away night use. Overall I highly recommended this product. I will buy another one for auto and house emergency situations.

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    James Bryant

    This Car Flashlight is really a BRIGHT LIGHT Multipurpose Safety Tool. I like its many functions. The 500 lumen will light up things my other 350 lumen light can not. The strobe effect will attract attention in either color function. The one feature I would like to have been different is the red and blue strobe light. I would have preferred one with just the red strobe light. The red and BLUE looks too much like a police car light but since this function is a safety light to warn other cars of a breakdown, the light will do that job. I liked it so much, I got one for each of my cars and the cars of my children. Everything works as described in the article.

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    Ron Mills

    I don’t always trust the reviews. When the reviews are too good, I figure they might be ringers. I was skeptical & wondered how the quality would be. But this thing is solid. I’m very happy with this purchase. I’m probably going to buy one for my daughter to keep handy in her car, too. ***Update: I went ahead and had one shipped to her. 😊There is an instruction fold out. But, I didn’t spend much time with it. The flashlight was easy to figure out.Each time you long press the power button, it toggles between 3 things: the torch, the side white light and the side flashing red light.Once one of these 3 is selected with a long press, each short press toggles between the different options for each light:1) Torch has 3 options: Full Bright, Half Bright & Strobe2) Side White Light has 2 options: Full Bright & Half Bright3) Side Flashing Red Light has 2 options: Fast Flash or Slower FlashThe lights are bright and work great. The construction is solid. And because of the solid construction, I have no doubt that the seat belt cutter and the window smasher will work well. My finger doesn’t even come close to being able to slide in to get cut. And I don’t think a child’s finger could fit either. The magnet is very strong.I briefly plugged in the USB connection both ways. Charging the flashlight was working. But I couldn’t tell how fast it was charging. **UPDATE There is a flashing red light next to the USB ports on the bottom of the flashlight (under the compass) to indicate that the flashlight is being charged. The red light stops flashing and stays on when the battery is fully charged. After It was full, I unplugged the charger. Then later, on two occasions, I plugged it in again. Both times the light stayed on with no flashing. So the battery didn’t leak any of the charge during non-use of the flashlight in that amount of time. It stayed fully charged. **A few days later…I have now tried this multiple times. The red light has not started blinking any of these times to indicate that it is charging. The flashlight apparently stays completely charged with non-use, at least for several days now.I also sampled charging my phone with the flashlight. That was working too. And, it went from 69 to 70 to 71% in fairly good time.I’m gonna try a solar charge. And if it changes my rating, I will update my review. **Update: I left the flashlight sitting on my bedroom window sill with the solar panel facing towards where the morning sun would be shining. There’s a green light that’s on when it is able to charge with sunlight. When I checked it in the afternoon, it wasn’t getting direct sun anymore and hadn’t for awhile. And the green light was still on to indicate that there’s enough sunlight to charge. No idea how fast it’s charging or when it’s full. But, the solar charging function seems to be working. And, it does not need direct sunlight. ***After letting the flashlight charge by sunlight on my window sill, I plugged it in to charge with usb. Light indicator next to the usb charge port reflected that it was already fully charged with the solar charging.I didn’t buy it for the compass. But, it works. It’s pretty much a standard, simple, manual compass. It would definitely come in handy if your other options (like a cell phone or a better quality compass) aren’t working. It moves towards north. But I usually have to juggle it abit to make sure it’s loose and moving freely. I think that’s pretty standard with a simple manual compass like that. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a position where I’d need to rely on the compass. But, it does point to north and definitely would work in a pinch. But, again, I didn’t buy it for the compass. I was more interested in immediate type car emergency situations… being able to smash a window, cut a seatbelt, see in the dark and alert other traffic or maybe shine a beacon. And, I do feel confident having it handy for such emergency situations, God forbid. It will definitely be very handy to have for other situations too: car repairs, electrical outage, hiking, etc.Btw, it shipped quickly too, even using the free shipping option. It even arrived on Sunday, which I found odd. I think I’ve received a shipment on Sunday before. But, I thought that was a holiday thing. Pleasantly surprised.I skipped over the less expensive ones with the not-so-great reviews. I also avoided the ultra expensive choices. This one has more of what I was looking for anyway.I’m very happy with this purchase. I think you probably will be too. I hope my review helps.

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    Steve K

    Ordered 1 for my wife’s car, and it looks reasonably well built, and has enough features (rechargeable batteries, seat belt cutter, window smasher, LED lights, and magnet to attach to metal) to make it a good value for the money. So I may buy one for each member of our family as Christmas gifts.

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    Great compact and multifunction design ideal for emergencies.[UPDATE January 19, 2020] I need to buy another NPET flashlight model “T10-1” (500 Lumens), but when trying to look for it on all products are redirected to the sales page of the basic model “T09” (which has a compass and has no alarm, nor Red and Blue strobe lights) with “mixed reviews” of the three models (T09, T10, T10-1). Could someone please indicate when they will place the “NPET T10-1” model back on sale?

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    Great car addition. The magnet allows me to stick it right under the driver seat it sticks to the metal tracks underneath for easy access. All the functions worked well when I tested them and it charged right up.

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    Ima Person

    WOOOWWWW ultimate survival tool to keep in the car. This thing is way more awesome than I expected. It’s heavy with a ton of features so if you want like a camping flashlight just get something basic. This has 3 light modes, several bar light modes on the side including flashing bright red… A MAGNET to stick on your car, a seat belt cutter and a COMPASS. The USB charging is rad and shows a solid light when it’s done. I’m bringing this camping because it’s just too fun to not. It’ll have a home in my car for sure. I feel safe owning this and I’m super happy about it. For real.

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    This flashlight will be put to good use this winter, but the few times I have already turned it on, it worked very nicely. It is going to take a bit of practice to figure out how to turn the flashlight head on vs. the lighting strip. Once the strip is lit, though, holding the on button down changes it to a red emergency light with flashing feature. The compass, glass breaking extension, and seat belt cutter make this a perfect travel safety tool. I like the solar strip along the handle that is pretty large for the size of the flashlight. Time will tell how the recharge rate goes. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

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