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NinjaBatt Portable Power Station with 288Wh Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet

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NINJABATT’S TRADITION: Amazon’s leading battery brand is proud to present its new portable power station. Equipped with a huge 288Wh backup battery, our power station can supply power to electric devices of up to 300 Watts(!) and act as a charger for smaller electronic devices.
COMPLETE YOUR EMERGENCY KIT: Our battery generator is a must have for anyone undergoing power outages or natural disasters. Charge your electronics with our multiport power generator that includes 4 USB ports, 12V/24V DC outlets, AC port and an emergency LED lights.
PERFECT FOR CAMPING: Small in size yet very powerful – our portable solar generator is able to power up almost any electronic device you can take camping. From CPAP machines, phones and lights to mini fridges, TV’s and more.
EASY TO CHARGE: Never run out battery with NinjaBatt’s mini generator. Our portable power supplier can either be charged through a wall outlet, through your car & truck lighter socket or through a solar panel (of 60W-100W). You can even charge your electronics while re-charging Ninjabatt’s camping generator.
SAFE AND QUIET OPERATION: Our portable power generator is equipped with an advanced battery management system for a safe operation and a PURE SINE WAVE inverter which means it will smoothly run any electronic device rated below 300 watts. Combined with our full 1 year warranty – It is the perfect charging station.

Brand NinjaBatt



NinjaBatt Portable Power Station with 288Wh Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, QC3.0 USB, 12V/24V DC & LED Flashlight, Power Supply for Home Outdoor Camping Fishing Emergencies CPAP

Portable Power Station

NinjaBatt Portable Power Station

NinjaBatt Portable Power Station

Our Logo

Battery-Powered Charging Solutions

NinjaBatt is a leading battery and battery-powered charging solution brand.

Our new portable power station was built using high-quality materials and an advanced power management system.


Juice up. Anywhere, Anytime!

Our new power station is a real power house.

Carrying a capacity of 287Whs, our power station is still very light-weight, making it easy to carry around.

It is packed with connectivity ports and a pure sine wave AC output, which means you can use it to power and charge virtually any electronic device.

Whether you’re going on a road trip, in need of a back-up battery or wanting to complete your emergency kit, NinjaBatt is the way to go.

  • 4 USB ports, 12V/24V DC outlets, AC outlet, emergency LED lights
  • Powers up CPAP machines, mini fridges, lights, TV’s and more
  • Charge your phones, laptops, and other USB devices – MULTIPLE times
  • Recharge easily with AC, solar panel or cigarette lighter port

Connectivity ports

Mutlti-Port Charging Unit

With so many connectivity ports, you can virtually power up any device:

  • 4USB ports: 2 X Quick Charge 3.0
  • 1 AC port: Pure sine wave output.
  • 4 DC ports – 3 X 12V/4A, 1 X 24V/3A
  • Cigarette Lighter port


Juice Up. Anywhere, Anitime!

Without compromising capacity, our portable power station is light weight, small in size but sturdy and ready to go!

Light weight

Real Power House

Simultaneously charge multiple devices – multiple times with our high-capacity mobile power unit

NinjaBatt Portable Power Station

Piece Of Mind

We integrated an advanced battery management system that controls voltage, temperature, has a short circuit protection, active battery balancing and more.

Off grid

Go Off-Grid

Our power station comes with MC4 cables so you can charge it using solar panel (not included).


Extremely Portable

Our power station is the outdoor lovers’ BFF. Whether your camping, fishing, hunting or hiking – we’ve got you covered

Additional information


Part Number


Item Weight

7.48 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.4 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches



1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Power Source

Battery-Powered, AC, Car Lighter DC, Solar-Powered


110 volts


300 watts

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

Lithium Ion



Date First Available

August 27, 2019

10 reviews for NinjaBatt Portable Power Station with 288Wh Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet

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    Jack S.

    Charged it first using 110v plug. Charged completely in about 6 hours. Plugged my cpap machine into the 110V outlet and used it first night. Next morning it was still at about 90 percent. So I used it a second night and the next morning still at about 75% charged. I didn’t use it a third night but I’m fairly sure it would have run fine. We travel 4-5 months of the year and have dry camped using my older very heavy and bulky B&D back up which would only run my Cpap about 4 hours then I would have to revert to the 12 volt on board batteries. My Cpap Dream Machine will run on a 12 volt system also. I prefer not to drain the RV batteries to run my cpap when dry camping. I am impressed by this units staying power. After this years trips I will try to remember to do an update.

  2. blank

    Trenton Schoeb

    I bought this item specifically to run my CPAP machine during power outages. I selected it because it seemed to have fewer negative reviews for this purpose than other similar items. My machine is a ResMed AirSense 10, a 24V machine, set at 7 cm H2O pressure. I don’t use the humidifier unless the humidity is really low. After receiving the NinjaBatt I connected it to a 110V outlet and let it fully charge, the unit then indicating 12.6V. (The fan is a little noisy, but that is not an issue since obviously I won’t be charging it that way if the power is out.) First I tried using the 24V power cord (Amazon #B07RFH6JQJ). After 7 hours and 53 minutes of use the unit showed 11.9V and 5 bars on the meter, and indicated a power usage of 5W, so clearly the NinjaBatt could run my CPAP machine for several nights if necessary. Out of curiosity, I also tried running my machine by plugging its power adapter into the 110V output of the NinjaBatt. After 7 hours and 48 minutes of use, the meter showed 11V and 4 bars, so this way uses a little more power than using the 24V cord. (No surprise there.) Overall, I’m pleased with the NinjaBatt. I haven’t used it yet with my machine’s humidifier on, but I’m confident it would have plenty of power for at least a night or two with humidification, and if I had to, I could recharge the Ninjabatt from one of the cars.

  3. blank


    I really like the compactness and ease of operation. I like to keep a cell phone /computer charger around in case of a power outage. This fits this role perfectly. The price of lithium batteries has gone down to the point that I can stretch my budget to get this. I had ruled out Goal Zero years ago due to cost. I like to be prepared so 5/6 years ago I fashioned a U1 deep cycle battery in a home built plywood box. Put in usb and lighter ports and volt meter and installed battery maintainer. I have used it constantly but its very heavy to lug around and I need to replace the battery. I was searching for batteries went I found this item. Glad I did. I am considering buying another unit for my vehicle. In these trying times we often buy things for prepping that we never use. This is definitely something I’m using regularity for phone charging. The AC inverter is nice feature as are the led lights.

  4. blank


    It’s a five-star item. Reasons: 1. High mah capacity. 2. very light weight, easy to carry around since i travel from office to office 3. when it’s in use, it doesn’t get hot like other power banks i have purchased 4. it lasts a long time 5. it takes only about 5 hrs to be fully charged. Love it!!!!

  5. blank


    Was in the market for one of these and after doing ALOT of research (long story short) I decided to take a chance on this The NinjaBatt, and I am glad I did this thing is great, and has lots of options, great warranty, and the size and weight were suprising as it was smaller and lighter then expected (which is a great thing)! I like this thing a lot, so far so good and only time will tell how good it really is but it definitely exceeded my expectations on the first go.

  6. blank

    Jack W

    Seems to be a well made product. Compact and lightweight. Charges quickly on house current. I haven’t tried charging in the truck yet, but since I bought this for use in our travel trailer, I will be recharging when on the move. Watched a full length movie with this little battery powering both a 12 volt flat screen tv and 110 volt blue ray player. Display showed some power remained after the movie ended. I think this a good purchase and based on my limited experience and expectations, I would recommend it.

  7. blank

    John Elliott

    Much cheaper than its named counterpart, works great. Very well made and last all night powering my rasa 11″ telescope with 3 cameras, mount, tec cooler, computer, ipad & auto focuser! 5 stars in my book!

  8. blank


    I have been using the NinjaBatt for a few weeks now and have been very impressed. I charge it with a 100W solar panel and unlike some of the other portal power stations the NinjaBatt seems to pull every last drop of power out of the solar panel and charges quickly. Is full noon sun it was pulling 86 watts from the panel which is what the panel is capable of producing. The number and variety of ports really comes in handy for charging all of my gear and the 24v port has enough power to run my laser engraver, allowing us to take it to shows to do custom engraving on location. The fan is almost silent and seems to keep the temperature down.We had our power panel replaced so I had a good chance to test out the capacity. It keep our Internet router, my laptop and a second monitor running the whole time the power was out. I also tested it again with a kill a watt meter and it provided about 250 watt hours of AC, about 86% of the rated capacity which seems reasonable for a AC inverter running on batteries.Overall I am very happy and would recommend the NinjaBatt.

  9. blank


    My first Ninjabatt failed after just a couple of uses. The AC power inverter would just start beeping and wouldn’t power anything. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Ninjabatt support took care of me and shipped a replacement via Amazon. The replacement has been rock solid and I use it daily. In fact, I have two of them that I use daily to power my fully off grid, work from home office in the mountains. I use one to power my cellular internet hotspot and cellular booster. I use the other to keep my laptop and iPhone running strong all day. I love my little Ninjabatts!

  10. blank


    I keep this next to my bed permanently plugged in with my internet modem plugged into it. I got it for power outages so I can stay on the internet. I haven’t had an outage since getting it so I don’t know if my internet will stay up even with the modem still plugged in. It is very silent. Just a little hum barely noticeable. I bought some led lights as well so between the two I have a little bit of security being able to maneuver and find out what is going on since I live alone.

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