Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow shower head – Fixed Showerheads

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Corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
Adjustable 9-jet turbo massage
Consistent flow rate, regardless of water pressure
Self-cleaning, non-aerated spray, making it maintenance free
1.25 gpm saves you up to 30% more energy and water

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Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow shower head – Fixed Showerheads

ch showerNiagara Conservation Earth Massage 3-Spray Fixed Shower head

For over 30 years, the Niagara Conservation Earth showerhead has been well known and respected for it’s performance and affordability. Equipped with a patented internal pressure compensater, the shower head provides a consistent output and flow of water regardless of available water pressure.

This is an important feature since Niagara Conservation showerheads are water saving shower heads as the overall amount of water is reduced, resulting in water and energy savings for the household. Niagara Conservation products are preferred by professionals and consumers alike because of their ability to conserve energy and water without sacrificing quality. For these reasons, millions of Niagara Conservation shower heads are sold annually.

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10 reviews for Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow shower head – Fixed Showerheads

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    Correction, the neck IS adjustable:Works very well, but it sprays way to high, it really needs an adjustable neck which is unavailable on Amazon. I ended up buying an adaptor at the local hardware store, the adaptor was more expensive than the shower head. It would have been better if it was built in at a slightly higher price.My appologies and correction. After using this unhappily for several months, I bought a new Delta 1.5 GPM shower head with an angle adjustable head. When I was installing it, I saw that the Niagara unit actually had the adjustable angle feature built in, it was just very tight (possibly a good thing).The issue was my stupidity, not the design.That said, the Niagara unit has worked flawlessly and looks far better than the Delta unit, the five stars take into account the exceptionally good price. I just wish it came in brass!Sorry Niagara.PS, one issue remains, Niagara never bothered to answer and correct my error. Makes the argument that the customer’s opinions don’t matter.

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    The Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM shower head is a must-have for me. I’ve been using these shower heads for years in every house I’ve lived in. Four houses so far, so I’ve purchased a half dozen or so over the years and each has worked perfectly. I don’t really use the message settings. I like the full pattern flow the best. But, the fact that this shower head only uses 1.25GPM has been great. Here’s why. I installed on-demand electric water heaters in three of the houses I lived in, and now have only a 12 gallon electric water heater in my current house. With on-demand the efficiency of the heater (that is, the electricity used) is directly related to the volume of water that has to be heated and the temperature of the water entering the heater. So, I have been able to use a smaller capacity water heaters in each house thanks to these low-flow shower heads. And, let’s face it, you don’t need to be dumping all that wonderful hot water (and hard-earned money) down the drain. Get one and stop wasting water and money! It will pay for itself in short order.

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    If you are looking for a quality low flow shower head this is the one!We live in a very small RV park and the new owners are doing their best to upgrade as much as they can as quickly as they can but unfortunately the shower heads in both the men’s and women’s shower houses fell through the cracks and were overlooked in this process. Since they already have enough on their plate to deal with I took it upon myself to hunt down something more appropriate because, well let’s just put it this way, the old ones were nothing more than “piddle-drip” and both my husband and I take showers in there when the other one of us is utilizing the hot water in our coach for dishes or washing a load of laundry at the time. The county we live in has ordinances that restrict the amount of water pressure and the “piddle-drips” just weren’t cutting it.While searching I found this shower head and after reading the reviews and the product description I decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did!! This head transformed the low pressure “piddle” to a much more enjoyable experience! And the fact that they are such low flow made the park owners happy to save money and the other residents here who use those showers even happier!! Park manager has been getting a lot of raves on the performance of these new heads and it makes her happy when residents are happy……a win-win for everybody!The only downside is for women with long thick hair it’s better to use the stronger stream setting instead of the spray setting for quicker and more thorough rinsing of their hair……..otherwise I highly recommend this shower head. This isn’t some lightweight hunk of junk that feels cheap and questionable, this head is quality and has weight to it. It performs exactly as described and is super easy to install (we used plumber’s teflon tape to wrap the threads on the pipe before installing and didn’t have any issues with leaks either). The transition from spray to stream is smooth as silk and easy enough for some of our arthriticly challenged residents to operate.If you’re looking for a “waterfall” look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a good quality simple low flow head that performs well this one is your ticket!

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    My water is VERY hard. TONS of mineral and calcium deposits. If we forget to put salt in our tank, in about a day or two, out shower walls and toilet is yellowy-orange. This shower head has really stood the test of time in my house. I don’t need to watch my water consumption because I have well water and do not pay for it, but I feel better that I am. If you get random water jets going different ways, invest in a toothbrush. Goes around the part with the toothbrush once or twice and BAM, brand new. I’ve spend a lot of money on shower heads from Amazon and Wal-Mart and this is my favorite. I’ve gone up to just over $40 for a single shower head and have hated them all. When you take it out of the box, you’ll feel cheated because it is completely plastic, but I promise you, for $8, this showerhead is heaven-sent.I suggest buying this in conjunction with the Niagara Earth Massage Handheld – 1.5gpm and Delta Faucet U4920-PK 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter with Handshower Mount, Chrome. These two shower heads makes a really nice shower and it’s nice when your showering with someone else to be able to just turn both heads on and hand them the handheld one.

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    Mike S.

    This shower head is definitely going to help me save water over my previous shower head. It is a BIG improvement over the 2.5GPM head. It does take a little longer to get wet and rinse clean, but the proportion of time is better than the wasted water. I did, however install a double outlet manifold (search for ASIN B00XZXARLQ) to keep my hand-held shower head available to reach spots this can’t, and to help with cleaning. Combined, this makes the perfect solution for me.Now, the WARNING:Because the spray is finer than high-flow shower heads, the evaporative cooling effect will probably require you to turn the hot water a little higher compared to the cold. Closer to the shower head, the temperature is higher, as expected. But if you back away, the water cools quickly due to the finer spray.

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    Loren S. Young

     Ordered on Tuesday, received on Wednesday, got to love amazon prime!! Here is a quick overview of what this shower head looks like and runs like. Seems really powerful for the fact that I am using half the water flow. Went from 2.5 GPM to 1.25 GPM on this shower head. Good construction, the head of course is plastic like everything else these days, but what I did like was that the important part that threads onto your shower neck is actual metal. Looks like chrome plated brass, but thats always the place these stupid heads fail, because the plastic won’t hold up. These should be good for the long haul, and for a little over 8 bucks and free shipping, you can’t go wrong. I ordered 2 for both my showers, and had them both installed in 5 min total. Great item, great price, can’t wait for the savings to start rolling in.

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    Edited 2/2/2020The adjustable shower mode swivel function broke about a week ago. All I did was turn it to one pressure mode, and when I tried to turn it back, it would not work. I will say the swivel had gotten progressively harder to use in the past 4 months or so, probably from hard water build up. I only paid $8 for it, so I’m fine with that.Previous review: Dec 10 2018If you’ve got low water pressure, you need to get this bad boy right here. I thoroughly enjoy my showers these days, after installing this lovely piece of workmanship. It’s only been a short timeframe so I can’t comment on how much money I’m saving by using it. However, I CAN comment on how the water now hits the back of the tub and how easy it is to turn the nozzle to change the type of spray the showerhead gives out. Our hair washes easily and quickly and it doesn’t take 20 years to wash the soap off my body like it used to. I’m a huge fan, and recommend these to everyone.

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    Michael Huerta

    I purchased from 2 different buyers. One buyer was from “Take A Shower LLC” and the other was “Amazon Warehouse Deals, Inc”. Both were about the same price point, arrived around the same time, but one was a pretty obvious knock off. The shower head from “Take A Shower LLC” did not have the Niagara Shower logo, but rather an “Conservation Group AM” logo. It was difficult adjusting the moving parts such as the swivel & pressure adjustment, and I would not waste my effort on installing such a poor quality item from “Take A Shower LLC”. Another notable key difference that makes these shower heads a specialty item is the low water usage. The knock off clearly states it uses 2.0gpm where as the real one says it uses 1.25gpm. I had not had the displeasure of using the one from “Take A Shower LLC” because frankly they never delivered on the item requested. Amazon is always a trusty, but do be wary of those try to sell a chrome plated turd. Apart from the bad merchant the Niagara shower head is wonderful. I had used other low flow shower heads, but this one does not feel like a low flow. The jet spray feature is especially handy when you’re looking for power of a high pressure shower.

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    Since we moved, our water bills have been much higher than our old place. Even though we were using less water than our old house. We average about 6,300 gallons of month for a family of 4. I replaced both bathroom shower heads with two Niagara 1.25 gallon per minute heads and put in a 1 gallon per minute aerator on the kitchen sink. Grand total invested = $22.These shower heads function just fine and I had zero problems just threading them on hand tight without any drips or leaks. I will admit that going from a 2.5gpm head to a 1.25gpm head is a noticeable difference, but the water savings is well worth the compromise. My wife just switches the head to “massage” to get the extra pressure to get her hair washed the way she likes. I don’t feel the need to do that…the regular setting works fine for me.First bill (only used the heads for 20 days of the bill) we cut our water consumption down to 4,400 gallons! Saved $23 on our water bill. So they paid themselves off in less than a month. Plus we can feel good for saving water and the energy to involved with treating it.Little things add up.

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    J. K. Whiting

    I bought this to save water (obviously). We have two bathrooms and my wife and I shower in different bathrooms. I first installed this in my wife’s bathroom to see if she thought it was good enough. She found that it didn’t spray the water out with enough pressure for her to wash her hair, so I switched it to the other bathroom where I shower. After using it for a few days, I realized that the spray pressure drops a fair bit once you are more than about a foot from the shower head. The water temperature also drops off as the water travels through the air. This is the result of the small size of the water droplets. I have been using this for about two weeks now and I think it works fine.My wife is a foot shorter than me and the bathroom I use has a low ceiling, so the shower head is a few inches from my head, but about a foot and a half from my wife’s head. I am considering getting a shower head arm to lower the shower head height in the bathroom where my wife showers and having her try this again. I think she would like it if the shower head was less than 6 inches from her head and then we could cut her shower water usage in half.

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