N.P. Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with PEM and SPE Technology, Up to 1500PPB,Portable Hydrogen Water Maker,Hydrogen Water Machine,New Technology Glass Water Ionizer (Black)

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[ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY] — DUPONT Proton Exchange Membrane — This WATER IONIZER comes with state-of-the-art technology based on Solid Polymer Electrolysis /SPE/ and uses PEM ionic membrane for maximum hydrogen retention.Getting rid of chlorine and ozone residue, you’ll be left only with hydrogen rich water.We use premium non-toxic Platinum coated Titanium electrode plates,which doesn’t leach toxic nickel, molybdenum or chromium into the water like cheap ionizers.
[HIGHER EFFICIENCY] — You get top Hydrogen concentrates faster from 1.0 ~ 1.5 PPM in a 3 or 5 minute cycle and 2 PPM plus when you double cycle like we always recommend you do, plus negative ORP ranging from -350 to -600Mv for beneficial ORP.
[100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] — Every Hydrogen Bottle purchase comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee, One Year Hassle Free Warranty, and a friendly customer service.Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.
[REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BODY] — With regular use, purified HYDROGEN WATER will simply reset your metabolism, helping prevent bad cholesterol and slowing down the aging process. Rich in antioxidants, it helps improve sleep quality, fight off inflammation and improves your skin’s health in a natural manner.
[ONE YEAR WARRANTY] — Take your HYDROGEN ENRICHING WATER SYSTEM with INSULATED WATER BOTTLE; Every Bottle comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee, One Year Hassle Free Warranty, and a friendly customer service – We Have SPARE GLASS for your peace of mind.

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10 reviews for N.P. Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with PEM and SPE Technology, Up to 1500PPB,Portable Hydrogen Water Maker,Hydrogen Water Machine,New Technology Glass Water Ionizer (Black)

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    Rhinda Danley

    I had issues at the beginning but figured out the bottom part needs to be on tight…. The lid needs to be placed but not screwed on otherwise it will pop open and you get water all over the place. Now that I figured it all out, I love it! Need manifying glass to read the instructions with my prescriotion readimg glasses. I may need to buy more for christmas presents!

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    Amazon Customer

    I bought this great product second time for my friend. Not only for the beautiful looking, but also its benefits for our life. Now I use this fantastic product every day for drinking hydrogen water. It is so worthy. You should own it.

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    Angie Mendoza

    Great product! This water bottle is insanely nice. I have had it for 3 days and I love it! Very easy to use and very fast!This hydrogen water generator works perfectly and is superior in quality for the price.

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    Easy to use, Easy to Charge and Ejoy the Benefits.

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    R. J. Linkens

    Easy to use ! Water tastes great I’ve used filtered and distilled water VERY responsive company !

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    I’ve been in the hydrogen industry for years selling generators including for health.The model I purchased for personal use it works very well.I remem

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    Amazon Customer

    Highly recommended, the product packaging is beautiful, after using it, I feel that my sleep and energy have improved, the taste is very good, the warranty period can be replaced, and I am very happy to receive the product!

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    Got my unit a couple days ago. Unpacked it, read the instructions, started using it……. works great.Unlike some of these units, which appear to have very cryptic instructions poorly written, the instructions for this unit are clear and understandable.The most important thing to remember with these units is DO NOT tightly close them when they are operating. Doing so will insure you get leakage of water as the unit creates O2, O3, and H2. Also.. do not over-fill. there is a fill mark on the glass bottle.. which = 8 ounces of water.The second most important thing to remember is to insure you are operating the unit in a well ventilated area as it will outgas both O as well as H. Some of the O will be in the form of O3 which is harmful to your lungs if inhaled in quantity. Personally, I operate mine with the top cap lightly resting on top of the unit and the unit sitting on my stove with the vent fan running, which will purge the O2 and O3 from your home as the unit works.O2 and 03 you say.. what’s up with that.. this is supposed to create H2 in the water. FACT: the unit creates H2 through electrolysis of the water in the container. You cannot get any H2 without also getting O2 and some O3. It is chemically impossible.. so.. follow the directions closely and make sure you vent and purge O2/O3 after the unit is finished. O3 is easy to detect with the nose because it has a light acrid electrical smell to it.Third most important thing to do is use a good quality bottle water, NOT distilled water and NOT tap water. Distilled water is great for rinsing and cleaning the unit, but it inhibits electrolysis because there are not impurities in the water to aid with the process. Tap water is bad because the process of electrolysis will outgass Chlorine from the water… which is more toxic than any O3 formed. Personally, I use a bottled natural spring water (brand is of little importance).The final important thing is remember to do as the instructions state.. and do 4-5 cycles and toss the water at the end. This process gets the components responsible for the electrolysis active and operating optimally. It also insures you purge any latent contaminants from the manufacturing process.HOW CAN YOU TELL IT WORKS? Easy.. if it is working it will be bubbling small bubbles through the water from the bottom and some of that will vent out the top. The supplier recommends you run two cycles on good quality spring water to obtain ~ 2ppm of H2 in the water at completion. To confirm actual H2 levels though, you will need an H2 water test kit (which are available on Amazon for 25-30 dollars).HOW DOES THE WATER TASTE: different tastebuds will detect differently, but I find that the water I use is sweeter and “wetter” after 2 cycles of the unit. It tastes very much like fresh artesian well water fresh out of the well, and is notably softer, sweeter, and wetter tasting than the same water from the same bottle before treating.All in all, I am pleased with the unit, and it is superior to H2 tablets, less expensive, and actually a pleasing experience watching your water be converted by the unit to Hydrogen enriched water.

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    Read about all the great benefits to alkaline water and so I bought one a while back for a friend and she raves about it so much I had to get one for myselfI bought these for my friend for his birthday and he thinks it’s cool and high tech. Now I see him with it almost every time we meet. He said it is convenient and thank me for it. Thank you!

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    V#C, III

    It tastes really good and the more I use it the more I want the water rather than the tap water.Love this bottle! Awesome quality . Simple to use and although I can be a skeptic.. the water definitely tastes cleaner .. to me it’s like the water from a gardenhose we drank from as kids. I’m all about anything that gives me a cleaner, healthier water. The light effects are super fun too ..

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