MOOLSUN Solar Charger 24W Portable Solar Panel Charger with 3 USB Output Ports ETFE Foldable Camping Travel Charger for Tablet Ipad iPhone and More

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  • Foldable and Portable: The Foldable Design Make the Solar Panel Charger with Smaller Folded Size and Portable to Take Anywhere You need;
  • High Quality With High Efficiency: Our Solar Panel Charger Is Made From High Quality Material, the Solar Cell Seriously Chosen. The ETFE, EVA ,PCB Board are Purchased From Branded Manufacturer. We Have Serious Quality Control During the Process of Manufacture and Test.
  • Multiple Function With Unique 3 USB Port Controller: Our Solar Panel Charger With Unique 3 USB(QC) Voltage Controller, Which Can Be Used To Fast Charge For 3PCS of USB Devices At The Same Time, like Phone, Tablet, Power Bank and 3.7V Battery or Powerbank;
  • Dualable Design With Long Life Span:The ETFE Surface and Precision Stitching Withstand Rugged for Outdoor Use and The ETFE Surface That Protect The Solar Panel Much Better;
  • Long Assurance: We Have Professional Team Working In Solar Industry and We Can Response Effectively to Our Customers;



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MOOLSUN 24W Solar Panel Charger

The 24W solar panel charger converts solar energy into electricity and charges the device. With a 22%-25% conversion rate. Monocrystalline High efficiency and Foldable Portable Design, Easy to take anywhere. Rugged durable enough to withstand most weather and environment conditions in the wild. The solar panel with dual-USB outputs. Charge up to two USB devices simultaneously.

Product Specifications

Peak Power: 24W
Power Voltage: 5V & 5V & 5V
Power Current: 2.1A
Output Port: 3 USB Ports Integrated Built In
Weight: 0.74KG/1.63Lbs/26.1Oz
Extended Size: 23.1*12.8*0.1inch
Folded Size: 12.8*7.5*0.6inch
With a Stand? Yes
Manufacture Art: ETFE+EVA+Mono Solar Cell+PCB+Fabric

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    Displaced Desert Rat (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few different ones over the years for backpacking, and this is the best portable solar panel I’ve ever had. It seems like the technology has come a long way and this panel shows it. For starters, the solar panels are actually embedded into the material, so that there is no seam where dirt and water could get it. I really appreciate that since backpacking trips are not usually the place you want to find out your solar panel got damaged by the rain. The integrated charge controller is also a very nice feature. I’ve had some that required their own battery pack, a separate charge controller, or a proprietary cable. This one keeps it simple by requiring only USB cables, and although the USB ports say that they deliver 1 Amp, you can see in my photo that I’ve gotten up to 1.5 Amps out of it (this was around 4 or 5 in the afternoon). That makes sense though, because if the panel is rated at 24 Watts, that is equal to about 4.8 Amps, so divided by the 3 ports it would give you about 1.5 Amps per ports. I guess, the label is stating the minimum output. The panel is relatively light… Compared to a brick, this only weighs 27 ounces, but if you’re into ultralight backpacking, it’s going to be a bit much; then again, this isn’t on your list to begin. Anyway, at 27 oz. it is at the limit of what I would consider acceptable gear weight. For extended outings, it’s a great tool, but even for day hikes, it’s not too bad to carry around. It folds up nicely, it has a nice stand/leg, and plenty of grommet holes you can use to clip or hang it. The fact that is has three USB ports means that it should have a long service life with me and my family.

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