MFC Microbial Fuel Cell Box Microchemical Electrolytic Cell for Zinc-Aluminum-Air Battery

Price: $115.00

Product Name: High Transparency Acrylic Fuel Cell Simple Standard.
New product design. Imported CNC Machining Center is adopted to ensure stable and reliable quality. Inner chamber has high cleanliness, good light transmission and easy cleaning.
Absorbing the experience of the past, the new design opens the mold to make the special cushion. Avoid leakage completely in use. The problem of not easy to install.
The installation and disassembly of high-priced butterfly nut is more convenient and quick. Thread materials are of high quality 304. Two 10mm holes on the top of a simple standard chamber. One 1mm, the hole size will be erroneous.
All products need customization. Customization needs 7 working days. We support customization of all products. If you need customized services, please contact us.

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MFC Microbial Fuel Cell Box Microchemical Electrolytic Cell for Zinc-Aluminum-Air Battery Metal hydrogen fuel cell reactor (Ultrathin 1.76ML)

Microbial Fuel Cell

Size: Ultrathin 1.76ML

Our shop reactor is manufactured with imported organic glass raw materials. It has excellent transparency and smoothness.

The whole six surfaces of the reactor are produced by polishing process. The excellent workmanship is comparable to that of imported products of the same kind. Each reactor uses a processing center to complete its inner diameter size accurately.

Special gasket grooves are designed for each reactor. Silica gaskets are tightly matched. There are titanium holes on the reactor. Titanium holes pass through the special gasket of the reactor.

Titanium wire holes without glass glue are still sealed and stable. The reactor is beautiful and easy to disassemble.

Reactor design has special gaskets. The common specifications of our shop are mold production. Silica gel is made of high transparent food grade materials.

Flat gasket design. Ensure more sealing stability between gasket and proton delivery film. It is also convenient for disassembly. The reactor 2 with planar gasket will fit better.

All reactors use stainless steel 304 screw. Nut butterfly nut. The cost is much higher than other domestic common screw.

Price does not include proton exchange membranes. Exchange membranes need to be purchased separately

Note: Side plate openings are single plate openings.

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