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MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency LED Flashlight

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Emergency flashlight with a built-In rechargeable battery, store energy in for a long time.
High conversion efficiency, cranking for 6 mins gives an hour light, Ready for the uncertain world.
Classic design, durable, outdoor survival gear, best gift for outdoor.
Size: 124x45x32mm, Weight: 86g. With a quick to use carabiner clip, Clip it on your backpack and take.
100% Brand new, guaranteed by MECO! We provide the best service,feel free to contact us at any time.

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MECO Emergency Flashlight store energy for a long time by solar or cranking, no battery needed!

Never Run Out of Power!

Solar Powered: Place the torchlight in the sun or under any artificial light and it will collect and store hours of energy.

Hand cranking: What if the battery drains in darkness where no lights can be utilized? Just turning the crank to recover from the deep darkness!

It supports two charging ways: Solar powered and Hand cranking. The flashlight will never run out of power.

Highly conversion efficient use of Kinetic energy with 1 minute of cranking providing 10 minutes of light. (>2 rps)

Emergency Portable Flashlight

1. Army Green vs Dim Gray,Popular Fashion OutSports Style.

2. With A Quick to use carabiner clip design and small size.

3. Compact and ready to go, this light never needs batteries.

4. Cranking restores the rechargeable NiMH batteries to their charged state.

This flashlight is an excellent survival tool for extended power outages and situations where the light will be stored for a long period of time.

1.Perfect for the car:

You don’t have to worry about spare batteries or not having power source when you need the light

2 Perfect for camping:

It’s a great backup light for people who love camping, you can hook it to your backpack or belt

3.Perfect for children:

It’a perfect gift for children, useful for the kids due to they don’t need batteries

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    CactusJack (verified owner)

    So far so good. I’ve owned this nifty little product for a few months now and have been very pleased with it. Last spring we had a bit of a storm come thru central NC and although we own a number of survival/emergency type items, after surviving the inconveniences of that ordeal I knew we needed to add a few more items to our emergency plan/ inventory; This small but powerful solar powered hand crank flashlight is a great addition. Let me run down a list of categories that I found necessary and important in my purchase of this particular product. PRICE: At less than 10 bones the price point IMHO is great!! Provided I get some longevity out of the rechargeable internal batteries the savings in replacement batteries is already made up say after 3-5 months of owning it and using it. $10 to give me and my family peace of mind is well worth the price. And compared to other similar products the price point is definitely reasonable CONSTRUCTION: It appears to be made of a hard durable plastic. Very lightweight and feels pretty good in my hand when I’m cranking the fold out handle to manually charge it up. Not sure if its waterproof/ or water resistant. At this price point I would venture to say it’s neither, however I’ll do further testing to give a more definitive answer in a later review. The item has a built in carabineer; it works, however as another reviewer pointed out, I think a solid rear construction of the case with just a simple hole thru it for attaching a purpose built carabineer would have been a better option. The crank mechanism is made of plastic and although felt relatively solid, it will by no means sustain rough or improper cranking use. Basically, take your time and gently crank so as not to exert any type of sideways motion or force on the cranking mechanism APPEARANCE/WEIGHT: Its sleek and almost has a military look to it. I think it would serve the company better if it were offered in a variety of colors, such as highly visible Orange, yellow, or neon green. Easier to visually process during a power outage or find if dropped during a camping outing. Coming in at only a few ounces it easily fits into a pocket, clips on to a backpack or hangs on a wall mounted key hook. Honestly I have wallets that weight more than this item. LIGHT BRIGHTNESS: Although the instructions claim an average 40 lumen rating, when first charged and used it seems the light is brighter ( closer to 60 -100 lumens) and dulls or averages out over extended usage to a duller 40 lumen rating. With that said, for my intended purpose the light is plenty bright enough since I’m using this in an emergency setting versus a trail blazing/ camping type setting. Inside a dark home or even outside of the house during a power outage the product produces more than enough light to see adequately to accomplish simple tasks such as checking breakers in a panel box, scanning my roof (two-story home) to confirm or deny any roof damage from inclement weather or just to move freely thru a blacked out home without worry of bumping into every piece of furniture. USE: The item is basically a no-brainer to use. Flip the power switch forward or backwards to turn it on or off. With it off either set it out in the sun or beneath another light source to charge it OR flip out/up the hand crank and continuously crank it for 1 minute to 6 minutes to get anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour of Light usage. We cranked it once for 6 minutes when it first arrived, turned it on to make sure it still worked and then once a week for an entire 2 months turned it on for 2 minutes just to see how long the charge would last. Here it is going into the 4th month and it’s still charged up and working fine:-) REPLACEMENTS: Both the LED bulbs and batteries are sealed within the case. Yes, I suspect it could be unscrewed and broken down to its inner components, however, this product is not set up to be a replenishable item like a store bought, Duracell/energizer battery operated type flashlight. So, basically once the bulbs are burnt out or the internal battery is shot, the item is meant to be thrown away. With that said, in an emergency type situation such as an item used during occasional power outages or roadside vehicular inconveniences I can’t imagine this product NOT lasting for many years. SUMMARY: Overall I’m really happy with the purchase, so much so I bought several to have on hand (1 in each car and 1 on each floor of the house). The product is very easy to use and I’ve included a video of my 12 year old cranking and operating it. Only time will tell, but I fully expect this item to last me for MANY years to come. Hope this review helps you in your decision:-) ******UPDATE*******19NOV2019******* Here it is almost three years later and I’m in a new house living on a decent size parcel of land (16+ acres) and walking back and forth between my house and shop (which is approximately 100 yards away). O now own 8 of these lights and they are by far my best compact flashlight. I keep one in each bedroom, in my shop and in each car. I can’t say enough about these little gems. EXTREMELY pleased with this product and often recommend them to friends, neighbors and family. Thanks MECO for an awesome little tool.

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