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In January 1985, the Creator of the Universe, the Total Mind and Total Energy of All (this is
what the source of our information identified itself as) initiated a process with our small group to
pass along a message to the residents of Earth. The Creator Force spoke to a woman and asked if It
could use her mind. Most of the information was given directly to her in a clear and unmistakable
voice from within. It also communicated in other ways to other people and validated the accuracy of
all of It’s information with many small miracles. The message was to tell people how to construct
magnetically activated devices for our continuance, along with some details about how our universal
systems actually function. To that end, we carefully recorded how the devices were to be made, and
we are attempting to share them by sending drawings and explanations to people around the world.
We were told that all of these units are already functioning at different places in the Universe

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Magnetic Energy

A summary of the basic message that was repeated to us over the years explains exactly
WHY we need to start using magnetic current for our survival. Here then is the heart of the message
we were instructed to share. First, we must stop creating certain forms of pollution. Electrical,
nuclear, and chemical pollution must stop. The worldwide overuse of electricity is thinning and
destroying the ionosphere which we depend on for our survival. The radioactive pollution we have
created is slowly damaging our cellular structure. The chemicals we release into our environment will
prevent the regeneration of life if we continue to poison ourselves.

Second, in the near future the magnetic axis of the earth will shift. The message of the
greatest importance is that after the shift, ELECTRICITY WILL NOT WORK. The new Earth
polarity will not allow present generators to gather magnetic molecular structures from the
ionosphere and then form them into electrons.

It is time for a new scientific paradigm to emerge on this planet. We must abandon all
theories and practices that do not ensure our long-term survival. This information for survival is
directed to the general population and is kept very basic. We must at least make some of these
magnetic devices and then use them as SEEDS to spread magnetic energy after the pole shift. We
can usher in our golden age of civilization where everyone can use free magnetic energy, or we can
continue along our current path of destruction and our struggle to survive will take place in an
unbelievably harsh environment

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