Lux Products GEO-BL Wi-Fi Thermostat, Black

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Price: $118.52

Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
Installs quickly like a standard thermostat, unique horizontal or vertical mount capability
Easy set-up and programming directly from unit
Free iOS or android app makes home comfort flexible and mobile
App features geofencing option with easy “away” and “back” settings for added savings and comfort
Three power options: battery only (2-aa lithium batteries included), micro-usb connection (cord not included) or system power (c-wire)

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Lux Products GEO-BL Wi-Fi Thermostat, Black

blankLUX/GEO delivers flexibility and control

With its attractive design and soft curves, LUX/GEO has both brains and beauty. The large display, control wheel interface and free Android/iOS App offer intuitive functionality both online and at the device. The GEO gives the user full control with easy to understand programming and built-in radius geofencing to automatically save energy when the user is out of the house.






blankFor use on:

– Universal compatibility for conventional heat & A/C up to 2-stage heat/2-stage cool.

– Universal compatibility for heat pumps with up to 2-stage heat/2-stage cool (including aux/emergency heat).

– 3-wire heat only hydronic systems (hot water, baseboard and radiator).

– Gas millivolt heaters.

Not for use on:

– Heat pump with (Y2) two compressor stages.

– Line voltage systems (120/240 VAC).

Features and Compatibility
Easy installation and WiFi connection.
Easy to program from unit or with app.
Large, backlit display.
7-day programming.
Selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius setting.
Low battery detection
Air filter monitor
Operates on 24V C-Wire, 2 AA Lithium batteries (included) or micro-USB cord (not included).
Radius geofencing for automatic savings.
Dual mount: vertical and horizontal.
Finish: pearl white with brushed chrome accent or black with black chrome accent.
Mercury free
3-year warranty.
Wheel control interface or smartphone app.
Use with or without WiFi.

blankRadius Location Detection

LUX/GEO can tell your system when you’re close to home.






blankBi-Directional Mounting

Install horizontally or vertically.






blankWiFi Enabled

Connect the LUX/GEO via WiFi with free iOS or Android Apps.





blankBattery-only option

Three power options include battery only, micro-USB and system C-wire.









– Universal system compatibility

– U.S. Based Phone Support

– Automatic time/date set and daylight savings adjust.

– High/low temp and ‘device offline’ alerts – perfect for 2nd homes or elderly family members.

– Rebates may be available from your energy provider.

– Includes wall plate and 2 AA Lithium batteries.

– Wheel control is simple to use.

– Works with multiple power sources; 24V ‘C-Wire’, 2 AA Lithium batteries or USB-Micro plug.

– Easy-read display is always visible.

– Easy app for WiFi connection and system programming.

– Operation, set up and function from unit, even without internet connection.

– Quickly set your schedule from LUX/GEO or App.

– Radius geofencing saves energy with your schedule.

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10 reviews for Lux Products GEO-BL Wi-Fi Thermostat, Black

  1. blank


    I wanted a thermostat that wasn’t trying to rule the world. While this thermostat doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the latest smarter than the human AI thermostat, it is obedient and does what it is told. Simple settings and simple commands right from your smart phone. It does exactly what it is supposed to and nothing more.

  2. blank

    Alexandra Parmater

    I had no C-wire and didn’t want to fool with running a power supply through the walls, so this was my only option. But I was pleasantly surprised! Easy installation…took me 1.5 hours, including removing the old thermostat, programming the new one, and spackling/painting the wall (very small and sleek unit). Operations is intuitive and easy via either the mobile app or online.

  3. blank

    Kevin Anton

    This works really well. Operating the controls locally takes a little getting used to, but with the remote software controls, I never need to touch the thermostat. Syncs to my phone and allows me to control remotely by phone. And if you are a tracker like me, the best feature is the PC software, which allows you to monitor and track usage over the past week. (The phone app does not have this.) There is also a comparison to other users, but it’s not clear where those users may be. I show usage worse than 50% of the users, and that should not be true, since I never heat to higher than 68 degrees, unless the units being compared to are much further south. A map of units being compared would be a nice addition.

  4. blank


    After installation, the thermostat updated and lost the Wi-Fi signal. I reset the unit and regained the connection. In addition, it took a minute for me to get all the setting to where I was comfortable with it. I prefer not to use the scheduling, which seemed like the default setting. It is much better for me to use the fixed setting since we are a four-person household with different schedules.I did not like how the unit came packaged. There was no plastic wrapping around the unit itself or batteries. This gives the impression that you are not buying a new product. It is a better looking thermostat than most on the market. However, it could have a better feel to it. Overall, it is just a thermostat. I ordered black, which I think, looks more stylish. The optional back plate adds a nice look. The screen is a little retro. Maybe that’s what they were going for since the Nest looks like a digital 1950’s dial thermostat. It offers all the features I wanted. For example, option to use strictly batteries, controlled through Wi-Fi, and a lock out feature (wish it was password protected). The geofencing is a nice touch. Therefore, I ordered a second one for the upstairs.You can’t beat the price for all the features it has to offer. I have friends that purchased the Nest. Some of them are annoyed with it. Moreover, I think the prices are a little outrageous for the other Wi-Fi thermostats on the market.Update-mine works with Amazon Echo without the C wire hooked up

  5. blank


    This is a very good product. I have an off-grid cabin and this product keeps my cabin heated as I want. This is not a smart device but I like to call it an intelligent device. It faithfully keeps my cabin safe from freezing even when there is no electricity present. When the power is on the unit communicates with me via WiFi. This is great. I can control the temperature in my cabin from my home. Customer service is good. I really like the fact that this is a US company. The price is right for what you get. Remember this is not a smart device, it follows a pre programmed heating pattern you control. The WiFi connection is the cats meow! I paid just under $100 for my unit. Can’t say enough good thing about this product.

  6. blank

    Sherri W.

    Have had this installed for about two months now and have no complaints. This replaced a top rated Honeywell we bought to replace the smart thermostat provided by the power company. The Honeywell was constantly cycling on and off (like every ten minutes) so that one went back to the store after only two days. Research found this model to have a customizable temperature swing/offset. We have adjusted ours several times, ending on a .75. This works well for our 1970s built house with little wall insulation and the AC cycle times are back to what we consider normal. The app is simple to use and we are quite satisfied. We did not activate the geofencing so I can’t attest to that behavior. I would definitely recommend this.

  7. blank


    I like anything that simple, I live in an old house where I don’t have a c wire therefore I have to use something that doesn’t require c wire which is perfect for me as this one is using battery, the build quality is subpar, the installation take minutes just removed the old unit and pop in the new. Easy scheduling and heating, telling you when your heater is on.

  8. blank

    Mark Truman

    This is really the only option out there for replacing a two wire thermostat (no power wire) with a Wi-Fi model. Get more than a full season on one set of lithium AA batteries. Works great and easy to use. The mobile app is really handy for turning up the heat before you head home (or turning it off if you forgot).

  9. blank


    Love this thermostat. I originally tried to install the nest 3 but it wasn’t charging without a c wire. Actually am very happy with the lux, still looks nice and works well on my iPhone X. Very easy to program and it also qualified for a rebate with my electric company. Lithium batteries aren’t too expensive and last awhile. I actually think it’ll be better for the life span of my boiler heater as the nest would need to turn it on intermittently just to recharge itself it if the boiler hasn’t been used for awhile.

  10. blank


    I’m a single guy that travels for work, and live in Wisconsin. Gone are the days I’m worried my pipes are going to break in the house when it’s -30 outside. A quick click on my phone and I can see the inside temp and adjust as needed. I love the history of my furnace’s running time per hr, and the app is great. I love this so much I immediately bought another for my garage, and monitor them both, independently from the app. Peace of mind while gone, and lower costs, and no more, “crap I left my thermostat set too high” once you already left.

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