Lovinflame Fuel for Fireplaces (5 Liter) – Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water-Soluble, Safe for Transportation & Storage

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Water-soluble and non-toxic fuel source, Clean-burning – releases water vapor and CO2
Non-flammable fuel with high flash point up to 104 ºC / 220 ºF
Designed for safety – only ignites when paired with our patented Lovinflame stainless steel wick
Flames do not spread if fuel is spilled
Easy to clean – our fuel can be easily wiped away with a wet rag or wet paper towel

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Lovinflame Fuel for Fireplaces

Lovinflame Fuel is non-flammable with a flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF. This means Lovinflame Fuel can be safely stored and transported under normal temperatures, only igniting when paired with our patented stainless steel wick. It is not a DOT (Department of Transportation) controlled material. As a water-soluble and non-toxic fuel source, Lovinflame Fuel can be disposed of along with other household goods, and can be safely burned with minimal emissions. 2 liters of Lovinflame Fuel will provide up to four hours of burn-time for our tabletop and vent-free fireplaces.

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