LITOM 120 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, upgraded Solar Panel with 3 Optional Modes and 270°Wide Angle, IP67 Waterproof, Portable Solar Powered Security Light

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【Brighter Lighting with 120 LED Chips】This solar light has been updated its LED quantity from 30 LED to 120 LED, which can provide extra brightness and more visible area. The illumination range of one solar motion sensor light can reach 323 square feet and 1300 square feet for 4 solar lights to be used simultaneously
【Enhanced PIR Motion Inductor】With upgraded wide-angle motion detector, LITOM solar led security light detects motion up to 26 feet within an angle of 120 agrees. The solar lights enter motion detection mode automatically to illuminate at night and light up for 30s when motion detected at night. It will prolong every time automatically when detecting movement during its illumination
【Portable for multiple use】 LITOM 120 LED solar motion security light comes with a fixed buckle for hanging up and you can easily take the light off to install wherever you want. Hang it inside your house at night or carry it for outdoor activities lighting etc
【3 Lighting Modes】There are 3 lighting modes of solar light to meet your different needs. When there someone comes, the light will detect and gradually brighten and extinguish, giving a comfortable lighting experience
【Waterproof IP67 and Heatproof】The solar motion sensor light is waterproof, heat-resistant and frost resistant, which is a great helper at night for outdoor patio, garden, deck, yard, drive, outside wall, fence, etc

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About LITOM:

LITOM is a solar light brand which focuses on the innovation of design and technology to provide a great lighting experience to customer from all over the world. LITOM has lightened up more than 5, 000, 000 people’s way home.

New Lighting Experience

LITOM solar light charges under direct sunlight during the day and lighten all night. There are 3 modes for your choice. That is, high light mode only if motion detecting, dim light sensor mode and medium light all the night. The light is gradually lightened up and off, which is a new and comfortable experience for you.

Pretty intuitive to change mode

One press of the button on the back and it will flash once to let you know you’re in mode 1.

A 2nd press, the light will flash twice and a third press, it will flash three times.

Then one more press and it reverts back to “off” mode.

New feature for you convenience

This sensor motion light comes with a mounting clip. Firstly mount the clip into the wall and then just hang the solar light right onto it. If you want to change the modes, you just take the light off by lifting up instead of having to unscrew each screw like other models of theirs.

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10 reviews for LITOM 120 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, upgraded Solar Panel with 3 Optional Modes and 270°Wide Angle, IP67 Waterproof, Portable Solar Powered Security Light

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    very good lighting and sensors. it really help to lit our dark backyard

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    Kathleen Henderson

    These are compact and easy to install and I have to say I was impressed with how much light they give off. Used them in the garbage can area and around the yard to light it up.

  3. blank

    R. W. DeFord

    Bright and beautiful lights. I wasn’t sure if these would be bright enough and if they would get sufficient solar charging on the deck on the north side of my house, but so far I have been very impressed. I’ve mounted 3 and will keep the 4th as a standby, should any of the mounted ones run down on their charge. I think the fact that they only come on when they detect motion, means that they will function for a long time without needing a strong solar recharge. I am also impressed that they sense me coming from 30 feet away!

  4. blank

    Casey Johnson

     I’m impressed for the price and ease of installation. I’ve never written a review or taken a video but I wanted to give a true account

  5. blank

    Said Gonzalez

    Super bright

  6. blank

    danny Calhoun buyer

    The product works. I bought 1 set to try it out and ordered the 2nd set immediately. As you can see these lights really brighten up our driveway for my business. I’m not sure if it’s a way for the lights to stay on at night without the motion sensors but other than that, I love the product. You can clearly see how dark the driveway and walls are without those lights in place.

  7. blank


    Small light but give off a lot of light … I add all 4 lights to all 4 sides of my shed and I love it the Motion detector is Out standing

  8. blank


    I have two of the four solar motion detector lights installed and love them! My home is deeper than wider so it’s long on the sides. At night it was a long dark walk from the patio door to my back yard to my home’s trash receptacles and so I installed two of these solar lights on the east side of my house. I live in Arizona so the only intruders I was worried about was scorpions and large spiders. Both of these lights work perfectly…as I approach they come on and about 30 seconds after I leave their detection, they go off…exactly what I was looking for. I installed them on the concrete fence using plastic anchors and they are holding just fine. The other two will be installed next week on the west side where the doggie door and a/c unit are. They certainly are an inexpensive way to light up a dark area, which makes one feel more secure having to traverse the area at night. For this picture my trash receptacles have been taken out to the curb for morning service.

  9. blank


    Very pleased with these solar lights. The range is more than adequate and the sensitivity is perfect! I originally purchased these lights to light the way for my elderly dog to see when she goes out to go potty. I was impressed with the coverage that I’ve also placed them above my shed and above where my car is parked. We love them!

  10. blank


    I purchased two packs (8 lights total) for indoor/outdoor use. I live in in a townhome complex in SoCal, my unit in a darker corner with a detached garage. I’ve used 6 lights outside, 1 over the garage door, 1 on the side of the garage to light up a dark space behind the units, 1 by the front door, 1 on my patio and 2 more on a couple corners of the roof. The two indoor units are located in the main living area and in the master bedroom (I pull them down very couple of days and leave them outside to charge up). Okay, why?My first reason to deploy these lights was as a lightweight crime/vandalism deterrent. Again, my unit’s in a dark corner and individuals who like to commit crimes, prefer not to be seen. The other reason for using the lights has to do with what part of the country I live in. Besides the specter of an earthquake with its potential for knocking out power, there’s also the issue of power brownouts/blackouts due to an aging grid. Should the power go out, I’ll still be able to move through the townhome without breaking my neck on the way out the door, or stay put with a decent light source. Color temp looks to be about 5000K…diamond white.While these particular units won’t light up the night like stadium lights, they’ll provide ample light to dark spaces to be able to traverse these areas safely. In an enclosed space such as my patio, there’s plenty of light to perform light to medium tasks (setting up a generator, bbq, light first aid, etc.). The physical size of the lights (7″W x 3*H) makes them small enough not to be an eyesore to the neighbors, nor to the management company.The lights are solar-powered, motion sensitive, waterproof and easy to mount. The kit comes with screws and anchors…I only used the screws. Sink then in far enough so about 1/4″ is sticking out and mount the light on it. The lights simply slide over the exposed end of the screw. Might be a problem in a hurricane, or tornado, but not in SoCal. I’ve only had the lights a few weeks, so I cannot attest to their longevity, but they’re apparently waterproof as the day after I’d installed them outside, we had some rain. They all still work. They’ve also been subjected to temps over 100F for hours and still function as normal. And finally, when activated by motion, they stay lit for 30 seconds, or as long as they detect continuous motion. My senses tell me that they’d stay lit with continuous motion for at least a couple hours, but I honestly don’t know and haven’t tested them for that.In closing, my acutely paranoid self is pleased with the purchase and if doo-doo goes sideways, the minute I jump out of bed, I’ll see where I’m going.(chuckling) In the bedroom, you’ll have to place them somewhere which doesn’t pick up the motion from one rolling around in the bed. fwiw…

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