LIFX + A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb Multi Color 75W

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Price: $79.99

Works with Amazon Alexa to support dimming, shades of white, and color settings through voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
16 million colors, warm to cool whites and infrared for night vision
Easy to set up, built in wifi – no hub required. Beam Angle – 135 degrees
Bright – equivalent to 75W bulb
Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant

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Brand LIFX



LIFX + A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb Multi Color 75W


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A19 – Single, A19 – 4 Pack, BR30 – Single, BR30 – 4 Pack



10 reviews for LIFX + A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb Multi Color 75W

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    Beautiful lighting! My whole house uses LIFX lights and they are second to none – they are brighter and richer in colour than any competitors’ product I have seen. I initially had connectivity issues with the LIFX Color 1000, but these have been fixed in recent firmware updates and LIFX Support staff were very friendly, thorough and honest with their help. From my tests so far it looks like the new LIFX + has a rock-solid connection out of the box – it’s been connected for the last three weeks nonstop.They are easy to use and control with great themes and effects, and together with the Logitech Pop I have elegant and configurable wall switches that anyone of any age can use – my three-year-old daughter gets to have her colour theme and she can turn it on when she wants 🙂 without necessarily using a phone or app to control them. Now with the IR in the LIFX + my security cameras see clearly at night into every corner without disturbing us at all. Well done LIFX on another beautiful part of my life! I can’t wait to try out the new LIFX Z strip lights too 🙂

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    Mrunmoy Samal

    Right from opening the box to setting it up – superb experience !!+ Easy to setup+ Easy to operate+ Colors range is awesome.

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    M. Caroe

    I am using this on my front porch and it works very well. When I am feeling whimsical, I set it to a color. I like that I can use this with the Echo voice control. I can also set a timer on this so that it turns off during the day. It also doesn’t effect the picture through my security cameras.

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    I started with one. Currently I have 12. These things are awesome in my opinion. Besides the multitude of colors and, the different whites, when I use them for photography, It’s super easy to set them up to match the color of my video and strobe lights They were having some issues with the application at the beginning of the year but, they seem to have finally got that fixed. The app and the widgets work great on my LG V20, LG x10.1 tablet and there is also an app on the microsoft store also that works great on my pc’s. No hub needed for these babies. Plus they work great with either Alexa Dot or Google Home. And if you use video surveillance for your kids room or anywhere in the house, you can set them up to have infared when you turn the lights off All that and you set different timers, different themes, and you can also make them work as strobe or party lights that follows your music

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    Nicholas Ewalt

    I purchased 2 of these, as well as Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Kit, which included 4x Gen 3.0 (glass) bulbs.The Lifx+ Bulbs definitely seem superior in my honest opinion. They are brighter, the color range seems wider, and the color temperature calculation is more accurate IMO. I also like the shape better, though I can see how the Hue bulbs may fit better in some fixtures, this isn’t a problem for me.I have been working to program a piece of software to run my house lighting. I have this program syncing with f.lux, so the color temperature is always correct with the day night cycle, while also keeping it in sync with my monitor’s color temperature. This has been working pretty great so far, but honestly I’ve found the Hue API to be a bit better. Lifx offers a LAN API, but it is a bit primitive. The other API uses web requests, which take a second or two to process. Thanks to Hue’s bridge, the API calls are a bit quicker and more reliable. This isn’t a huge issue though, as the Hue bulbs respond in about 1 to 2 seconds, while the Lifx bulbs respond in 2-4 seconds. The wait time is no issue for me. The Lifx APIs are still very capable, and very easy to use. My only real complains are the delay, as well as the random “429 Too many requests” error, despite me being no where near the advertised rate limits. I’m using the same software to control both my Lifx and Hue bulbs, and I’m monitoring my web requests very closely. I make about 2 requests per minute on average, never exceeding 20 requests. The API documentation states “Currently, each access token is limited to 120 requests for a 60 second window”, but somehow I keep getting the 429 error randomly.Other than the API issues which are admitted a niche concern, I’ve had absolutely no issues with these bulbs.All in all, I had no idea I could have so much fun with a lightbulb..

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    V. Langer

    I went with Lifx over hue not because of the no bridge but because they have the richest color and brightest bulbs. And when you go out of your way to make scenes you can turn your living area into a truly wonderful place to be.reduce eye strain with tv, refresh you when working, make a tranquil sleep spot, anything you can think of these things can do.

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    Anthony S.

    Amazing bulbs. Extremely bright and lovely colours. The best I have seen and the app is so easy to use and set including the widget for IOS. Better colours and brightness than the Philips Hue and works well with Alexa and works even better with Homekit and Siri without a bridge. Has better control of colours, brightness and scenes with Alexa than the other lights I have tested. So far I have had no issues setting it up and no issues of network connectivity. I have 4 bulbs and ordered 4 more. The infrared is working well too though I only tested it for a few hours with a camera that I had lying around. Overall … very pleased with the product and was quite happy with the pricing discount as I bought 4 LIFX+ color bulbs for the price of 4 LIFX bulbs.

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    Joseph M.

    Love this light! Set up your schedule for reminders. Choose a color to let you know its time to leave for work. Set a color and a dim brightness to let you know you have more or less time to snooze. Turn the lights ON before you get home and OFF after you leave. Use the themes for parties and holidays. Coolest thing I’ve purchased in a while.

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    pros:it’s very bright. very nice colors.lifx support was prompt and helpful.cons:1) app is not user friendly to adjust the IR feature.2) it needs 2.4ghz (20mhz, channel 1/6 etc etc) so it doesn’t connect to some routers.i’ve asus rt88u and it didn’t connect to it (whatever i’ve tried) and i had to setup a dummy access point just for it to their forums/reddit and make sure if it works with your setup.

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    Amazon Customer

    The IR is brighter than I thought, I can see the entire room from my wifi camera as if it was daylight. It does feel a bit warm to the touch while the bulb is on IR mode thought. But aside from that, it does its job. Would be nice if there was a way to turn off the IR from the app, which I hope will be fixed soon enough.

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