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NEW TECH – DUPONT – USA Proton Exchange Membrane – 5 GENERATION Molecular Hydrogen Generator Produces BEST ANTIOXIDANT for YOU; Molecular hydrogen is a NOVEL ANTIOXIDANT to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.
Hydrogen Rich Water Prevents BAD CHOLESTEROL; Hydrogen water prevents bad cholesterol which plague arteries, also slows down the AGING PROCESS.
METABOLISM REVOLUTION; hydrogen water ionizer improves metabolism and nutrient absorption.
PEM HYDROGEN WATER BOTTLE PURE HYDROGEN IS ADDED – OZONE AND CHLORINE IS REMOVED: adds hydrogen which is better for health, and removes, ozone and chlorine, which can be harmful.
USA SELLER – 1 YEAR WARRANTY – take your HYDROGEN ENRICHING WATER SYSTEM with INSULATED WATER BOTTLE; Every Bottle comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee, One Year Hassle Free Warranty, and a friendly customer service – We Have ALL SPARE PARTS for your peace of mind.

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Molecular hydrogen prevention and treatment

Molecular hydrogen prevention and treatment

Molecular hydrogen is a substance that has existed on Earth for a long time. It is hydrogen that exists in a molecular form after two hydrogen atoms are covalently bonded. In layman’s terms, hydrogen is also called hydrogen molecule and its chemical symbol is H2. Whether it is molecular hydrogen, hydrogen, or hydrogen molecules, it is actually the same substance. The English name is molecular hydrogen. In Japanese, hydrogen and hydrogen are commonly referred to as “hydrogen”, and water containing hydrogen is referred to as “hydrogen water.”

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10 reviews for LevelUpWay – Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle SPE PEM Technology Water Ionizer

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    Nicholas S. Parkes

    I like just about everything. It holds a good charge, so I don’t need to plug it in often, it doesn’t leak, I like the rainbow lights which are completely unnecessary, I like the general appearance and finish, and I love drinking the water. I may be releasing some weight, early to say yet. Tip: I add a tiny amount of celtic sea salt to the jug I fill this from, which may assist the electrolysis. I like that they give you a spare washer seal–smart.

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    Katie Fousel

    This hydrogen water bottle is awesome! Super simple for anyone to use. All you have to do is fill it with any water and push the button on the base–in 3 minutes your water is ready! Recharging is also easy, it comes with its own USB charger. I used tap water and it improved the flavor so much. This is important to me because I drink a gallon of water a day!Oh and the most fun part? While it’s going through its hydrogen process, it has a little light that changes colors! It looks good on my countertop, it didn’t leak, and it came with an extra gasket. Overall I’m very pleased and think it’s great value for the price 🙂

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    R. Jordan

    The unit came with a gasket which I installed in the base over what looked to be a similar material. When I ran it each time it would leak towards the end of the three minute cycle when the pressure built up (I never was able to make it work for 5 minutes per the instructions). I then removed the gasket I had installed and it worked without leakage. I suspect the loose gasket is a spare. BTW another YouTube site sells a similar unit for $185.

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    Ms. Lorri

    I had no issues with my hydrogenater. I do have some tips and thoghts for prospective purchasers.First off, I just ordered a replacement because mine was accidentally broken while my friend was cooking. It will take 3 days for my new one to arrive. Last time it arrived well packed with instructions, cord and washer ring placed in the bottom of the container. I had no issues with leaking, quite the opposite. Mine sealed so tight that if I left the lid on overnight ,then a small patch condensation would form. So, i will keep the lid off and allow to dry upside down,on like a paper towel.I love the idea of water treated with modern day color therapy. Its delightful to swallow every color of the rainbow. It tastes like the cold well water that used to gush out of the garden hose, watering large gardens and leaving me with an olfactory expirience recalled with every sip.So, every color has a vibtational frequency and this generator can esily provide rhis within 2 minutes or so. While you wait,you are able to enjoy a visual sensory expirience as the colors fade in and out through effervescent tiny bubbles.Im not too sure how the bluetooth portion of the button fits in?I tried the gem infused one but it arrived broke. I tried this and couldnt drink enough water.This device promotes the idea of drinking water. The colors are the “sugars” of my normal beverage consumption. My mind feels voluntarilly tricked into loving to drink water again, way to go folks 🤩

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    Ann Haney

    I’m not a normal “water drinker”, it takes a lot of effort on my part to drink water, however; after drinking hydrogen water, I find myself wanting more of it. I went from drinking one glass of water a day to 5 containers full and I’ve only had this product for a couple of days! My body literally craves the water and for me, that’s fantastic!

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    Mark A Pate

    The reason I am giving this review 5 Stars, is because I understand it’s a new product and defective items are to be expected. I think my unit had an issue with the gasket. I secured it as recommended, but could not get it to operate without leaking. It would hold water and by the end of the electrolysis, the water leaked out slowly. The unit did function and appeared to hydrogenate the water. I did not smell chlorine or detect ozone which was a concern. I poured some H2 water in my dogs water bowl and they enjoyed it. I do remember moments of mental clarity for a couple of hours. I am not giving up on H2 water. Ruturning the defective unit was fast and easy. I never fealt at a loss over being out of either my payment or merchandise. 5 Star is for not having to say “Oh Well!”. I am still going to have my H2 generator. Soon!!! Thanks Amazon.

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    Nisa Brown

    I’ve been getting really great results from using this. I’m in a process healing from chronic inflection and systemic inflammation (leading to chronic fatigue) and have had some of my best days in years since I started using this water bottle. It’s such a great deal for something that will last as long as it will (as opposed to an antioxidant supplement that must continually be repurchased). I love using it and have had no problems at all with it. I highly recommend it if you’re struggling with inflammation, oxidation or liver detox issues. It’s small and easy to bring with you, and can be used many times before needing to be recharged.

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    This bottle is made of quality materials, and the glass is borosilicate. The water taste slightly changes after the hydrogen production process, and it tastes good.I bought this bottle after reading articles about hydrogen as one of the best natural anti-oxidants. Some research had shown that hydrogen water has a strong restoring function, can balance body’s pH, neutralize active oxygen in cells and prevent variety of diseases.I have a glass in the morning and a glass in the evening and on the the weekends – 3-5 glasses/a day of hydrogen water.

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    I am giving my vote for the best portable hydrogen water model, this is by far the most versatile and well worth its middle of the range price. In fact, this is such an exceptional model; I think it will definitely keep me happy when going to the gym,cycling,hiking, or just plain traveling because its size and the georgeous lookNow, after the first glass I can.not tell I feel any difference from drinking any ordinary water…But after trying during all this day( I just received yesterday) I can say that I feel the energy coming inside my body and my mind. I am strongly believe in the power of this water. And I am planning to buy another as a gift for my mother.

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    jojo aquino

    MAY 7,202OSeller of this product is customer-friendly, and responds right away to my concerns, not only that, Seller acted right away regarding my request. I am actually buying a new glass, after 1 yr I accidentally broke my glass, Seller responds to me quickly and provided the glass for free.Aside from that, mine still works after a year, PH still high, water taste good still, battery lasts a day, I normally takes minimum 6 glasses of water a day.May 2019I tried this using my faucet water, our filtered water, and our alkaline water pitcher water – one cycle only – taste good, and alkalinity test results is ‘blue’ in color (~8-9 PH)I brought to the office, tried our water from the faucet – one cycle only – blue alkaline drops test (~8-9 PH) and used an ORP tester = – 300 on the meterDid another round of test but this time, two-cycles (6 minutes) – Darker blue than previous results (~8-9PH) and ORP ~ – 600Very impressed!!!

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