Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat

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Your installations went faster and smoother. With automatic system setup, iComfort S30 significantly reduces installation time. Plus with the iComfort Mobile Setup App technicians can adjust settings and run tests all from their phone, eliminating the time consuming trips of walking back and forth between the thermostat and indoor/outdoor unit.
You’ll be aware of issues before they happen. With the proactive monitoring offered by iComfort thermostats, you’ll know something is wrong before the homeowner does.
You can address problems remotely. With the iComfort S30 thermostat, you won’t just identify the problem, you may even be able to fix it remotely. If the problem does require a truck roll, you can proactively schedule a service call with the homeowner.
You’ll always have the right resources for the job. Since you’ll know what’s wrong, you’ll already know what tools, techs and supplies you’ll need to bring along. That translates to faster service calls for you.

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Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, Geo-Fencing, Remote Access, Wi-Fi and Alexa Enabled

BrandLennox Catalog Number 12U67 Model/Part Number iComfort S30 Minimum Order Quantity0.0 Base Unit of MeasureUnit(S) Product Depth 1 IN Product Height 5 IN Product Width 7.5 IN Gross Weight 3.5 LB Length 11.25 IN Family iComfort SeriesS30

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5 reviews for Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat

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    David Bower

    I have used this thermostat for almost a year now and have been totally delighted with it. I’ll admit it is complicated but those complications provide a flexibility of settings that permit adjustments to exactly the way one might desire. The User Guide has 28 pages of detailed instructions and can be intimidating at first glance; but with a little patience and some careful study one can usually find the answer to any question that arises.I have a variable-speed Lennox system that has two zones and has served us perfectly since it was installed by the dealer. I have the thermostat set to show the weather outside on its display and am often entertained by its depiction of the weather outdoors. It displays sunny days, foggy days, rain and thunder, as will as starry nights; in other words it provides a pleasant addition to the area where it is installed.The system is set to work quietly and provides great comfort without being in the least obtrusive. Our bedroom area is set up on a separate zone as I prefer cooler temperatures at night but have no need to cool down the entire house.There have been a couple of times I needed an expert from the dealer to finesse the settings but those adjustments usually proceeded quickly and without problems. I believe this to be the very best thermostat I have ever owned and continue to enjoy its benefits. I appreciate the fact I can make adjustments from my i Phone.I recommend this thermostat enthusiastically!

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    Papaw Jeff

    We have been using this thermostat for two weeks and it, the app and web access have all been perfect.No bugs, hiccups or glitches at all.It was professionally installed by an Authorized Lennox Dealer along with a control hub, an SLP98v furnace and a XC20 AC, all Lennox Equipment and all works perfectly through this thermostat.As one person said it is removable from the wall, but it does lock in place and my dealer made no mention of taking it off and using it that way and I dont see why anyone would as you can control the thermostat from an app on your phone or computer.This is NOT a universal thermostat, it is for premiumLennox®communicating equipment only so of course it will not function on anything else properly.Lennox however does make a very similar product , thermostat iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat which is a Universalthermostat that works with non iComfort enabled and non-Lennox®products.

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    I. MUST respectfully disagree with many of these assessments. If anything the Lennox is the best fully communicating thermostat. I haven’t had these difficulties alluded to , but its pinbtless to compare them with ecobee and nest as they DONT fully communicate/control,and are unlikely to. Its not so much that manufacturers want to lock clients into New ecosystem (although Obviously they like that) its that these are Complicated hysteresis systems. For those who are audiophiles, thsi is why ceteris parabis powered loudspeakers Are Always are a better more integrated solution. These are precision systems with a goo bit of software- One of the reasons they are so good at controlling climate in your house which every poster above acknowledges ! Sur I’d love to save $300 and get a next thermostat , esp if I am down with goggle home, but its not happening. it’s inconceivable to me 3rd party companies Could ever Want to compete for this businessNow of course your mileage may vary, but my experience (I have an EE engineering degree for what its worth, but more to the point I have multiple nexts (several versions), ecobee , Carrier Infinity , and also most recently Trane communicating thermostats mostly be cue I have three houses ). Why doi I have so much personnel experience u may ask ? Because i won there houses and have installed units on my two daughters house. I have three great firms locally Ive vetted BUT each reps a different brand s(predictably) depending on when i am shopping and what rebates (these cna be substantial up to 20% on complete communicating system) are currently being offered by Trane,Carrier/Bryant (really the same and you may find a good location, Bryant dealer is not paying as much for the brand) or LennoxBACKGROUND (required preface) Off the bat, readers need to understand that NO aftermarket will deliver the full benefits of a communicating thermostats with your variable rate compressors. They wont coordinate between the inside blower and the outside fan and compressor, so if you go with a next or ecobee, you lost a substantial portion fot he benefits of gogin with a complete fully communicating variable fan/compressor system ! If you really must have Netx or Ecobee, expropriation down to any of these vendors two stage systems and save some money up front. You Wont be as comfortable and you wont save as much money- BUT NB- as even most those on this page that gave low reviews acknowledge, a variable compressor is the ultimate in comfort,a Nd depending up[on your house and system, the delta is as. Big a step as upgrading from a single speed to a dual speed compressor -ie substantial and clearly noticeable, not just in extreme weather days buy especially in trunk seasons- they are materially better at controlling humidity, and in many places, can eliminate the end for a separate dehumidifier (so factor that in To your cost Considerations . Repairs are complicated, but labor -esp quality labor, is alway >50% of charges on manor repairs. Energy use is better, but that is a bit hyped – cant imagine anyone nw outdo savbe more than 300-400 /years upgrading from 2 stage to variable compressor /fully communicating (BUT you WILL recoups that cap cost difference over the life fo the warranty (10- years) let alone life of the system 15-20 years. While more complicated , the compressor will be running more fo the time and this is the big stress on these HAVC unit. Hell if you are willing to pay for the energy and endure the house, single stage systems cant be beat for longevity for that reasons- problem is unless yiu ahev a really tight newly designed hoisted and preferably your systems designed by an engineer not a typical HVAC guy flipping blindly thru a j manual , and you ducts not sealed well etc, really really hard to siz and spec a single stage unit correctly.1) carrier for many years led the world in variable compressor/communicating systems. I have had two two iterations of their communicating, thermostats original Blavck and white LCD and new updated wifi colored. The tech had unusual difficulty this linking this up 9wirign , boards with the handler, etc) , requiring escalation x 2. It’s working fine now, but Its Screen resolution is not hi-fidelity , and its app sluggish compared to Lennox. I also Find the Lennox app/menus are much nimble facile, natural and intuitive, and flexible, and sl more stable (e.g., Rebooting after power outages etc.) Clear winner is Lennox2) Lennox- bright, hi def screen, EASY to read, stable, intuitive -what’s not to like ? Yes it doenst As es you are in the room, but frankly I found because of my houses random schedules thsi cna cause as much grief as benefit. Lennox doenst think for you, you have to do the thinking programming originally.3) Trane -hardware and software wise, in between Lennox and carrier re legibility, menus, functionality etc, but I dotn like having to commit to a Nexia system integration 1) if you wnat whole House control approach, Nexia not a top flight platform 2) if you just wnat thermostats HAVC functionality, Nexia ads another layer and attendant issues of sluggishness, integration etc. It WILL give you sl more functionality IF you buy a Nexia subscription ($10/month) but if You dont, its Functionality is

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    Robert Noel

    Its a little large and I wish it came in white too but it works GREAT! Has soooooooo much information and it does give you a performance report each month!

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    Dino L

    Nest is a piece of junk compared with S30, this thermostat can give you performance report /usage over the month and you can download a report in pdf

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