LED Night Light, Plug-in Nightlight, Warm White Diffused Light, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Energy Saving Small Light, Round, 2 Pack

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Small warm night light, providing just right amount light to see things in the dark
Great nightlight in size and brightness, Diffused light that will never glare eyes.
Low consumption, light sensor night light that will only turn on in dark. 0.45W rated power, less than 15 cent cost per year.
Work with 110-240V, safety fire retardant material used, plugin the light and it will work like miracle.
Sensor night light pack, ideal for adults and children, suitable for bedroom, bathroom, highway, corridor, kitchen and other places in home. 18 Months “No Worries” Warranty applied.

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Plug in Night Light, Warm Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Energy Efficiency, 2 Pack

  • Small night light in good design, round shape with light ring.
  • Beatiful light ring, warm and bright but will never glare. Diffused lights, smooth and soft.
  • LED bubls are hidden in the main nightlight body, safe for children and kids.
  • Compact size, easy to install in any rooms, use only one socket on the outlet and will never block the other.
  • Light sensing, automatic on and off depending on ambient light, save money and energy.
  • 100-240V wide voltage range, ideal for home and travel.



  • Model: M1801
  • Light Temperature: 2700K
  • Light Color: Soft warm
  • Rated Power: 0.45W (0.15W x 3 LED Bulbs)
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Sensor Type: Dusk to Dawn



Please do not face the night light to any source with infrared.


♥ Thank you very much for making us a part of sweet night ♥

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2 Pack, 4 Pack


Blue, Daylight White, Pink, Red, Warm White



10 reviews for LED Night Light, Plug-in Nightlight, Warm White Diffused Light, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Energy Saving Small Light, Round, 2 Pack

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    Zain Zaidi

    Buy this!I did a market research before buying this product and like always researching pays off. Best quality product and a complete value for money. Small enugh with a dim light that is a complete package.I would recommend to get this one. Pictures reflect the size and also one is in the restroom to show the complete maximum brightness.

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    C. Moenart

    I use these lights as a nightlights around my apartment for when it’s late at night. I work late so I need some illumination for when I get home without turning on the main lights and potentially waking up my roommates. They are not the brightest, and give silhouettes of the surroundings at best, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I placed one in my bathroom, one in my kitchen, and one at the entrance next to my coat closet. They are fantastic guiding lights and never hurt the eyes when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a snack.

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    Arlene F.

    My daughter has night blindness and she would put on the closest light on which was too bright to let me sleep so I bought these. Now, I can sleep peacefully and my daughter can get to the bathroom without killing her self or blinding me with the lights from the closet and bathroom. I have one next to the bed, both bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Definitely would purchase again if necessary.

  4. blank


    Love the light. The light is diffused and not harsh when looked at like other night lights. My only complaint, depending on how you look at it, is it is too bright. If you use only one in a bathroom it is fine. I use 2 because our bathroom is large but with both plugged in it makes the bathroom too bright when you enter in the middle of the night. I wish they would put a switch on it to reduce the power output by 1/2 and I would buy even more (I have 12 now). All in all I would definitely purchase again unless they start failing. If any of them do I will post an update. If you buy these you will like them.

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    Vincent D.

    It’s been a few weeks now and this little night light works well. It’s light sensitive, so if it’s too dark in a room, it will turn on. It is a little brighter than I expected, but it’s durable so far and the darkness sensor (or lack of light) makes this so convenient.

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    Anora Johnson

    These are bright enough to find little toys on the floor before my feet do.We’ve also had less fuss from small children who don’t like dark bathrooms, so there’s another win.The light sensor is the best I’ve found on any nightlight. It lights consistently when the room darkens, and only when it’s dark enough to be useful. I’m impressed.The lights are a little more eye-catching than I expected. That’s easily solved by placing them lower or behind furniture. I keep the bathroom night directly over the toilet though to improve aim. It seems to be doing its job.I chose pink for the bathroom and kids’ room hoping to interfere less with sleep cycles. Red may be better for this, but pink is less scary in the night. I’m happy with the compromise. I chose white for the main house because I wanted a dimmer, clear light in those spaces.Overall I’m happy with these lights.

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    Jerry K

    I got these to avoid stumbling over the pooch on the way to the bathroom at night and have placed four of them strategically. They work fine for me. About the right amount of light. They have a photocell that turns off the light when it detects other light in the room. I suppose that could lead to flicker under certain near-dark conditions. Occasionally I will see one come on when I stand in the way of light that had been keeping it off. They probably could make the product better by coming up with fuzzy logic to smooth out the switching and prevent oscillation but after using a few days I find this is not an issue for me and I am perfectly happy with the functioning now.

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    I bought these because we were traveling to the United Kingdom and it was the only nite light that purportedly would work on 220/240 volts. The light is not inscribed, like many other electric appliances, with 220v, only with 110v, but the comments indicated that it would work on 220/240. They were right…it work fine. I like the soft glow as opposed to the more popular LED lights. Very happy with these lights. I am now replacing my LED lights at home with these…..

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    Vermouth Hao

    It comes with a box of four night lights. Love its cute round shape and very gentle brightness which is enough for me to go get a cup of water at kitchen or go use the restroom during midnight without turning the regular light on. It automatically shuts down during the daytime or when the sensor detects the other lightness.

  10. blank


    Using as a night light in my bathroom. Provides the perfect amount of light.Also it doesn’t block the other plug.Very happy with this product.

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