LED G14 Light Bulb 1W Soft White 3000K Not Dimmable LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs 10 Watt Equivalent LED Lights for Home E26 6 Pack(1W-E26-Soft White-3000K)

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6 Pack SAVE 80% ON YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL! 1W LED G14 Light Bulbs provides for an ideal replacement of your 10W traditional G14 Bulbs.
EASY INSTALLATION! Standard G14 shape with medium screw base (E26) fits well into all your medium screw base fixtures directly.
EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE–Give off a comfortable 3000K Soft White/Warm white illumination, with an impressively wide 180 degree beam angle.
REDUCE RE-LAMP FREQUENCY. Lifespan is over 30000 hrs. Save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.One year warranty.
Multipurpose: Widely use in bathroom, bedroom, living room, dinning room, kitchens, lobbies, corridors, stainwells hallways, table lamps, floor lamps, bathroom vanities, pendant fixtures ceiling fixtures such as ceiling fans. A good alternative to incandescent lamps.

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LED G14 Light Bulb 1W Soft White 3000K Not Dimmable LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Size:1W-E26-Soft White-3000K

Product Specification:

Watts:1W (Replace 10W Incandescent Lamp)

Dimmable: No-Dimmable


Color:3000K (Soft White)

Beam Angle:180 Degree



Base Type: E26 Medium Screw Base

Package: 6 Packs of LED Bulbs


Commercial Use: Hotel, cafe, commercial buildings supermacket theaters shop-window and artwork lighting.

Home Use: Bathroom, bedroom, Kitchen, living room, dining room and dressing room lighing, wall lamps, table lamps and vanity lighting.

Outdoor Lighting: The globe replacement light bulb is ideal for outdoor string light. It is perfect for your garden, patio, deck, pergola and outdoor space.

Additional information


1W-E26-Soft White-3000K, 5W-E12-Soft White-3000K, 5W-E12-Daylight-5000K



10 reviews for LED G14 Light Bulb 1W Soft White 3000K Not Dimmable LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs 10 Watt Equivalent LED Lights for Home E26 6 Pack(1W-E26-Soft White-3000K)

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    Wanted a dim bulb to light a closet type area 24/7 for a litter box. Fit the over head socket and is low. Perfect for my needs.No buzz sound like some led bulbs have.

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    I bought these 1w bulbs for a 7′ European lamp post in my lanai. I leave it on all night for security purposes and just wanted a night-light effect. These work perfectly for that purpose! I replaced 5 other lamp bulbs in my house with the remaining bulbs thinking I would like the same soft light effect, but the bulbs were too dim to be pretty. I’m happy with this purchase for my European lamp post, but I will purchase a higher wattage for my house lamps.

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    These have a regular base, a frosted glass, and are rated at 40 Lumens but seem a little brighter. in a pair, they provide just the right amount of light for a hallway while using just 2 watts total, instead of the 30 watts (2×15) we previously used.At 3000k they are not quite the traditional Soft White (2700k) that I like best for interior spaces, but with a shade it is barely noticeable. I highly recommend them.

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    Just what I needed, I was looking for a dim bulb for our water closet which is pitch black in the middle of the night and this is perfect.

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    These little light bulbs work perfectly in my good ol’ U.S.A. every day house sockets. They cast a warm looking white light and the bulb remains cool to the touch no matter how long it has been lit. I want to use them around my house as sort of a night-light during the evening hours. The low light lets me move around the house with ease without wasting much energy. However, I find that my lamp shades don’t fit these bulbs. Most of my lamp shades have the dual hoops that hook over the bulb, but these bulbs are too small for the lamp shade to get hold. I was able to jerry-rig one lamp shade to somewhat fit well enough. I may want to look for the type of lamp shades that have the harp with a circle at the bottom which you place onto the lamp before you screw in the light bulb. Otherwise, the bulbs go nicely into any hanging lamp, and I’ll bet they would look beautiful on one of those hanging 10-light modern sculptures over a dining room table.

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    I have LED disease. When you’re obsessed you realize that the tough calls are at the low and high ends. One watt, E27 based small bulbs are just now becoming easier to find. One watt LED bulbs are perfect for night lights and accent lighting in low light situations. The color rendering is close to 3000K. I have no interest in dimming these bulbs. All in all, great product. WILL buy again.

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    Perfect for my tiny bathroom which has EIGHT light sockets. Now I’m not blinded every time I need to use the restroom at night.The bulbs themselves seem to be plastic, rather than glass, and are fairly small. Larger ones would work better for my needs, but I’m just glad I found something that works.

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    Dean Lester

    They are for my wife’s bathroom. We have daylight bulbs throughout the house and the yellow tint from the ones she had just didn’t help with putting on make-up. The new LED Daylight 5000k bulbs give true colors she loves them.ALSO there are 8 sockets so 8×40 watts = 320 watts. The new ones are 8×5 watts = 40 watts total.They are brighter..True color and a LOT cheaper to operate. Also..they come on instantly no lag 🙂

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    Consumer Camper

    I purchased these to use in an old advertising clock that originally used two 25 watt incandescent bulbs. Sometimes the bulbs would last a year, sometimes only a couple of weeks. I tried using 15 watt LED’s but they were too bright. These are a nice soft light. I will update the review on how long they last.

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    Amazon Customer

    They look great! I used them in my sputnick chandelier and they give off the perfect amount of light.

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