Krieger 4000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V, Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter, Dual 110 Volt AC Outlets, Hardwire Kit, DC to AC Converter with Installation Kit

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4000 watts continuous power, 8000 watts peak power, KR4000 modified sine wave power inverter converts 12V DC to 120V AC power, connect DC battery cables directly to your 12V battery and you have power on the go
Perfect for an Emergency, Hurricane, Storm or Outage – Our version of an all-inclusive! wired remote control, ANL inline fuse kit, 3 Ft battery cables included and a built in hardwired kit for applications larger than 15 Amps
We have your back. This inverter has all the protections that you will need. Overload, over voltage, under voltage, high temperature and short circuit. All of this is displayed on the LCD screen as well as input voltage, output wattage and battery level
Don’t just take our word for this inverter’s rating, this item has been tested, validated and approved by METLAB for both its safety and performance. MET Approved under UL std 458 and CSA std C22.2
You can’t go wrong with Krieger! We believe in our product and quality and we offer the warranty that proves it – “3 Years parts and labor warranty”

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Krieger 4000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V, Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter, Dual 110 Volt AC Outlets, Hardwire Kit, DC to AC Converter with Installation Kit – MET Approved to UL and CSA Standards

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Krieger 4000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V

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Krieger 4000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V

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15.5 x 7.62 x 5.5 inches

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3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty



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January 3, 2019

10 reviews for Krieger 4000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V, Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter, Dual 110 Volt AC Outlets, Hardwire Kit, DC to AC Converter with Installation Kit

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    Nice unit. I purchased to run my 5th trailer with. Hooked up easy. Operation is silent. The fact that it comes with a ANL fuse kit is out standing. That is needed on inverters. It’s installed at the 1.5 ft mark on the positive cable. inverters that do not come with the power wire and fuse will run you around $40 to $50 or more to add. I disconnected the power converter on my main panel that charges the battery and hooked it up to my shore power line. Works great. I have a built in vacuum, microwave, kurig coffee maker, toaster all worked great. Tv picture was no difference then on shore power. Did not try the a/c as it was not warm enough for a real test. It should work as the inverter puts out 16amps constant and can peak to just over 30amp. My trailer is a 30amp power, and a/c has worked when plugged in at home on 15amp.I see a lot of question about what can a inverter run. Nothing that I really wanted the inverter to run was over 1300 watts, which is why I went with the 2000 watt unit. When a appliance starts up it can pull up to 3 times it’s wattage to start. So the 2000 watts unit can run a 1333 watt appliance without a issue. This is because this 2000 watt inverter can peak to 4000. Please keeep this in mind when choosing a inverter. And don’t leave a bad review because you bought a 1000 watt invertor to run a 1000 watt item. Your going to have issues.Also please make sure you have a strong enough battery bank to run the unit. A 12v Rv battery, unless it’s the new lithium type, is not going to cut it. I run 2 6v 235amp hour batteries. I should be running 4. If my solar panels don’t have direct sun, I can only run for 16 hours without cutting back on how I use power.

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    I purchased this unit for my pickup truck. It mounted easily enough under the back seat. Plenty of room around it for ventilation and I’m not pushing it hard. Unit seems well built and Setting up was straightforward. Took me about 2 hours to run the heavy cables and fasten it under the seat. Today it has served great as a remote office power station. I run a wifi router, computer, and extra monitor, and charging ports. I like the battery monitor on the face as it gives me a heads up for when to crank the truck to recharge the batteries. At 12.3 volts I start the engine let it run for about 30 to 45 minutes and I’m good to go for a while longer without harming the batteries.

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    GMC Man

    Bought this unit to keep my pellet stove running in case of a power outage. The first unit was defective and unfortunately i did not try it out until six months after purchase but it didn’t matter. I called up customer service and they had me run though a bunch of tests over the phone and determined it was bad. They made arrangements for me to send the original unit back to them.They immediatly reordered a new one for me and it arrived about four days later, brand new! working perfectly.I set up the inverter and plugged my shop vac into it just to try and holy cow! It lit up! This inverter in very powerful and I’m very glad to have it around. I like the security of knowing it’s there when needed. This winter has been tough here and the power here has gone out when it’s less than 20 degrees out. I have a generator too but only use it when really needed. This inverter will keep my pellet stove running for more that five hours on an 85 AH battery and it’s a quick easy setup. Very happy with my purchase and great customer service from Krieger!

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    Going to install in 5th wheel for dry camping. Will update my review after I install it and test it out. After Installing the unit I found it to operate very well. Installation was simple. Remote is a nice touch. The unit has a power draw when in the unused mode. With the remote you can shut it down until you need it without running out and turning on the master switch. Any battery power saved is welcomed. Called customer service with a few questions and was amazed at the help I received. The tech questioned my complete installation to insure I was getting as much power as I could from my installation. He was very professional in his in explaining everything to me so I understood everything. One thing that is mentioned in the manual is measuring the voltage with a multimeter. You DO NEED an EMS multimeter to get the correct voltage measurement. One that is not will not be accurate. Could be off as much as 10 or more volts.I am completely satisfied with this unit.Update: Inverter is installed in my 5th wheel. Unit works extremely well. Remote is great to have. When it’s not needed you can turn it off without leaving the trailer. Save on battery draw when turned off. Very pleased with the unit and customer support.

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    Amazon Customer

    Purchased this inverter to use in our travel trailer. It works great! We have been able to convert DC power from our batteries to AC in order to use appliances such as hair dryer and microwave. The remote control is an added bonus! No need to access the inverter to turn it on or off. If you are looking for an inverter too convert from battery power for household use, you will love this inverterer!

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    deb APGMT

    I bought this as an alternate energy source for hurricane storm relief. Last year I was without power for a week following Hurricane Michael, and I live 100 miles away from the eye landfall in Tallahassee. I didn’t want to buy a generator because of the problems we had in town with running out of gasoline in addition, the gas pumps do not work when the power is off. I paired this inverter with a marine battery and a solar panel to charge the battery. I knew nothing about solar power, and alternative energy when I started looking into this but now I know a lot! This inverter is super easy to hook up to a battery it runs my window AC which is critical because after a hurricane, sleeping with the windows open is miserable with all the heat and humidity. I haven’t tried to hook up more than one thing to this inverter- but in the coming days, I will try the full-sized refrigerator and the coffee pot.

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    Bill Fisher

    I received my new KR1100, 1100 Watt inverter today and have been testing it; so far so good. At the moment I have it running both a 100W light bulb and 26″ LCD TV while attached to a deep cycle battery. It is showing a wattage draw of around 250 Watts, well below its rated capacity, but a test just the same. I was a bit alarmed when I put a multimeter across the AC receptacle and only read 94 vac, so I sent a question about it via Amazon to TechBuy where the unit shipped from. BTW, it got here the second day after being ordered. Within no more that two minutes after clicking send I received a phone call from TechBuy to discuss my concern. Seriously, it was LESS THAN TWO MINUTES!! That’s what I call fantastic customer service and I was in the customer service business for 35 years!! When they asked me if I was using a True RMS multimeter I knew immediately that something I was wondering was correct–I was not getting a real RMS reading. Anyway, the TechBuy person gave me a couple of quick tests to perform, like comparing the light output of a incandescent bulb and if the TV works okay, the unit was putting out what it is supposed to. It passes both tests with flying colors! I will update this down the road after I get it installed in our travel trailer and get some realtime use on it. But for the apparent quality of the build, all the extras it came with and most of all the awesome customer service I give it five stars at this time.8/26/2015 UPDATE: I installed this in our travel trailer and it works great. Here is a picture of it putting out 978 Watts without problem while driving the microwave in the TT. MY 5-STAR RATING REMAINS VALID. About to leave on a one month tour and will be using it quite frequently. I will update this review again after I return.10/7/2015: We did use this a little bit during our month-long, 6,000+ mile RV trip out west and it performed flawlessly.Update 1/13/2018: It has now been installed and used for 2 1/2 years, including a trip from Florida to Alaska and back and it has performed flawlessly.

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    There are 2 main types of power inverters in this catagory of inverter. Sine wave (pure etc.) or modified sine wave. Sine wave produce power very similar to what you would get out of your wall house hold power. Most devices don’t have any issues with this although you should always check. The second type is MODIFIED sine wave. These do not create power the same as your house. They produce a less refined power in order to reduce the price. Which to choose depends on what you are powering. You should always check because some affects happen over time and wouldn’t be noticed in a 5 minute test. A general rule is that the more complicated and sensitive the electronics the worse it will do on MODIFIED sine wave power. Think of it this way, if you drove a car with stop sign shaped wheels it would do ok on sand (this would be a heater) but if you drove on concrete it would be very bumpy (this would be sensitive equipment).There is no universal answer for ok or not ok. Heaters generally don’t care. Motors may have their life reduced (depending on type of motor), laser printers, lights, clocks etc. may not work well.This inverter seemed to do well. We may not end up using it do to potential issues with the equipment running off it. I’ve only tested it for 2 days, but it delivered 1240 watts, around 102 amps at 12 VDC. The watt and battery readings are useful. The cables are a decent length and construction. With no load it draws around 0.031 amps with power switch in back on, 0.357amps with the front switch on. Included a picture of the wave form.

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    Neil vK

    So far so good. I purchased this Inverter to go with the solar panel kit I purchased and installed on our travel trailer. My wife has asthma and sometimes needs to use a nebulizer so when dry camping we need 110v A/C for the machine. I also need to be able to use my laptop and it has enough watts to run the microwave in the trailer, though that would really drain the batteries, even with the solar panel so won’t try that until I get a couple more solar panels. The 2 USB ports are convenient and the remote switch is a nice feature so I can turn it on & off inside the trailer and not have to go outside and get into the pass-through storage area to turn it off.

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    I wired up 4 deep cycle 12v 185ah batteries in parallel and hooked them up to this inverter for a football tailgate party. We had a 40″ LED TV (~35 watt) with a powered HD antenna to watch the early games. The inverter ran quiet and cool the whole time. After 3 hours, everything was still going strong. No more noisy, smelly generator needed! The whole group was impressed, and random people around us were stopping by to watch. I’m very glad I bought this.

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