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Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip, Surge Protector w/ 6 Smart Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Works with Alexa Echo & Google Home , No Hub Required (HS300)

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6 smart outlets: Independently control 6 smart outlets, and charge 3 devices with built in USB ports; Ideal for controlling electronics in your home, home office, or small business
Surge protection: ETL certified surge protection shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges that can occur during weather storms and cause irreparable damage
Energy monitoring : Monitor how much energy devices connected to the power strip consume; Check on each one from your Kasa smart app and turn off ones that are using too much power
Control from anywhere: Control connected devices from anywhere with the Kasa Smart app. Power up your office remotely and even your holiday lights from the app
Voice control: Remotely control your smart plug and use voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or MicroSoft Cortana. Plug type:3-prong plug

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Brand Kasa Smart



Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

Product Details

Surge Protection

Energy Monitoring

Control from Anywhere

Set Schedules

Surge Protection

ETL certified surge protection* shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges that can occur during weather storms and cause irreparable damage.

(*Control number: 5010780 by Intertek Testing Services NA Inc., 2018)

Energy Monitoring

Monitor how much energy devices connected to the power strip consume. Check on each one from your Kasa Smart app and turn off devices that are using too much power.

Control from Anywhere

Control connected devices from anywhere with the Kasa Smart App. Power up your office remotely and even your holiday lights from the app.

Set Schedules

Schedule each outlet individually or collectively to turn on and off at set times throughout the day.

Voice Control

Multiple Devices

Your Home. One App

No Hub Required

Voice Control

Use voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana to control devices plugged into your power strip.

Multiple Devices

Control everything from holiday lights and decorations to fish tanks and humidifiers with the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip.

Your Home. One App.

With the Kasa Smart app you can easily access and control plugs, cameras, light switches, bulbs and more. Monitoring your home is only a few taps away.

No Hub Required

The Smart Power Strip works with a secured 2.4GHz wireless network without the need for a separate hub. All you need is your smartphone, the Kasa Smart app and a Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your power strip from anywhere.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, 2-Outlets Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, Lite Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, Mini Smart Outlets (Individually Controlled) 6 2 1 1 USB Charging Ports (5A/2.4V) 3 0 0 0 Max Load 15A 15A 12A 15A Surge Protection ✓ – – – Energy Monitoring ✓ – – – No Hub Required ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Works with Alexa ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Works with IFTTT, Nest and MoreWorks with Google Assistant ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Works with IFTTT, Nest and More ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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10 reviews for Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip, Surge Protector w/ 6 Smart Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Works with Alexa Echo & Google Home , No Hub Required (HS300)

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    The ease of use of this device is it’s best feature. I’ve been using the two outlet plug for a few weeks and liked it enough to purchase the power strip. I liked that enough to order 2 more, one for my house and one as a gift to my technologically-challenged mother. Alexa integration is seamless. I can say, “Alexa, turn on the fan” and it happens without having to say, “Alexa, ask Kasa to turn on the fan.” The app makes it easy to name items and put them on schedules if desired. Unlike many smart home products, I don’t need a hub or separate app (other than the TP Link Kasa app) to make it work it efficiently with Alexa (no IFTTT needed). I haven’t had to do any resets and after playing with it quite a bit, have not needed to repeat myself once for things to turn off and on. The Alexa integration is seamless.Once I used the first power strip for tracking electricity use, I bought the second power strip to get a handle on what devices are “energy vampires” in our home in other rooms even though I have plenty of dumb power strips that would suffice otherwise. With this, you’re able to see total, daily, and monthly energy usage and I schedule things to turn off during the night and when we’re not usually home/in that room much. A simple voice command still turns it on if it is needed during the scheduled off times. Hopefully this will lower our electric bill over time.

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    Bert in Chicago who is a happy and loyal Amazon Customer. :-)

    I got this strip so I could monitor the electrical usage of my Dell Precision T7500 and its accessories (monitors, external, hard drive, video capture device, etc.). Several people said they thought the Dell T7500 was taking an enormous amount of electricity. Turns out mine takes about 4.7 kWh on a daily basis.Also being able to turn on / off the sockets by using Alexa is a great additional feature. This way, while the devices are “off,” they can be truly off and not drawing a little bit.I noticed one issue, when creating a group on the Kasa application. The group wasn’t reflected to the Amazon Echo / Alexa system. Device name changes immediately reflect, but not new groups. I had to go into the Alexa application and create a group (e.g. Big Computer) there to reflect the one created on the Kasa app (e.g. Big Computer).There are two negative issues: 1) The Kasa application does NOT support landscape mode. I use the application on my Samsung tablet (9.7 inch) and not a small screen cell phone. I find portrait mode uncomfortable and hope Kasa will also support landscape mode. 2) I have yet to find a method to export the data collected on my electrical devices, so I can analyze it on my Windows 10 Pro system. I hope Kasa will provide an export method and if one exists to tell customers about in a more friendly way.

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    Christopher R Jones

     I use the surge protector to operate all of my different saltwater reef equipment. I’m able to individually set timers daily for all of the lights power heads and pumps. You are also able to turn each individual outlet on and off on its own. this is an amazing product and I have had zero issues working the surge protector.

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    I don’t use the TP-Link (Kasa) app (except for setup) so I’m not super interested in the power usage info but for Google Home this is a must have for that room where you have several things plugged in to a power strip that are suited for automation. Each outlet can be turned on/off manually OR via the Kasa app / Google Home. Super easy to set up (Kasa App is pretty good) and adding to Googe Home was a snap. I know have (3) devices plugged into this smart power strip configured for Google Home and (2) devices just using power. I could not be happier with the quality and reliability of the TP-Link smart outlets / power strips that I’ve purchased (so far I have 7). Highly recommend this item.

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    Kiyo M.

    I love having smart outlet control! I ended up purchasing an Echo Dot and it made this even better!I can just have Alexa turn on or off the lights for me now. (sure beats the days of ‘clap on clap off’ days)I also really love that you can also monitor real-time how much power each outlet is using and gives you daily average/etc. – really useful!Pros:- Turn on/off each plug with smartphone- Works with Alexa!- Has power monitor usage for each outlet!- Has each individual power switch for each plug on the outletThis is a must-have if you want to modernize your home with added convenience and cool factor; having Alexa is a must-have with this too!

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    Thomas Jefferson

    Recently inherited a reef tank (saltwater fish tank). The previous owner gave me his programmable aquarium power strip, but I decided to replace it with this. GREAT DECISION. I must pat myself on the back. The benefits are:1. I can individually turn on/off each outlet from my phone. No more reaching into the back of the aquarium stand when I want to turn off certain components when changing water.2. I can set timer for each outlet on my phone. Much easier interface than any timer switch.3. I can view the wattage of each outlet on my phone. This means I can tell when the automatic tank heater comes on by looking at how much power is used at the heater outlet. As you know many aquarium heaters’ thermostats are prone to fail. This gives me an extra layer of security.I have not tried the fancy Alexa integration features, and I don’t plan to.The Kasa app interface is very easy to use. I hope they never update it. You know how the engineers like to update apps and ruin a great product? I hope they don’t do that to the Kasa.

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    I noticed the newer version of this model was about half the price– except it leaves out the electricity use monitoring, which is the feature I really wanted.So, first, if you only want a power strip where you can turn on and off each individual socket using Alexa/Google/Kasa’s app, the other model is fine and I assume that one works as well as this one for this purpose.However, the real reason that I got this strip was to use it for electricity monitoring– I wanted an effective solution that 1) would accurately collect electrical usage data– both realtime, and in aggregate, 2) would retain that information even if the monitoring device were unplugged, and 3) CONNECTED TO WIFI so I could get that information from anywhere (in my house). This seemed to be the most cost-effective solution– though, for me, individual outlets with this ability would be better, as my use centers around monitoring devices that are not near each-other, rather than having all my things in one place. Still, this is the best thing I’ve found for this purpose– even if it’s a bit pricey. In my case, it will pay for itself almost immediately– but I have to buy one for every room!

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    The Kasa platform has proven itself to be reliable. I have developed an interest in monitoring the energy usage, not just controlling the power, of every device in my house. I’ve slowly been buying into smart plugs, and I am only interested in ones that enable both functions. I am also very concerned with network integrity. Everything I’ve read and experienced so far about Kasa smart plugs has been positive. It would just take one security flaw to shake my confidence in the platform. I have yet not seen any flaws.I now have 3 of these Kasa Smart Power Strips (HS300). The design of the product appears simple on the outside. During setup, the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it simple for the user is evident. Each plug on the power strip is registered as a separate object in the Kasa app. Once registered in the app, Alexa and Google Home are automatically updated so that if you call its name you can control the power to that object. The app enables easy customization of the name of each object. The Kasa app also allows you to view statistics, such as energy usage, of each object registered that is equipped with energy monitoring capability.I have so far experienced availability issues only when there were legitimate problems with my WiFi network. Once the power strip sees the network signal, it will automatically reconnect to the network. It is not reasonable to expect this product to work in an area where there is a low network signal. One will find themselves having to manually unplug and replug in the power strip to “restart” it.I am looking forward to more energy monitoring smart products from TP Link on the Kasa platform. I have avoided in-wall smart plugs and switches due to products from other companies which do not have a discipline toward cyber security or have frequent network issues. I think TP Link could be a brand that drives further seamless integration of smart products into my home. I would definitely consider an in-wall smart plug with energy monitoring from Kasa.

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    John Kimball

    Controls and measures energy use. One simple power strip to monitor and control six devices. Easy to set up. Easy to use phone app. I put all my media center electronics on this. Helped me quickly easily turn on which ever device combinations I want – e.g. watching video, listening to music, etc. You can create “scenes” to activate with one click. Foe example, to listen to music, I created a scene that turns on the receiver, subwoofer, and streaming device. To watch TV, it turns on the receiver, Apple TV, sub woofer and plasma display. And you can see how much energy each device uses. Plasma TV uses a lot of energy, so it’s nice this device makes it so easy to turn on only when needed.

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    Set up in our living room, and currently powers our tree and a few other lighted Christmas decorations. I’ve had a few of the single port versions, but just bought the power strip since it was on sale.Adopting to the App is super easy. Just plug in the strip, start the app, select add a device, and then the device type and it will search and adopt it and walk you through connecting to WiFi. Was pretty easy to tie to my Alexa account as well. Now I can just turn on the tree or any/all of the decorations by voice. (And our G2 Echo Dot is powered from the strip as well from the USB) Voice commands to the lights switching is near instantaneous.Scheduling is super easy with setting times to turn on and off. They also recently added the ability to set it for sunrise/sunset which is great for Christmas lights.The strip is bigger than I was expecting, however, the benefit to that is that the outlets are spaced fairly widely which means you can plug small and medium sized wall warts in without having to fight it.

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