JTD 5 Pack Remote Control Outlet Switch 3rd Generation Energy Saving Auto-programmable Wireless Electrical Plug Switch for Household Appliances Lighting & Electrical Equipment (2 Remotes)

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Price: $29.95

A HANDY TOOL: Remotely control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without remodeling/rewiring.
LESS HASSLE: Saves you the trouble of having to plug in and unplug your electric appliances to conserve energy consumption. Also, a great assistant for the mobility impaired.
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use; save on your electric bills and extend product life by up to 15%
ONE REMOTE/MULTIPLE PLUGS: one remote is capable of supporting more than 5 outlets simultaneously. THIRD GENERATION: Improved capacity up to 1200 watts 10 amps. Strong RF signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics; operating up to 160 ft away in line of sight.
Free lifetime technical support from the manufactures and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital.

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JTD Third Generation Remote Controlled Outlet

We are excited to annouce our third generation remote controlled plug. It features a remote range of up to 50 meters outdoors and 20 meters indoors, you can conveniently control appliances from almost anywhere at your home. Also the maxium power allowed is 1200W which means you can attach a higher power applicance.

Learning Function

If you want a replacement part or multiple outlets to work on the same frequency, you now have an easy solution. This feature allows you to program the learning outlets and the remotes with any outlet regardless of the frequency. You can control as many outlets as you choose with the press of a single button. Also with this function, if you no longer want the button to turn on all the outlets, this function can be cancelled and the remote can be reconfigured to work with each outlet individually.


1. Power input/output: AC 120V/60Hz, max. 1200W 10A

2. Frequency: 433.93 MHz

3. Maxium Range is 50m

4. Very lower standby power consumption<2w

Package Content

5 x JTD Wireless Remote Controlled Outlet Socket

2 x Remote control

1 x User’s manual

2 x12V/23A batteries

Additional information


1 Plug / 1 Remote, 1Plug-1Remote Second Gen, 5Plug-2Remote Third Gen



10 reviews for JTD 5 Pack Remote Control Outlet Switch 3rd Generation Energy Saving Auto-programmable Wireless Electrical Plug Switch for Household Appliances Lighting & Electrical Equipment (2 Remotes)

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    Got this to use with a recently purchased dust collection system for my home wood shop, so I wouldn’t have to go to the collector itself in the corner of the room to turn the system on and off each time it’s needed. I wanted something as simple as possible and consisting of a single unit, and rated for at least 15 amps (or 1800 watts – this is rated for 2200 watts); this fit the bill perfectly – an ON button and an OFF button on the remote, and a single outlet on the receiver, which when plugged into the top outlet of a duplex receptacle leaves the bottom outlet unobstructed for use by something else. The price even beats most Christmas light wireless remote units, too.Despite there being no hole in either end of the remote, I tied it up with string like a little package and suspended it from a ceiling joist in a location convenient to all the tools the dust collector is served by (yeah, I could have been more elaborate or refined, but I want to see if that location and method works for me before doing something more permanent and esthetic (the wife had to laugh at it)), just above head level so that it’s out of the way but easily accessed, at the same time where it can’t be lost or mislaid.As at least one previous review indicated, the instructions that come with the unit are anything but clear, as far as the steps necessary to make it “learn” its function. After trying to digest the instructions enough to attempt something that might in some way resemble those steps, I instead simply plugged the receiver into an outlet and tried the remote ON/OFF buttons, and it worked as it should without having to go through any of that; a nice, audible little “clunk” from the receiver with each push of the remote button. Of course, this is a single unit – sets with multiple units not doubt require the “learn” steps.Overall, very happy with it so far.Update – April 12, 2017Well, my mistake for not looking the thing over when it arrived – just be aware it lists only 10 amps on the back of the unit, which does not correspond with the wattage shown in the product list, which I based my purchase on. The 10 amps eventually proved inadequate for the dust collection motor I was using it with, as it quit the other day as soon as it was starting up (when amp draw is highest), and would not work again.Otherwise, it worked flawlessly and should work great for anything rated within the 10-amp range listed, so I’m leaving the 5 stars up for that reason, as there is nothing actually wrong with the unit.

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    Kari Ann

    I bought this for my 92-year old grandmother to be able to turn on her light when she is getting in and out of bed so she can see in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom. I hooked it up to a lamp in her bedroom. I needed a remote that was easy to press and this worked out perfectly. She has bad arthritis and she is able to turn it on and off without any issues.It was super easy to set up, it only took me a few minutes to get it running. The remote is a good size so that she can leave it on her walker at all times for easy accessibility. I like it so far and hopefully, it will last a long time. I’ll update in a few months.

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    Todd Hanson

    Why didn’t I think of this before? These remote controlled switches are a great idea. They haven’t fell out of range yet, even sending the signal upstairs or downstairs. I had conspiracy people tell me, I was getting cooked by Wi-Fi all the time, if I bought these. That truly would be a bad thing. but I purchased them anyway. Then I went to either confirm or debunk what I was told. I have a radiation detector that works well enough. and the only time I get a tiny bounce on the analog meter, is when activating the remote, and that is about one second. not anywhere in the danger zone. so then went to the plug in switches, and found zero radiation emitted, even when switching the units on/off. I am satisfied that they are harmless, and are a great convenience to have, at least this brand. I don’t know about the other one’s, I hope that no one builds there devices to harm. However I give these 5-stars, and one more thing, the load capacity is awesome. a powerful 1800 watts.

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    Bought this 3rd generation product under the used listing but received the 2nd generation. I already had the 2nd generation for about a year. Was worried they would interfere with each other, but they do not if programed individually. That’s what counts. Instructions say 4000 codes are auto selected from. I think the 2nd gens are probably better anyway. The gen 3rd’s say 10 amps 1800 watts under this listing. That does not make sense. Amps x Volts = Watts and that should mean the 3rd gen is 1200 watts. There is another listing for 3rd gen at the same price that correctly show them to be 1200 watts. For my purchase the picture shows gen 3rd but order details shows gen 2nd. Overall happy with purchase especially for the good used like new price. I have 10 remote outlets now. Wow, this is great. I can control all my neon, table , spot and other crazy lighting from one location now. If these units had interfered with each other I would have gifted them. Hope this review helps with anyones confusion and purchase.

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    Some more useful info about those, since the fact that they do not block the other plug when used on a 2 plugs-wall mount, was what decided me to buy those plugs instead of the competition. Although, for my project I would have loved to know this right away as well as having the actual dimensions of everything. So here it is. Hope that helps.Also some quick good & con notes about using those so far:GOOD:-Works as intended and very well-The remote works even through walls and commands the plugs without troubles-Rated for 10A @2200Watts which could be good to plug quite big equipment on those-No visible lights when in use or activated (that’s also why I bought those compared to competition)-Feels sturdy, well build and nicely designed-Does NOT block the other plug when used on a 2 plugs-wall mount-Click is a bit loud when activated/deactivated that turned out to be useful for me to know when the plug respond to commandCON:-Rated for 10A @2200Watts which could be a limit for some use some people may have had in mind for those plugs-Click is a bit loud when activated/deactivated-Remote control top stickers (the one with OFF/ON & numbers) was glued a bit not centered and way to the right. Guess this is random and may not happen to everybody’s remote. Easy fix though

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    I started out to buy an old fashioned type device that you clap to turn turn on a light. I needed some way to turn on my bedroom lamp at night when carrying things to the room. Our overhead light is usually off because we use our ceiling fan at night and I have to climb up on the bed to turn it back on. After reading reviews on those hand activated clapper type devices I discovered that they are not always reliable and a barking dog could make it turn on. Having an older dog who sometimes needs out during the night, I went in search of another solution. I am so glad I did because I found this great JTD Outlet Plug Switch with its own remote. I read the reviews and found this to be a reliable device and there were lots of good reviews that convinced me to purchase it. I was a bit unsure about the claims that it would work through furniture and walls, etc., but figured (for the cost) it was worth a try and if it didn’t work through the wall, well, I would just get closer and it would work. I want to assure you if you are looking for a product that DOES work through walls and furniture… this is the product for you! I tested it from several rooms away and through the covers, mattress, box springs and wooden headboard that blocks the outlet it is plugged in to an it WORKED EVERY TIME! This is a fantastic product to turn something on using a remote source and the dog won’t activate it in the middle of the night unless you train the dog to use the remote. Thanks JTD!

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    Bobby Tribble

    Works great and exactly what I was looking for. Each outlet can be programmed to any button on the remote through a simple process. And, these don’t have to be the same on either of the two included remotes. Meaning, you hold down the “power” button on the outlet until it blinks, then press the button on the remote that will turn it on/off. Then, you have to repeat the process for remote number two. It’s an extra step but it makes for any remote configuration you want. For the sake of simplicity I just programmed my remotes to be the same. In addition, the remotes take two standard AAA batteries each which is appreciated. The “all off” button is also convenient to power down not only lights but any other equipment you want off – I use it for a powered subwoofer. It’s fun to leave the room and just press a button to turn everything off!When powered on, each outlet has a blue light – it’s not a strong light but since this light also doubles as a button it’s inconvenient if you want to mask it. If you’re looking for a dark room keep this in mind.Also on the down side, these things are pretty big and oriented in one direction only – they will block other outlets unless you go all out and use extension cords or some other workaround. I’m using a spare eight-outlet power strip Belkin 8-Outlet Home and Office Power Strip Surge Protector with 6-Foot Power Cord and Phone / Coaxial Protection, 3550 Joules (BE108230-06) and I can fit only three of these on there. It reliably works though, and that’s the most important thing.

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    I decided to purchase “JTD ® 1 Pack Energy Saving Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch Outlet Plug Switch with remotes for Household Appliances Lamps, Lighting & Electrical Equipment” because I have a lamp that is plugged in behind a couch and recently the turning knob for turning on and off unscrewed it self and fell off somewhere, well that is my best guess!Once I decided on this purchase and placed my order I quickly received an email notifying me that my purchase was already being prepared for shipment! It arrived quickly just a couple of days.I took it out of the box and plugged it into the wall and then plugged the lamp in, they lamp didn’t turn on so then I figured out I needed to push the button on top of the receiver. Then it turn On! I removed the plastic from the remote that saves and battery and it worked! This is going to save my back from trying to to bend over and get behind the couch to plug and unplug this lamp! Yay!I received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no further rewards or incentives. My goal is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a potential buyer. I hope you found my review helpful!

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    Paula Smith

    I have an antique floor lamp with a very small round knob that turns the lamp on. The lamp is in a location that makes it a balancing act to reach over and turn the light on. I received this gadget today, plugged it in, plugged the lamp cord into it, pulled out the plastic battery saver strip on the remote and pressed the tiny button on the bottom of the remote one time. I pressed the on button and my lamp instantly came on. I pressed the off button and off it went. I’m going to mess with my husband this evening. When he comes in the living room this tonight and reaches to turn the lamp on, just before his hand gets to the lamp, I’m pressing the on button just to mess with him.One more thing: I do not have to point in the direction of the device for it to work. I have a painted wooden screen between me and the outlet with the divided screen.

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    Jeffrey Smith

    First, the bad — the bottom part where you plug stuff in is round, so I assumed you could rotate it so that it doesn’t take up two plugs worth of space. This is not true, it doesn’t rotate. Of course, just plug it in the top plug instead.I have several strings of fairy lights strung up in my room (3 of them daisy-chained, so that’s about 180-200 watts). This thing handles up to 1800W, so that’s no safety concern.The range is great, the remote works downstairs, outside, even around the corner (line-of-sight is not necessary). As others have said, the product (presumably a solenoid inside) clicks when you turn it on or off, which I don’t have a problem with — but do be warned, it isn’t silent when turning on/off (during operation, it is silent).Occasionally, the remote doesn’t work, but this is rectified by picking up the remote for some reason. Perhaps my desk acts as a ground plane and interferes with radio wave emissivity or propagation… who knows. Holding it in your hand, it works every time.There is a small clear LED on the front, as if this remote has an IR LED in another design. This LED shines red when you press the button to tell you it did something (not particularly useful, I can hear the thing click and also my lights turn on). It uses a CR2032 battery I believe — the flat coin-sized ones.

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