JQK Faucet Aerator, 1.5 GPM Flow Retrictor Insert Faucet Aerators Replacement Parts Bathroom 5 Pack, FAN15-P5

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Price: $8.99

【Smooth Flowing Faucet Aerator】1.5 gpm max at 60 psi (5.7L/min) 【TWO BONUSES】 M22 M24 washers & Plumber’s Tape
Fitted with Bathroom or Kitchen Faucet Areators
【High Quality】Vigorously Tested for Excellent Performance
【Standard Size!】 General replacement part, Please check your aerator size before purchase!
【PLEASE READ】 Before clicking “Add to Cart” be sure that it says “Sold by JQK Products”. JQK Products offers an exclusive manufacturer warranty of one year. Note: This warranty is exclusive to sales made through JQK Products and purchases made through unauthorized sellers would not fall under that manufacturer warranty. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us immediately to rectify the issue. We know you’ll love them, but if you don’t, send them back for a full refund of your purchase.

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jqk bathroom faucet aerator kitchen aeraotrs 1.0 1.5 2.2

jqk bathroom faucet aerator kitchen aeraotrs 1.0 1.5 2.2

Size:1.5 gpm(5 pcs) Technical Details

Item Weight 0.8 ounces Package Dimensions 4 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches Size 1.5 gpm(5 pcs) Color 1.5 GPM-B-5 Pack Finish Plastic Material Plastic Item Package Quantity 5 Special Features Easy Installation Batteries Included? No Batteries Required? No

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1.0 gpm(3 pcs), 1.5 gpm(5 pcs), 2.2 GPM(3 pcs), 2.2 GPM(5 pcs), 2.2 gpm(10 pcs)



10 reviews for JQK Faucet Aerator, 1.5 GPM Flow Retrictor Insert Faucet Aerators Replacement Parts Bathroom 5 Pack, FAN15-P5

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    Ron C.

    Fit the Delta faucet aerator housing perfectly. Works just as the OEM part did. Obviously not quite the build quality compared to the OEM aerator (all plastic, no stainless steel), but considering the very reasonable cost, and if it endures, this will prove to have been an excellent purchase.

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    These work great as long as you’re buying the right fit… tried the lower GPM model from Lowes and it was way to low flow for the kitchen sink. Didn’t use tape or anything that it came with, just a washer, aerator and screwed it up back into the faucet and it works great. 5 minute fix.

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    I love these aerators! We suffer from very hard water at our house. After a few years of trying to scrape the calcium off of the faucet aerator to try to get some flow I finally thought of looking online for a replacement.Wow are these great! We have amazing water flow again. It is like having a new faucet. I didn’t realize how bad our faucet had gotten until I received these.I’m sure this one will clog up after 5-6 months but having several in back-up will save me a bunch of money over replacing the faucet.I would highly recommend this product!

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    Our aerator in the kitchen faucet popped out recently after 12 years. These replacements work great and provide the same amount of flow as before. Be careful not to put in 1.5 gpm. We tried that with an extra aerator we had for our bathroom faucets but the flow is far too low for the kitchen when you are trying to wash and rinse pots and pans! Was glad to find these on amazon although I probably will never use all 5 in my lifetime!

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    I had to replace the Kohler kitchen faucet aerator and the American Standard bathroom faucet aerator after ten years of use. I bought both the 1.5 gpm and the 2.2 gpm aerators because I wasn’t sure what the capacity of the old ones was and these are inexpensive. A hardware store will charge $4 a piece, I got ten for $16 and two washers per aerator. At the rate I use these, I will probably have to buy more in fifty years. I tried both in the kitchen faucet and found the 1.5 gpm aerator perfectly fine for the job. The 2.2 gpm was good if you want a 38% increase in water flow and don’t mind a little splash when washing dishes, depending on your sink depth. Whatever my original aerator was, it was less than 2.2 gpm and more than 1.5 gpm, if possible. Maybe a very clogged aerator. I also put a 1.5 gpm aerator in my bathroom faucet as the 2.2 gpm would definitely be too much. The 1.5 gpm is also fine for the bathroom faucet, it is more than the original. The original was too weak. Another plus is that both aerators work in both Kohler and American Standard faucets as if made for them. There aren’t that many different sizes for aerators and I would bet that these will fit most standard size faucets. Both my faucets are female, so I unscrew the male aerator assembly or ring, from the faucet, remove the clogged aerator, drop in the new aerator, replace or use the same rubber washer, and screw the ring back into the faucet. I have done this without using tools. You may need to use a wrench to unscrew your aerator, be careful not to turn the wrong way and strip your faucet. When I replaced these I screwed them into the faucets using just my fingers. Use a paper towel to cushion your fingers. No leaks, but I might just be lucky with these faucets. Another trick is to let everything dry before putting on a new aerator so you can get a better grip with your fingers. I highly recommend these aerators.

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    it is amazing what a difference this little piece makes. When my original aerator broke, I went to the Hardware store and got a replacement. After weeks of suffering a weird jet coming from my kitchen faucet, I decided to look for the right replacement. I learned a simple lesson. Original parts replacement makes a whole lot of difference. The right product for a small price! What a difference makes.

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    I took a risk that this would fit my Kohler Kitchen sink faucet and it fit perfectly. Then two weeks later my Moen bathroom faucet literately blew off the aerator and started to send out very fine streams of high pressure water from the remaining bit inside. Luckily this four pack also fit the Moen and I was able to replace that one also.I never thought that it would fit a Kohler and a Moen but it does.

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    These aerators work wonderfully. It was an easy swap on all of our faucets. We noticed an increase in flow from going with the green aerators which came with some of our faucets. Price paid is good; especially since these are special order at the local big box hardware stores.I’ve found these aerators easy to pop apart and clean if needed. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are on city water, or have a well with a whole house filter. But it’s a nice option to have. Use a small flat head to pop the red part from the gray part. Gently squeeze the red part with a set of channel locks to separate the two halfs. Again, gentle; a little pressure goes a long way. You can now clean the small passages within the aerator.

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    adrenaline junky

    Daughter has hard water which plugged up her 1.5 GPM aerator and made her think there may be a major plumbing problem with her faucet or maybe even a leak somewhere in her lines reducing the pressure. Because of her hard water, I replaced her 1.1 gallon aerator/restrictor with this 2.2 gallon flow. I am hoping it will take longer before it plugs up. It is when, not if…that’s why a 5 pack is perfect.

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    As a renter, one of the first things I notice is a neglected sink aerator. I always find them built up with minerals or bacteria that can make you sick. I normally disinfect them and rinse and reinstall, but do to high mineral content where I live I ended up replacing them to be safe knowing that my apt is 9 years old. Unfortunately if it’s not broken then maintenance won’t replace it so I have learned to do things myself.

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