Jett Water Systems Alkaline Hydrogen Water Generator (H2 Blue Drop Verified)-500 GPD High Flow Residential and Light Commercial 6 Stage Tankless RO Water System 1:1 Permeate:Brine Ratio

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500 GPD 6 Stage Tankless Reverse Osmosis System
Superb Tasting, Remineralized Water Containing Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and 70+ Trace Minerals
Ultrapure IEX Technology – Removes 99.9% of All Supply Water Contaminants
REJUV H2 Technology – Antioxidant Water Containing Molecular Hydrogen
5 Year Warranty. 90 Day Return Policy

Brand Jett Water Systems



Jett Water Systems Alkaline Hydrogen Water Generator (H2 Blue Drop Verified)

Enjoy clean, crisp, remineralized water from our 500 GPD 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, powered by an Aquatec 5800 booster pump and protected by Aquatec high/low pressure switches and automatic shutoff valve. Easily monitor inlet pressure with included 0-160 psi panel mount pressure gauge. To conserve space, all components are mounted in a compact premium metal stand.

This high performance system has 6 stages of purification, delivers purified water at a continuous rate of 1.4 LPM, RO water recovery rate of 50%. and 99%+ water purity. Water purification stage are:

Stage 1 – 5 micron Pentair spun polypropylene sediment filter.

Stage 2 – 1 micron Matrikx extruded coconut carbon block filter for removal of chlorine, taste, and odors.

Stage 3 – 0.001 micron Axeon Thin Film Composite Light Commercial RO membrane, producing 500 GPD purified water at 97%+ rejection rate for all water contaminants.

Stage 4 – UltraPure IEX filtration increases water purity to 99.9%+ (5 MOhm). Ultrapure IEX removes TDS responsible for impacting water quality and taste at startup. No system on the market offers this technology.

Stage 5 – Filtration through dual REJUV H2 remineralized hydrogen water cartridges. REJUV H2 is a proprietary formulation consisting of EcoSafe Fossilized Sea Coral and 99.9% pure elemental Magnesium. Sea Coral contains 24% Calcium, 12% Magnesium, and 70+ trace minerals, and is the most bioavailable form of Calcium known. We are the only manufacturer offering alkaline, remineralized, hydrogen water.

Stage 6- Omnipure 1 micron granulated coconut carbon filter, providing a clean, crisp taste to water delivered at the faucet. Included in this premium RO package are a John Guest angle water supply valve, premium contemporary faucet, Mur-Lok food grade LLDPE tubing, filter wrenches for filter housings and RO membrane housing, and easy to understand installation/operating instructions. We offer an industry best 5 year warranty and 90 day return policy.

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