INSTANT-OFF HOME 225 MAX Stainless Steel Automatic Water Saver with Shut Off Valve

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HIGH QUALITY – INSTANT-OFF HOME Water Saver has a 2.25” Stainless Steel Rod and Flow Restrictor. Our automatic shut off valve can replace the aerator on any faucet and restricts water when you don’t need it. Wash your hands with ease with our high quality faucet adapters.
SAVE WATER – This tool helps you save water because it has a water flow restrictor and is perfect for lowering water use in your commercial, kitchen, or restaurant sink. Screw in the INSTANT-OFF Water Saver and our instant automatic flow restrictor and regulator will help you control your water use. Perfect for small shallow sinks and tight areas.
DESIGNED FOR EASY USE – If you struggle to turn faucet handles the INSTANT-OFF Water Saver is for you. Use it on in your RV, boat, or campers. Extend your water supply during remote camping. Perfect for long range cruising in your boat, when every drop counts. Reduces grey water resulting in fewer pump outs.
SIMPLE SOLUTION – Push Rod for Water with thumb. Release and the water flow stops. Push bottom tip of rod up straight and twist a quarter turn. Twist rod again, water stops. You can keep the water on, even when your hands aren’t in the water.

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INSTANT-OFF HOME 225 MAX Stainless Steel Automatic Water Saver with Shut Off Valve

INSTANT-OFF is a water saver that will help you reduce the amount of water you use. The INSTANT-OFF Water Saver replaces the aerator on any faucet and has a shut off valve to automatically turn the water off when you don’t need it. INSTANT-OFF has an altered nozzle to help and water pressure regulator.

Reduce cross contamination. Perfect to control flow in your RV or campers. Our stainless steel water saver has a chrome plated brass housing and valve,an unbreakable 2.25 stainless steel rod to activate the water. On-Off: Push Rod for Water-Release water Stops. Continous Water Flow: Push button tip of rod up straight up & twist a quarter turn. Twist rod again water stops. Includes a 1-Year Warranty.

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10 reviews for INSTANT-OFF HOME 225 MAX Stainless Steel Automatic Water Saver with Shut Off Valve

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    Works well in our office that has 19 people and someone is always leaving the faucet on. Now I know it works will buy 2 more for the other bathrooms.

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    Doug Maus

    This is great in RVs for saving water while camping in the woods

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    Mrs. Glover

    I noticed most people are NOT water usage conscious, so I decided to “teach” them, installed this on guests restroom, now I don’t hear that much water running with nonsense

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    J. L.

    Bought this to for the kitchen sink to stop a leak as a temporary stop gap, but find it’s much more useful than that original purpose and will probably leave it on full time. Makes filling pops and such with just one hand very easy.

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    I got this because my room mate always forgets to shut off the water. I don’t like wasting natural resources so I installed this in the kitchen sink. It’s a tad annoying when washing dishes but it works no drips! Great for children as well!

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    These are great for conserving water on the boat & RV. Leave the hot water tap to the flow you want, then just push against the toggle for water. I never turn the tap any more

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    senguun munkhtsetseg

    I like this device. saves water. will buy more for my other bathrooms

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    If I could give it 6 stars I would. It was easy to install and came with a male and female adapter. My sons love it. It’s already saving us water. I’m planning to put them on all the faucets in my house.

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    It stops faucet drips! It also is an extremely “one touch” easy way to turn water on & off. The on/off water valves under my kitchen & bathroom sinks are so old they’re frozen. To shut off the water to change either the faucet washers or faucets themselves, the water to the entire apartment building would need to be turned off. This is a great temporary fix until my two sinks are upgraded. Even then, I’ll probably keep these devices on the new faucets because of the ease and convenience!

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    Love this easy solution to prevent leaving water running.

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